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Week beginning: Monday 20 April 2015 Monday Building work continues PE Sessions (various classes) “Pinkie Parents” Meeting – 7.00 pm (School Staff Room) Tuesday Music Sessions (various classes) Wednesday Rugby Lunch Club – P4-7 pupils (Pinkie 3G Pitch) P3 – “Work out Wednesdays” Thursday PE Sessions (various classes) Assembly Friday P7 Pupils to Risk Factory

Modern Languages at North Berwick High School

Comment on "Talk in French"

Dear Miss R. That's really great to find such an enthousiasm. The beauty of words , the richness of their meanings make us travel when we have developped our sensitivity toward them I'm in love with words and with structure..How we build a sentence..and how different it is from a language to another PAradoxally I have studied Physics in University where I got my Degree..Physics opened my curiousity because it's one of the matter in which what we sse is almost never what the "Psysic Law says" SO what's the link between my physic's studies and my love toward language? Very simple: language allowed me to reach those abstractions and to understand them SO for years I cultivate my knowledge on Language and I developped my specifical way of transmitting this beauty we find in words and language I wish I could Teach French and I try all my best to make this dream happen..Imagine the pupils happy and enthousiastic to express themselves in French as in their own mother tongue! Imagine them having the pleasure to discover the pleasure of "feeling" the specificity of this other language they have mastered.. My dedication to this would be total and deep Actually, I thank you for the energy I have felt reading all your posts here! With my greatest admiration Nessime Marzouk Living in Paris and Dreaming of this dear Scotland

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