in learning skills communication is all about listening,eye contact,no fidgeting and don`t talk over the person. what makes a good listener:eye contact listen and calm tone good body language hear peoples feelings what makes a bad listener:fidgeting talking over laugh at them blame it on them so be a good listener and be nice


I have been learning how to be a good listener I have done this by being able to hear the person well, giving simple instruction, understanding the instruction correctly and follow different instructions step by step


SCSSA Conference: Maximising the Broad General Education

Scottish Centre for Studies in School Administration [SCSSA] University of Edinburgh Maximising the Broad General Education Friday 26 February 2016 Edinburgh Cost: £129 This course offers practical insights into how secondary schools are currently developing improved curricular strategies and teaching approaches to improve pupils’ learning and achievement in the first three years of secondary education. … Continue reading SCSSA Conference: Maximising the Broad General Education

What are East Lothian school students learning today?