Comment on "About Our School"

Firstly, thank you for having the courage to write this. Secondly, We are very sad that you feel like this. Staff and the Parent Council have spent time making sure that school does not cost families a lot of money. We limit the times we ask you for money. For example at Children in Need, we say children can dress up or down and we do not ask for donations (but will take some from anyone who wishes to give and pass it on). We have a calendar of events for fundraising and our big fundraisers are the Christmas Shopping Night and Summer Fair. The money raised enables us to subsidise trips so that taking children to the panto only costs parents and carers £6, when the actual cost is more than £10 per child. We can and have subsidised families that are finding any requests for money and we do this discreetly, so please pop in and chat with Ms Laing if you are having difficulties. We are here to help and not to make life more difficult for you at this tricky time of year. Best wishes. Ms Laing

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