Sheila Laing

Comment on "Scottish College of Educational Leadership Fellowship Programme 2015"

Hi Sheila, Not been in touch for ages and because of laziness maybe, just checked your blog to see if anything was happening! This looks great. I am so happy that you have this chance and although I don't know all the amazing education leaders in Scotland, am pretty sure that they got the very best by accepting you. I love the updates on how it is going and community, social justice, equity side of it all. Will try to be less lazy and write to you soon.

West Barns Primary School Parent Council

Top Marks for West Barns

Following the recent return visit of Inspectors from Education Scotland to West Barns Primary School, parents and carers were pleased to have confirmed what they already thought….that the school is going from strength to strength! To see a copy of the report following HMIE’s continuing engagement visit to West Barns Primary School , go to and … Continue reading Top Marks for West Barns

Dunbar Primary P4 2014-2015


The Primary 4 classes will ‘lunch at Lauderdale’ this Wednesday (1st July). Please remember to bring: snack non-fizzy drink packed lunch (a packed lunch will be provided if a pupil receives free school meals) hat sunscreen Tonight the weather forecaster compared Wednesday’s Scottish weather to the French Riviera! Please stay safe in the sun. We … Continue reading Lauderdale!

Dunbar Primary P4 2014-2015

Bar Graphs

Two weeks ago P4f created tally charts with the data they collected from other classes, teachers and office staff. We asked the question “Where would you most like to visit on holiday?”. The results were very interesting. Most P4 and P5 pupils wanted to visit America. The majority of P6 and P7 pupils voted for … Continue reading Bar Graphs

What are East Lothian school students learning today?