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Latest research on Bookbug in the Home – Assertive outreach programme Year 2 Evaluation – Final Report

The Year 2 Evaluation found convincing evidence to show that the Assertive Outreach Programme – Bookbug for the Home – inspires and equips early years professionals in Scotland to support parents in vulnerable families to interact more with their children and to develop a relationship with books. Bookbug for the Home

Pencaitland Primary School P6

Nursery Visit

Usually we go on a walk but today the Nursery came to our class instead of us going to them. When they arrived we read them their favourite books. When we finished our books we had to draw a picture about our favourite part in the book. It was fun.

ELC Education ICT

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P5 Learning Wall

Rock pools

we went to the rock pools on  Wednesday  and found loads of creatures like crabs ,starfish ,dog whelks periwinkle, sea lemon, shrimp , sea urchin and  sea snail .       by Morgan and Leah  

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