Gullane P5 Blog 2015-16

Usual Timetable

Here are key events on the timetable: Monday Homework given out for Friday. Learning logs returned. Tuesday P.E. with Specialist when timetabled. Wednesday Library Time with opportunity to change books. Thursday Assembly 9 am most weeks. P.E. with class teacher. Friday Art and Music with specialists most of the year. Homework due at the latest. Learning Logs sent home.

Gullane P5 Blog 2015-16

Comment on "Welcome to the P5 Blog"

Sorry we were not able to make the meet the teacher this evening my husband had to give a presentation and i was watching the children after work. My neighbour has handed in your newsletter which is very informative, Finlay is already getting stuck into his first Michael Morpurgo homework novel and I look forward to discussing it with him. Many thanks for the update and I look forward to reading the P5 blog ! Fiona Ferguson

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