Wednesday Group

Arrived safely  and set off for the woods at 10.40am. Children very happy and excited.   The woods are colder today but the sun is out and it’s lovely.  Mrs Graham reports the children are having great adventures in the woods.  Keep your eye on Twitter @WeePans for the fastest news!


what we have learned

We have been learning about the brain and how it works, and have been working on teamwork, communication, listening ect. The Human Body for Kids/Learn about the Human Body for Children/Brain Song for Kids



in learning skills communication is all about listening,eye contact,no fidgeting and don`t talk over the person. what makes a good listener:eye contact listen and calm tone good body language hear peoples feelings what makes a bad listener:fidgeting talking over laugh at them blame it on them so be a good listener and be nice

What are East Lothian school students learning today?