Lennox Author Award

Comment on "Gill Lewis"

Sky Hawk by Gill Lewis Callum thinks he knows every inch of his farm, but Iona shows him a secret that hasn't been seen for a hundred years. Will they be able to keep the secret or will everyone find out? This is an amazing, gripping book and a great adventure. Definitely worth reading!

What's happening in P3/4?

Cluster Badminton Festival

On Tuesday we went to a cluster Badminton Festival at Ross High where we made some new friends and had lots of fun practising our badminton skills.  It was organised by the ELC Badminton development officer, who was recently awarded an ‘British Empire’ award from the queen for all her hard work and dedication to the sport!  … Continue reading Cluster Badminton Festival

What's happening in P3/4?

A wee bit o’ Scots….

On 25th January we learned about the life of the great poet, Robert Burns. We listened to a few of his famous poems and songs and sang ‘Auld Lang Syne’.       During the rest of the week the class participated in map work and other activities to learn more about our country and our culture. When we learn about … Continue reading A wee bit o’ Scots….

What are East Lothian school students learning today?