Sanderson's Wynd P4P 2014-2015

Comment on "What are some of your favourite books from Primary 4?"

I don't really have a favourite book. I'd say my first 3 favourite books would be Wonder, R.J palicio, The school for good and evil, by Soman Chainani and The BFG, by Roald Dahl. Wonder is about a boy called August ( Auggie ) that is quite a different boy! He has had 27 surgeries on his face and he is teased alot. He is always being stared at by his school mates and strangers. I reccomend this book to everyone that can take sad and serious books and can read a 4.8. I give book this five stars! The school for good and evil is about two girls called Sophie and Agatha. Sophie has always wanted to go to the school for good and evil, and Agatha has not. Sophie thinks and acts good at the start of the book, and Agatha thinks and acts evil at the start of the book too. Sophie gets dropped off at the school for evil, and Agatha gets dropped off at the school for good. Alot more happens in the book, and I give the book 5 stars! The BFG is a book about an orphan called Sophie and a giant called the BFG. Sophie gets taken away to the giants hide-out. First, Sophie thinks the BFG is a bad giant, but the BFG is actually a very good giant! I give this book five stars!

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