Loretto Nursery Class, Musselburgh

Soup and Soda Bread

This week the Morning Group made Butternut Squash Soup (similar to pumpkin!).  We used peelers and knives to prepare the vegetables.  Both groups made and tasted Irish Soda Bread. The soda bread got a bit sticky!  We marked the dough with a cross on the top, dividing it into 4, using a knife.  (According to Irish folklore … Continue reading Soup and Soda Bread

Windygoul Primary School

MATHS  – Times Tables  We have been learning our 3x and 5xs tables.  In symmetry we have learnt that a symmetrical shape is the same on both sides if we half it.   SCHOOL TRIP  We went to Dynamic Earth for our school trip.  We learned that we are made out of atoms.   TOPIC  … Continue reading

Campie Primary School

Meeting the Roman Antonine Guard with P3/4, P4A and P4B!

Meeting the Roman Antonine Guard on PhotoPeach Our P3/4, 4A and P4B pupils had a fantastic afternoon meeting a Roman Antonine Guard and learning even more about how the Roman Army lived, trained and fought. Some of us got to handle his weaponry, armour and even experience battle re-enactment moves. We are all now very … Continue reading Meeting the Roman Antonine Guard with P3/4, P4A and P4B!

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