North Berwick Nursery School

How tall is your sunflower?

Before the summer the children took home their sunflower seedlings. How tall are they now? Please tweet us a photo of your sunflower. Don’t forget to measure it and let us know how tall it is. @NBNurserySchool Or you could bring in a photo or email it to This is Katie’s (Room 3’s) sunflower!

North Berwick Nursery School

Listening to stories (Caterpillar)

Mrs Moffat found a caterpillar on her garage at the weekend so she brought it in to see us. As the children watched we saw the caterpillar create silk and close the leaf (video coming soon!). We now have to wait until it emerges from it’s chrysalis. It’s in Room 3’s hall so please keep … Continue reading Listening to stories (Caterpillar)

Macmerry Primary

Fire Alarm

Due to the fire alarm sounding at the school earlier today, the fire service attended and checked the building.   The school was found to be safe and all children and staff were able to go back inside and continue with their school day.

What are East Lothian school students learning today?