Macmerry Primary

Day 2

Tuesday- Day 2. It’s been a great day. The sun even came out. We have been on the go since 7.30 am. We have been problem solving in the woods, playing aeroball- a kind of trampolining basketball; we have braved the high wires twice, learned to light fires, done some nightlining- crawling through obstacles and … Continue reading Day 2

PL Mathematics

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WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for news

King's Meadow Primary School

Comment on "P6C"

This year it is so fun doing maths, reading and the daily mile. In both maths class and group I am finding it a bit easy with problem solving and addition with carrying with Mrs Gilfillan. Reading is one more thing I am particularly enjoying. I like reading Tom Gates and my group novel is Bridge to Teribithia, it is realy good. After i have finished the book I hope to see film. In p6c we are using the mile track I find it easier to do the mile with track rather than the 8 and 1/2 times around the pitch. From Dillon 😀😊😄


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Found this a clear and logical tool to explain the often scary process of making changes and choices. Encouraging and reassuring. Two more useful questions: If I am not for me, who will be? ( If I don't decide to do something for myself, who will?) If not now, when?

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