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The class have all voted and decided on a charity to donate any profit we make to. We have chosen to donate it to the worthy charity called Marion's Still Smiling which is a charity founded by one of our class mates uncle. It is for people who have been terminally diagnosed with cancer and to make their remaining time as enjoyable as possible by sending them on short breaks. We hope to see you all at our sale! From P7B.

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Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

This is a link to the downloadable, cross-curricular teaching resources produced by the Holocaust Educational Trust: Here is a link to the Scottish Ambassadors’ facebook page (you have to ‘like’ it to follow!):, A virtual learning community where we will be posting events to attend in Scotland, teaching activities and videos, information about the … Continue reading Holocaust Memorial Day 2015

What's happening in P6/7?

Building an Anderson Shelter

Mr Fleming, our janitor worked with groups to build an Anderson Air Raid Shelter in the classroom. We used plastic tubing to make the frame and then covered it with brown corrugated card.   A door was cut out of the front. We all enjoyed sitting inside it. Now we wait for the air raid siren….

What's happening in P6/7?

Our Outdoor Experiences

These are extracts from the pupil’s Mountain Biking and Orienteering log books which summarise their experiences over the past four weeks. The outdoor education is building the children’s confidence and their cooperative social skills.   

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