What's happening in P6/7?

Building an Anderson Shelter

Mr Fleming, our janitor worked with groups to build an Anderson Air Raid Shelter in the classroom. We used plastic tubing to make the frame and then covered it with brown corrugated card.   A door was cut out of the front. We all enjoyed sitting inside it. Now we wait for the air raid siren….

What's happening in P6/7?

Our Outdoor Experiences

These are extracts from the pupil’s Mountain Biking and Orienteering log books which summarise their experiences over the past four weeks. The outdoor education is building the children’s confidence and their cooperative social skills.   

Elphinstone Primary School

Lunchtime Taster Sessions

Pupils who normally take a packed lunch have been encouraged to take part in lunchtime taster sessions.    Pupils sample a very small helping of the school dinner choices and then they record what they like/ dislike on the sampling sheet. These taster sessions have been successful with pupils often giving the thumbs up. Popular choices so far … Continue reading Lunchtime Taster Sessions

What are East Lothian school students learning today?