P5 Learning Wall

Rock pools

we went to the rock pools on  Wednesday  and found loads of creatures like crabs ,starfish ,dog whelks periwinkle, sea lemon, shrimp , sea urchin and  sea snail .       by Morgan and Leah  


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P5 Learning Wall

Rock pool visit

On Wednesday p5e went rock pooling, at east beach. We had to listen to a ranger, then we split up into three groups of ten. Two people from each group went and got a bucket. We saw lots of hermit crabs and starfish.                                        This is a Bloody Henry Starfish  This is a lemon sea slug           we caught 6 Shrimps       Milly and Bethany

P5 Learning Wall

p5e rockpool visit

p5e went for a rockpool visit and had a good time. We learnt lots of interesting facts with the ranger Tara.  Dale learnt how to hold a crab, Holly learnt that hermit crabs move shells quickly because they are defenceless without there shells. written  by Holly and Dale    

P5 Learning Wall

John Muir and nature

On wedsday we went rock pooling at east beach.  We  found lots of sea creatures  like crabs ,sea lemons ( sea slug ) ,star fish and shrimps . We found a BIG crab that nip someones finger . we lernt that star fish have legs in mutipulls of five .

P5 Learning Wall

p5e rock pooling

At the rock pools, we saw hermet crabs, masked crabs, star fish, spider star fish, anemone, dog whelk, periwinkles, shimps ,squat lobster, chiton, fish, sea urchin, sea slug and seaweed. We really enjoyed the rockpools . this is a hermet crabs.

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