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Story Teller

We were very lucky to have a story teller in school last week. He told us some traditional Scottish stories. Some were pretty strange! We also had the opportunity to listen and explore a variety of musical instruments like a mouth harp and a didgeridoo. Ask us to retell one of the stories!

Elphinstone P5/6/7

The Battle of Prestonpans

After examining paintings showing the Jacobites and Redcoats fighting at the “Battle of Prestonpans,” we made our own figures, with weapons, to recreate the battle scene. Don’t they look fierce!   Battle of Prestonpans on PhotoPeach

Elphinstone P5/6/7

Highland Blackhouses

As part of our learning about the “Highland Clearances,” we used clay to make 3-D models of a Blackhouse, painted them and created a backdrop to show them off. They look very realistic. Thanks to Mrs McLeod, our Art Specialist.   The Highland Blackhouse on PhotoPeach

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