International Baccalaureate (IB) Philosophy

Rereading Kierkegaard

I have this weird tradition, that when ever I head of on a multi-day trip skiing or climbing, and I think I might have a few hours down time, I take the same book in my pack. It’s happily called Sickness Unto Death and every time I read I start to think I missed much of the … Continue reading Rereading Kierkegaard

Friends of Yellowcraig

2nd July 15

A poor spring and virtually non-existent summer to date meant that our hunt for frog orchids (pictured emerging) was curtailed. These plants are hard to find at the best of times but take on a pinkish tinge once fully in flower which make them marginally easier to spot. The count will be rescheduled but if … Continue reading 2nd July 15

Yester Primary P1/2

Welcome to Primary 1/2

Welcome to our class web page. Please look regularly for information about our learning, events and ways to support at home. Please add us to your “favourites” bar and make sure you share the link with Grannies, Grandads, Aunties and Uncles too!

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