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Dear Miss Robertson & 7C, Your marshmallow tower challenge looked very challenging but a great, fun way to start the new term. Loved the photos. I'm Simon, Logan's dad, and he's told me how much he's enjoying learning about the Titanic. He's already told me an interesting fact about the 4th funnel being a fake which I never knew about. Look forward to more interesting facts. Wishing you all a great autumn.

Stoneyhill Primary School

Benmore Day 2

Day 2 at Benmore has been action packed!  Our first full day has seen all activity groups  out in the morning and afternoon getting wet, muddy and having a great time.  The children are settling down and getting into the swing of having to organise themselves (with a little help from their friends) to be at group meetings on time, have the right … Continue reading Benmore Day 2

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