Pinkie St Peter's Primary School

What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

Week beginning: Monday 27 April 2015 Monday Building work continues PE Sessions (various classes) Chanter Sessions Tuesday Music Sessions (various classes) Wednesday P2 – Football Sessions (Pinkie 2G Pitch) P5 – Golf Sessions Rugby Lunch Club – P4-7 pupils (Pinkie 3G Pitch) P3 – “Work out Wednesdays” Thursday PE Sessions (various classes) Fire Safety Visit … Continue reading What’s happening at Pinkie this week……..

St Martin's RC Primary School

What difference does Place2Be make in your child’s school? Place2Be is a national charity working in over 235 UK schools to improve the confidence and emotional wellbeing of children. We help children to develop resilience by supporting them when they are experiencing challenging life issues and helping them to develop self-confidence and lifelong coping skills. … Continue reading

North Berwick Nursery School

Comment on "Cursive Writing"

Lotus Temple:- which had been awarded numerous awards for its flower shaped architecture is open to people of all religions irrespective of any distinction based on sex, cast or creed. Whether that's by attacking cruise liners off the Somali coast, or by replacing Kate Winslet with Penelope Cruz, they've tried new things over time. The claim that school uniforms in public schools violate the constitutional rights of students is fundamentally flawed according to "Jacobs v.

What are East Lothian school students learning today?