Elphinstone P1/2

Book Club

All the pupils attending book club have been enjoying sharing their favourite books and reading new stories. Here is a picture of us sharing our favourite books. We also read Rumble in the Jungle, we used musical instruments to tell the story and make sounds that you would hear in the deep dark jungle.


Temporary Hospitality Staff

Selective Consulting Glasgow (Events & Corporate Hospitality) is currently looking for Hospitality Staff to be part of this years Scottish Open @ Gullane in North Berwick in July. See more at: http://www.applythis.net/?a=077BECB0.0#sthash.QJ81cQ5v.dpufM More details here

Longniddry Primary School

News From The Chateau

There were some sleepy children at the Chateau last night so lights were out by 10pm. Reports from Miss B this morning are that everyone slept well and the group are off to Dieppe today to buy crepes and learn about the town. Later today they will visit the Neufchatel cheese farm.

Pencaitland Primary School Nursery

Parent Helpers

On behalf of all the staff, I would like to say a HUGE thank you to all of our fantastic helpers, who gave some of their time to come with us yesterday to our Ross Rocks Reading Party. Without your help, our trip wouldn’t have been possible. We really appreciate it.  

S2 France Trip

Comment on "Comments 2015"

Hi Samantha Glad u had a great birthday and that u tried the frogs legs and snails. Loving the photos looks like ur all having an amazing time. The house is so quite jordan is huffing as he has no one to argue with, as is abby as she has no one telling her they dislike her lol. All enjoy ur disco tonight make sure u take plenty of photos. Love mum, dad, jordan and abby xxx

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