Longniddry Primary School

Night Night

The weary travelers have arrived safely at Grosvenor Hall and are now settling down for the night. Tomorrow they will be setting off after breakfast for their Channel Tunnel crossing, stopping off at Naussica Aquarium on route to the Chateau. I’ll post more information as I get it from Miss Bertram.

Longniddry Primary School

Primary 7 Update

P7 (and staff) are all fed and watered and are on the last leg of their journey to Ashford, Kent for the overnight stop. Already the group have been commended for their good behaviour. Will let you know when they arrive safely and are all tucked up for the night.

S2 France Trip

Comment on "Comments 2015"

Hi Hannah hope your having a great time and are enjoying your excursions . Hope you enjoy the frogs legs tonight at least you'll be able to jump up on the top bunk. Keep in touch and well speak soon Love Mum and Dad xxx

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