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Now it’s easier to stay in touch with what our class is up to. You can get an e-mail to tell you every time one of our pupils – or the teacher – has put a new post on our P7 blog. Some parents already subscribe to the main school website and get an e-mail every time there is an update there. This service is just for us!

To set it up, just type your e-mail into the box on the sidebar (on the right), click in the subscribe me box and follow the instructions on the pop-up page. The next post put on our blog will send an e-mail to your own inbox. It’s as simple as that.

Mr Devereux

3 thoughts on “Get updates through your email

  1. Hope you get better soon. I really enjoyed the power point, craig watched it too. Were just about to finish the china topic and moving on to scottish inventors im looking forword to this topic.I maneged to circle the cat once in the game you posted.

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