European Chain Reaction – our entry!

Since 2011, Yester have been the Scottish representatives in a Europe-wide science-based project, the European Chain Reaction and this year for the first time, Mr Purves’ class managed to secure the services of a local drone owner, Gary Crowe from Dunbar, to help us in our quest to do as well as possible in the contest.
Around 30 countries are taking part, and the object for the pupils has been to create a class chain reaction, which is videoed and uploaded to the project blog.
Next week, all the pupils in all the countries will evaluate all the entries and vote for their overall favourites. The winning country will receive a specially engraved trophy.
We proudly present our 2017 entry. Please let us know if you like it!

European Chain Reaction project

P4 have been busy this last week preparing for their entry to the ECR 2017 – a Europe wide project run by the teacher we met last week via webcam from Belgium and myself, and involving primary schools from as many as 30 or more countries, who all create their own chain reactions, then upload them to the project blog, where in January all the videos will be evaluated by the pupils themselves in all countries, who will vote for their favourites.

Here, we have been filming using various cameras, including for the very first time a drone, which was at school earlier today to take some footage outside.
We plan to complete our filming inside before Thursday, and then it’ll be up to Mr Purves to edit the film to create our entry!

Meantime, we also created a short introductory “human chain reaction” today, which is also on the project blog.

Silent Night eTwinning project

This morning P4 took part in what was quite probably a unique project!

Together with pupils from Belgium and Germany, we met via a live webcam conference to remember the event 102 years ago at Christmas, during WW1, when soldiers from both sides laid down their arms and celebrated Christmas together, singing the song Silent Night.
All three schools took turns to sing a Christmas song of their choice to each other firstly.
The Belgian pupils sang O denneboom (O Christmas Tree), then the German pupils sang Kling Glockchen (Ring, Little Bell) and finally P4 sang When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney.

Belgium get ready to sing!
Belgium get ready to sing!

Then, we joined together to all sing Silent Night, one after another in our own language, which proved to be a really wonderful experience.

On the main Yester homepage, you can also watch the recording of the event.

Yester pupils singing.
Yester pupils singing.

Note: If you have any problems getting the link to work, please try this link here, and click where it says “Go to the Replay”. Note, this won’t work on a phone – it needs to be a laptop or a PC.

More electricity and circuits work

This morning we worked in groups of 4 to create a whole range of different circuits, using special Snap”n”Fix packs. Some of us lit bulbs, some managed to create working alarms, others worked on making helicopters, while some others also managed to create working electric motors. In all cases, we experimented and added switches to our circuits. Great fun!

Art and Electricity Work!

We’ve had a fun week in both art and when creating our own circuits in project work!
In art, we learned how to draw trees using only a pencil to shade carefully with, and the results, as you can see were pretty impressive!
In project work meanwhile, we looked at electricity use in the home, and which appliances use mains and which use batteries. We then experimented with batteries, foil and bulbs to see if we could make a bulb light by creating our very own circuits. After this, we used more conventional wires to do the same thing. The class had lots of fun doing these activities – and did them very well!

Yester Winter Fair

Apologies for the fact that I didn’t manage to get the flyers out today about the Winter Fair, which will take place here at the school on FRIDAY evening this week, the 11th November, from 6.00pm until 8.30pm. Entry is by donation, and there are a wide range of things available to buy, as well as a Street Food CafĂ© and a Hot Chocolate Stall. It will also be possible to order local turkeys for Christmas!
With 6 of the class off today first thing, and eventually 10 off by the end of the day, it’s been rather hectic dealing with illnesses, so once again, apologies for the fact this didn’t go out today – I’ll ensure though that it does go out tomorrow, Thursday.

Author Visit

With P3 in the hall, listening to author Judy Hayman.
With P3 in the hall, listening to author Judy Hayman.

Today P4 welcomed local author Judy Hayman to the school. We, along with P3, listened to Judy as she told us a bit about her series of books about dragons, what inspired her to get writing, as well as hearing some of one of the stories.
After our discussion, some of the class had the chance to buy books from Judy. We also have a full set in the school library, so if your child missed out, don’t worry, as they will have the chance to borrow the books during our library sessions!
The first two books in Judy Hayman's Dragons series.
The first two books in Judy Hayman’s Dragons series.

Welcome to P4

Hello parents and friends of P4!

Now that we have been in school for a few weeks, most of the routines that children have each week should be fairly well known, however I’m happy to repeat them here so they are clear for all.

Each week, children need to have their gym kit on a Monday and Tuesday. Gym is with me each Monday and with Mrs McKendrick on Tuesdays. We have a new music teacher this year, Mr Piwowar, and he is in each Wednesday.

Now that the spelling and reading groups are up and running, your child will work through our spelling lists, which will mean that each week they will receive a new set of spelling words in their homework diary. Please help us by going over these words throughout the week with your child, asking them to spell them or write them down so that they become confident with them. You might ask them what other words with the same spelling pattern they can think of. You’ll also see a record of the reading to be done each week in the homework diary. In addition to spelling and reading, there will be one other piece of homework each week. This might be maths, or it might be to find out something related to our project work, or even to do a piece of ICT work or watch Newsround and report back to the class with what has been learned or discovered. Going back to reading, please encourage all types of reading at home – most of the fiction books at P4 level now have online quizzes that can be completed in class to test comprehension of what has been read. Last year’s P3/4 class became really avid readers and loved doing these quizzes – I am hopeful that this year’s P4 class will be the same!