P.1 Moth Trap

On Thursday evening John set up two moth traps- one in the S.O.C. and the other in our Wood of Wonder. The next morning Primary 1 checked the traps to see what was there. It was a fascinating! The boys and girls studied all the moths and made detailed drawings of them in the outdoor classroom. John told the children lots of amazing facts about moths and the children remembered all the names of the species that they found. Many thanks to John for giving the children such a rich, memorable learning experience in the wonderful world of nature.

Harvest Time!

Today we have had our first harvest from our vegetable garden – a variety of salad leaves. We were delighted to see lots of ladybirds on our plants – hopefully eating all the little bugs that might eat our crops. We have picked spinach, lollo rosso, rocket and red mustard leaves. After washing, we all had a taste and then we did a survey to find the class favourite. It turned out to be red mustard, which won by a whisker from spinach and lollo rosso. Thank you to Naimh’s mum who supplied the plants.

P2/3 Down on the Farm

On Monday P2/3 went to Castlemains Farm as part of our local landscape topic to find out about what the land is used for on a farm in East Lothian. We found out that Castlemains is an arable farm and it grows lots of different kinds of crops – wheat, barley, oats, potatoes and peas among others. We learned to identify these crops and what they might be used for. We also visited the pig and 6 sheep that live on the farm and were able to feel a fleece that had just been cut from one of the sheep last week. It felt very oily! We had a great morning and learned a lot about the crops. When we got back to school we were very excited to find that our own peas now have pods on them – just like those we had seen at the farm.
Thank you to Craig and Karen at the farm and to Rachel’s dad and Lewis’ mum who came along to help.

P.1 Keep Safe!

This week Primary 1 has been busy finding out more about “Keeping Myself Safe”. Ms Wood helped the children to use drama to explore what to do if they get lost and this afternoon Amanda Johnstone, our community police officer, visited the class and gave us some very good advice on how to keep safe when we are out and about. Many thanks to Ms Wood and Amanda for all their top tips.

P6 climb rocks on Traprain law

A few weeks ago p6 climbed a Traprain law rock face and did certain tasks for their survival topic. They had to walk along a field to actually get there. When they arrived they were split into 2 groups one went of with Miss Salmon the other group went to rock climb. The rock climbers had to were helmets and harnesses. There were 3 ropes to climb blue, orange and red. blue being the easiest and red being the hardest. For the survival tasks they played a game you may be familiar with where you have 4 spots and you have to get across with 3 people at a time. Next they had to do some scenario sheet work. You were tasked to scavenge for items you only get 12. Next you have to make up a plan. Once finished the group came together with their plan. After both groups had done both activities they had a small play and the went back to school.

By Jamie and Minke

P5 Orienteering Competition

P5 went to an orienteering competition. Orienteering is when you follow a map to some controls, you have a dibber ( an electronic finger) you have to put the dibber in to the controls and wait till it beeps. P5 had 11 controls to go to around the Musselburgh lagoons and past the sea. We got put into pairs to sit on the bus and to go orienteering. Before we went orienteering we played some games and had some hot chocolate but the Kelly kettle didn’t work so we had to go to an the education centre  for the hot chocolate . Jacob and Adam came 3rd out of over 100 pairs. There is a video on youtube please check it out:

By Evie and Austin





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