Nursery/P.1 Wonderful Wednesday!

This week the morning nursery class and Primary 1 enjoyed their first Wonderful Wednesday of the year. The children took part in a variety of games and activities with the focus on 2D shapes and 3D objects. Each group also went on a detective hunt around the school looking for 2D shapes. They used 3D objects to print with and discovered which flat shapes they could make with them. Both year groups worked very well together. Great effort boys and girls!

Great Teamwork Primary 1!

In circle time this afternoon, Primary 1 played a game called “Factories”. The children had to organise themselves into groups of four and decide what they were going to make in their factory. Then they had to talk about the jobs that needed to be done and put them in order. Each member of the group practised miming their actions and finally the groups performed in front of the class. A lot of cooperation was required to succeed in this group challenge. Great teamwork, boys and girls!

A Big, Warm, Welcome To Our New Little Owls!

Our new “Little Owls” have had a great first week in Primary 1! They have been very busy having a go at learning lots of new skills. There is no need to worry about making a mistake…”We like mistakes because we learn from them!” The children have also discovered a very big new word- co-operation. (“It’s when we all work together like a big machine!”). Fantastic start, boys and girls!

P.1 Moth Trap

On Thursday evening John set up two moth traps- one in the S.O.C. and the other in our Wood of Wonder. The next morning Primary 1 checked the traps to see what was there. It was a fascinating! The boys and girls studied all the moths and made detailed drawings of them in the outdoor classroom. John told the children lots of amazing facts about moths and the children remembered all the names of the species that they found. Many thanks to John for giving the children such a rich, memorable learning experience in the wonderful world of nature.

Harvest Time!

Today we have had our first harvest from our vegetable garden – a variety of salad leaves. We were delighted to see lots of ladybirds on our plants – hopefully eating all the little bugs that might eat our crops. We have picked spinach, lollo rosso, rocket and red mustard leaves. After washing, we all had a taste and then we did a survey to find the class favourite. It turned out to be red mustard, which won by a whisker from spinach and lollo rosso. Thank you to Naimh’s mum who supplied the plants.

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