Hello P2!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having fun in the snow and building some great snowmen. Perhaps you could bring in some photos of them when we come back to school. Could you write a story about a snowman? Or draw a picture of one. Maybe you could use some cotton wool and cardboard tubes to make one? We shall have a snowman gallery in the classroom when we get back!

Keep practising your words for Babushka!

See you all soon.

Mrs. Mackay

3 thoughts on “Hello P2!”

  1. I’m enjoying the snow! I made a big snowman in the garden and Daddy took pictures. I’ve also melted icicles! Let it snow!

  2. On saturday, I made a snowman with my dad. My cat jumped on its head. My snowman had big ears and I used carrots for its eyes and nose.

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