P2 Pirate Ahoy performance

Today we performed our Pirates Ahoy show along with P1 and P1/2 from Athelstaneford primary in front of our school’s afternoon nursery group, P3 and P4/5 and had a great time. A copy of the performance itself will be posted on this website shortly for you to see.

We all had a great time and created some very effective music for the storm which our ship The Last Cannon encountered. We ended up in the eye of the storm and it went very quiet. Luckily we arrived safely on dry land …

We really enjoyed having our visitors from Athelstaneford and we had a great time getting to know them over lunch and then playing with them outside during our lunch break.

Pirates Ahoy! on PhotoPeach

7 thoughts on “P2 Pirate Ahoy performance”

  1. P3 thought your show was amazing! Rory really likes the way it ended so fairly by sharing the treasure. Izzy likes the names of the ships. Penny thought it was so good she would like you to do it again. Marcia really liked that each ship had a different problem. Jack liked the costumes. Well done everyone!

  2. We loved coming to your school and performing with you. Thank you for making us feel so welcome.

  3. That was a great performance, we all loved watching it and Hannah loved being in it too! thank you everyone x

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