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Nursery/P.1 Thriving Thursday

This morning our nursery and Primary 1 classes worked together outside in the playground exploring numbers. They took part in four exciting activities which involved lots of problem solving, detective work and co-operation. Then the children gathered together in the Primary 1 classroom and used their numeracy skills to sort out numbers one to ten. The busy morning ended with an Aberlady rendition of a well known song- “Ten in a bed”. Very well done, boys and girls!

Bonjour, Madame Swan!

Primary 1/2 enjoyed a visit from our French specialist teacher, Madame Swan, this afternoon. They learned new songs and rhymes and played a colour game. Primary 2 were very good at modelling the correct pronunciation of French words for the Primary 1 children to copy. Bon effort, tous les enfants et merci beaucoup, Madame Swan!

P.1/2 Owl Wall Hangings

Primary 1/2 were busy last week making owl wall hangings, inspired by the beautiful Japanese wall hanging in the school vestibule, for the Autumn Fair. First they used their hands to spread water over the paper and then they dipped their fingers into red, orange and yellow paint to create a beautiful sunset effect. Next they had a go at finger painting and made a silhouette of an owl in a tree using black poster paint. Then they used cotton buds and white paint to make little stars and a moon. Last of all they sponged glitter gel all over the paper to make their pictures sparkle! “Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight!” Very well done, Primary 1/2!

Little Owls on laptops!

Yesterday the Little Owls in P.1/2 had  a go at using the laptops for the very first time. Here are some photos of the children at work.