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Nursery/P.1 Wonderful Wednesday!

This week the morning nursery class and Primary 1 enjoyed their first Wonderful Wednesday of the year. The children took part in a variety of games and activities with the focus on 2D shapes and 3D objects. Each group also went on a detective hunt around the school looking for 2D shapes. They used 3D objects to print with and discovered which flat shapes they could make with them. Both year groups worked very well together. Great effort boys and girls!

Nursery/ P.1 Teddy Bears’ Picnic

This morning the nursery and Primary 1 had fun at a teddy bears’ picnic in the Wood of Wonder. The children went on a bear hunt and took part in some teddy bear problem solving activities. The children also enjoyed a little fruit picnic and sang songs in the sunshine. Everyone had lots of fun and agreed that it was a very successful Wonderful Wednesday.

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday!

The morning nursery and Primary 1 enjoyed exploring symmetry together on Wonderful Wednesday this week. The children took part in three activities during which they created symmetrical patterns in a variety of ways. The children were very focused and tried out lots of interesting ideas. The boys and girls were able to talk about their patterns and describe the symmetry. Well done everyone!

Nursery/P.1 Wonderful Wednesday: Buddhism

On Wednesday the morning nursery and Primary 1 continued their collaborative learning by working together to find out about Buddhism. The Primary 1 classroom was filled with relaxing music and the lovely scent of burning incense. The children gathered around a beautiful silver statue of Buddha and learned about the Buddhist way of life. They looked at some Buddhist artwork and enjoyed listening to a story about a Monkey King. The boys and girls also took part in activities including making flowers which they put beneath the school values tree and making bird cakes which they hung up in the Wood of Wonder. The children also had a go at yoga and relaxation. It was a very calm, peaceful Wonderful Wednesday all round!

Scottish Week with the Nursery!

The Nursery have had a very busy week. They have been cooking and baking lots of things. They made Haggis, Neeps and Tatties and they all thought it was delicious. With the Primary 1s they made cok-a-leekie soup which is made mostly out of leeks.
Also the nursery made yummy flapjacks to share with P5 and P6, in return the P5s and P6s let the nursery try their Mince and tatties. The Nursery boys and girls thought that it was ‘Yummy in their Tummy’ That sounds like a great week for the nursery!

By Catrin, P7.

Nursery/Primary 1 Wonderful Wednesday!

Scottish Week is in full swing here at Aberlady! This morning the Primary 1 children worked alongside the nursery boys and girls to find out about locally produced vegetables. They helped to prepare and make Cock-a-leekie soup and enjoyed tasting the finished product together. The survey at the end showed that the soup was a resounding success! Well done every one. Great teamwork!