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What are the Nursery Doing?

The Nursery have been learning about senses, transport & information handling. The Morning Nursery went into Aberlady to do a survey and count different colours of cars. That sounds very interesting!
They all voted on what type of transport they thought was the fastest, then they had a race in the playground using coupe cars, scooting, running, walking etc. What great fun!
The Nursery have also been doing experiments to learn about their senses.
The Afternoon Nursery have made a sensory gruffalo using collage, and been making different gruffalo characters out of collage too! They also made a play dough gruffalo. That sounds really exciting!

By Catrin, Primary 7

Bravo, boys and girls!

This morning the nursery and Primary 1 gave their absolute best during a fantastic dress rehearsal of “The Tiptoe Nativity”. The boys and girls performed confidently in front of the whole school! There are only a few minor details which the children want to improve for family and friends who are coming along on Tuesday and Wednesday. Very well done everyone and good luck on both days!

Bespoke Stage For The Nativity Performance!

The Morning Nursery and Primary 1 would like to say a massive “Thank you!” to our team of talented parents who designed and built a wonderful bespoke stage for our nativity play. Primary 1 carefully counted the number of metres in width and depth that we need for the cast to be able to perform safely. Then we passed on the measurements to the stage team who got to work immediately. The children were delighted with the end result and asked lots of questions about how the stage was constructed and made strong enough for the cast of thirty-five children. Finally the starry backdrop was put in place. The stage is set and everyone is looking forward to the big performance!

What are the Nursery doing?

The afternoon Nursery have been learning about shape and made very yummy shape cookies and had them for snack. YUM!!!
The Morning Nursery were working very hard with the Primary 1s practising the Nativity Play! They must be working incredibly hard to make it the best show it can be!!! I’m very excited to see it!


By Catrin and Etienne