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Nursery/ P.1 Teddy Bears’ Picnic

This morning the nursery and Primary 1 had fun at a teddy bears’ picnic in the Wood of Wonder. The children went on a bear hunt and took part in some teddy bear problem solving activities. The children also enjoyed a little fruit picnic and sang songs in the sunshine. Everyone had lots of fun and agreed that it was a very successful Wonderful Wednesday.

Primary 1 Visit Seabird Centre

Yesterday Primary 1 enjoyed a wonderful day at the Scottish Seabird Centre. The visit was split into three parts which included learning about sea creatures in the classroom, visiting the Discovery Centre and taking part in a “Rockpool Ramble”. The children were exemplary ambassadors for Aberlady Primary School! They participated with enthusiasm and displayed good manners and cooperation at all times. The boys and girls were able to apply their knowledge of safety on the beach during the outdoor session very effectively as well. The most popular activities of the day were controlling the cameras in the Discovery Centre and exploring the rockpools. Best of all, though, was when the children spotted four dolphins out at sea! It certainly was a day to remember. Many thanks to Anna and Reshmi who came along to help us and especially to Andrew, the Education Officer, for making the day so fascinating.

Firefighter in Primary 1!

Firefighter Jenni Collins visited Primary 1 this morning to talk to the children about her job. She also gave the children some valuable advice on what they should do in emergency situations. The children listened well and were able to give good answers to questions that Jenni asked them. She set the boys and girls a challenge to learn their address and be able to tell the class on Monday. Many thanks to Jenni for helping us with our topic called “Keeping Myself Safe”.

Cherry Blossom Art by Primary 1

This morning Primary 1 enjoyed using charcoal and pink tissue paper to create beautiful pictures of cherry blossom trees. First the children studied our school tree outside to find out more about the shapes of trees and how the branches grow out from the trunk. Then the children got to work putting their ideas onto paper. They liked smudging the charcoal to soften the lines and they scrunched the tissue paper gently to make the blossom.The finished artwork has been put together to create a lovely avenue of trees in springtime. Great effort boys and girls.

French in Primary 1

Last Thursday our French specialist, Madame Swan, visited Primary 1. The children impressed her with all the French words and phrases that they have been learning throughout the year. Madame Swan set the class some challenges for the coming weeks which include learning the days of the week and colours in French. The boys and girls had great fun looking at an interactive French picture book called “Un Livre” with Madame Swan. They had to do what it said and see what happened! Merci beaucoup, Madame Swan!