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P1s trip to the seabird centre

On Thursday the 24th of May 2017 Primary 1 went on a trip to the seabird centre in North Berwick. First they went onto the beach to look in rock pools to try and find animals like sea creatures. Then they went inside the seabird centre to have some lunch. Then they went down the tunnel to the soft play room and then to the film room were you could watch films all about the animals you could find in East Lothian. Then Primary 1 went back up to pack there bags and went on a bus back to school and by the time they had got back there was only time to pack there bags and then the bell rang and they went home. P11 loved the trip and wished they could go back really soon!

By Jackson Gray P6 and Riley Poulart P1

Road Safety

This afternoon, as part of their topic called “Keeping Myself Safe”, Primary 1 went outside to a nearby street to practice road safety. The children were able to talk about safe places to cross and also use the Green Cross Code very carefully. Well done boys and girls for being so responsible.

Guitar Presentation at Aberlady

This afternoon Steven Polwart and some of his students entertained our pupils with a beautiful recital of guitar music. Steven also told the children about the various types of guitars and the different sounds that they make.The children listened well and were able to spot some differences in the sounds that they heard. The children particularly enjoyed making up their own dance moves to the loud electric guitar! Very well done to the performers and many thanks to Steven for giving us the opportunity to appreciate the wonderful world of guitars.

Nursery/ P.1 Teddy Bears’ Picnic

This morning the nursery and Primary 1 had fun at a teddy bears’ picnic in the Wood of Wonder. The children went on a bear hunt and took part in some teddy bear problem solving activities. The children also enjoyed a little fruit picnic and sang songs in the sunshine. Everyone had lots of fun and agreed that it was a very successful Wonderful Wednesday.

Primary 1 Visit Seabird Centre

Yesterday Primary 1 enjoyed a wonderful day at the Scottish Seabird Centre. The visit was split into three parts which included learning about sea creatures in the classroom, visiting the Discovery Centre and taking part in a “Rockpool Ramble”. The children were exemplary ambassadors for Aberlady Primary School! They participated with enthusiasm and displayed good manners and cooperation at all times. The boys and girls were able to apply their knowledge of safety on the beach during the outdoor session very effectively as well. The most popular activities of the day were controlling the cameras in the Discovery Centre and exploring the rockpools. Best of all, though, was when the children spotted four dolphins out at sea! It certainly was a day to remember. Many thanks to Anna and Reshmi who came along to help us and especially to Andrew, the Education Officer, for making the day so fascinating.