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We love Scottish fish!

Yesterday Primary 1 and Primary 2/3 were fascinated during Ally Donaldson’s presentation all about J.K.Thomson’s
seafood family business in Musselburgh. Ally told the boys and girls all about the wonderful fish which are found in the seas around Scotland. He showed the children examples of fish including haddock, cod, mackerel, hake and many more. The children learned how only the big fish are caught and prepared and then sent to shops here and abroad to be sold. At the end the boys and girls had the chance to taste some delicious smoked mackerel and salmon! Sincere thanks to Ally for introducing us to the Scottish fishing industry in such an interesting way and thank you also for the goody boxes that you gave us.

Christmas Party Fun!

P2/3 and P3/4 had a ball this afternoon at their Christmas party. Dancing and games filled the afternoon before yummy snacks back in the classroom. And although Santa didn’t make it to the party, he managed a flying visit to drop off a parcel in each classroom. Thanks Santa! Thanks also to all the ladies working behind the scenes who provided the lovely spread in the classrooms.

Happy Christmas to everyone!

Panda Visit!

No – we did not have Pandas in school! However we did have a visit from Sandie Robb from The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland who is involved in a project to protect Pandas both here in Scotland and out in China. She told us lots of facts about Giant Pandas and Red Pandas and brought some great activities for us to do to help us learn more about China and the pandas.

Climate Friendly Aberlady and The Sustainability Responsibility Group

We had a visit today from Pamela Candea from The Surefoot Effect, an organisation that helps people to work out how to live in a more sustainable way. Pam was here to talk to the whole school at assembly, and then to run a workshop, organised by Ian Malcolm from ‘Climate Friendly Aberlady’, that was open to the Aberlady Community. The school’s Sustainability Group were able to be part this workshop and we learned a little more about what a carbon footprint is, and how our carbon footprints here in Aberlady compare with those from around the world. What we heard certainly gave us lots of food for thought.

The Sustainability Group has now heard from a variety of people about what ‘Sustainabilty’ means and we have been given lots to think about! We now need to decide what work we would like to do this year to try to make our school and our community more sustainable.
Watch this space!

P2/3, P3/4 and the Sustainability Group visit to Kinwegar Recycling Centre

Today the Sustainability Group and two classes from school went to find out all about recycling in East Lothian at the Kinwegar Recycling Centre near Wallyford. P2/3 and P3/4 were visiting in connection with their topics on Global Awareness, and the Sustainability Group were there to find out how we can make sure our school – and wider community – recycle as much as possible.
Mrs Mair ferried groups backwards and forwards to the centre as only 17 people could go at a time for safety reasons. Damien and Mo (Ella’s mum and dad)were there all morning to help us.
Joe and John from the centre took us to see where bin lorries empty their waste – most of which goes to landfill – and then to see where all the sorting happens for recycling. We learned what happens to all the skipfuls of recycling that people take to the site. Did you know that glass from bottles in East Lothian can be used to make water filters for sending to countries where clean water does not just come out of a tap? Or that paper and cardboard can be recycled 7 times before it is too weak to be used again? Or that fleeces can be made from recycled plastic. (We all had a look inside Mo’s jacket! There is a big label that explains that it was made from recycled bottles!)
We all found the trip very interesting and loved watching some of the machines crushing the rubbish! Now we will be watching to make sure we all (at home and at school) make sure we recycle as much as possible. Look out for the recycling police!!