Remembrance Day Poster Competition

Thank you to everyone who entered our Remembrance Day poster competition and donated to the Poppy Scotland Appeal – Ayla, Niamh, Daisy, Jasmine, Leah, Stephanie, James, Edith, Esther, Martha, Charlie, Anna, Alexander, Clara, Owen and Angus.

Special congratulations to Amy and Jacob, who designed the winning posters. A very special entry was designed by Aaron, James’s little brother, who is only 2 years old!

P5/6 Halloween Silhouettes

P5/6 have been learning about ‘value’ in art. ‘Value’ is going from light to dark for any colour. If you add white to a colour you get lighter which is called a ‘tint’. If you add black to a colour you get darker which is called a ‘shade’. Artists add value to an object to make it look 3-dimensional on a flat, 2-dimensional surface.

For their Halloween picture, P5/6 chose a colour for their background and created a value scale to represent the light coming from the moon. Then they added a Halloween silhouette of a tree or an owl or a spooky spider to complete their picture.

Happy Halloween, everyone!

P2/3 Transient Art

This afternoon P2/3 were outside making a large piece of art using natural materials they found in the school grounds. The children worked in small teams making one part of ‘East Lothian’ but all came together as a class to put all the different features together. Great planning, cooperation, imagination and a sound knowledge of the East Lothian landscape led to a great afternoon. It was voted a great success! However we know that this is ‘transient’. It will not last and we will not be upset as all the parts of the picture gradually disappear.
Transient Art on PhotoPeach

P2/3 have fun in Health Week

This week P2/3 have been having lots of fun doing a variety of activities, learning about keeping fit and keeping safe.They have challenged themselves to improve their skipping, taken part in a Fitness Trail, tried Tae Kwon Do, learned about Fire Safety and each morning and afternoon they have joined in ‘Wake Up and Shake Up’.
Have a look at our photos to get a taste of what we have been doing.
P2/3 Tae Kwon Do on PhotoPeach

P2/3 Tae Kwon Do on PhotoPeach

Health Week on PhotoPeach