Series and Parallel Circuits

P6\7 have been learning about series and parallel circuits in their electricity topic. We have learned the difference between the two circuits. In parallel circuits the electrons can flow in different paths and in series circuits there is only one path that the electrons can flow. Also in a series circuit if you take one wire out of the circuit then the whole circuit will stop working. However in a parallel circuit if you take a wire out of the circuit – and break it at one point – as long as the power supply is still connected, at least one of the components eg bulb, buzzer or motor – will still be on.

P7 Enterprise Day

On the 3rd of February P7 went to North Berwick High School for an Enterprise Day. When we arrived we were put into different groups with people from all over the North Berwick Cluster. Every group had a challenge to make five different items to do with friendship.
Everybody had a different job to do, the jobs were: buyer, seller, quality control, Business Manager, Designer, Finance Manager and a few more. We had little challenges in between like, giving money to charity, sending our buyers to Florida, getting loan discounts and deals on resources. It all seemed very realistic and it was good fun, we all made some new friends from different schools.
P7 Enterprise Day on PhotoPeach

Scottish Quiz

Aberlady Primary school have recently had their first Scottish Quiz. It was split into two parts over two weeks. Pupils were divided into their house teams, Luffness, Gosford, Pefferburn and Craigielaw. The question categories were sport, history, Scots language, famous figures, local area and picture round. Each team had a pink card which they could play if they were confident in answering the questions in a particular round correctly. The pink card would give them double points. There was audience quiz questions so that the audience took part and didn’t get board listening. The vice captains went round gathering the audience answers to the questions. After each round the vice captains took the sheets to Mrs Mair to mark. At the end of the first part Luffness were wining but Gosford were close behind. In the end Craigielaw and Pefferburn came joint third, Gosford came second and Luffness came first. Everyone had a great time and they would love to do it again.

P5/6 Heart Art!

This week, P5/6 and P6 worked together to study the work of an American artist called Jim Dine. He was an early member of the Pop Art Movement and, amongst other subjects, was inspired to make images and 3D sculptures of hearts.

Look at our work, inspired by Jim Dine. Just in time for Valentine’s Day!