Scottish Ceilidh

On Thursday, the whole school joined together to celebrate Scottish week with a very special Ceilidh. Every class, from Nursery to P7, contributed with poems, songs, dances, presentations about Scottish artists and a timeline of significant events and characters in Scottish history.

We also had a very special visit from the Kirkudbright Caterpillar (whose feet looked suspiciously like those of some of our P1/2 pupils!).

We finished our morning with Part 1 of an inter-house Scottish Quiz. Pupils were able to share their impressive general knowledge about Scotland. We were left on a nail-biting cliff-hanger, with Gosford and Luffness fighting it out for the lead. Part 2 of the quiz will take place next week……. watch this space!!

Nursery/P.1 Thriving Thursday

The morning nursery and Primary 1 had a very busy Thriving Thursday! The children were investigating “push and pull” forces and finding out what happens when objects roll on different surfaces and roll down slopes. They had a go at predicting the results and enjoyed testing out their ideas. The children discovered that pushing and pulling can change the shape of things too and they had to use very big pulls for a tug-o-war activity! Well done boys and girls. Great effort!Thriving Thursday on PhotoPeach

Thank You, P.6/7!

This morning, P.6/7 interviewed our P.1/2 pupils and asked them about their learning so far this session. The younger children showed them their “Pride and Joy” files, talked about ways in which they had been confident and successful then P.6/7 wrote down their ideas.It will be interesting to look back at these records in years to come! Thank you for helping us, P.6/7! Thank You, P.6/7! on PhotoPeach

P5/6 Christmas Party

P5/6 had lots of fun at their Christmas party on Monday afternoon.

After games and dancing in the hall and some delicious food, everyone demonstrated their talents by doing Party Pieces. What a talented lot! (Although the cheesy Christmas jokes made us groan!!)

Happy Christmas, everyone!

P1/2 and P2/3 Design and Make Challenge

P1/2 and P2/3 have just finished a topic about Technology. As the final part of the topic the classes were split into groups and were challenged to work together to design and make a baby’s cradle or chair that could move and that would keep the baby cosy and comfortable.
Everyone began by looking together at some pictures of cradles and thinking about how they were designed. The classes discussed what would be the most important things to think about when they started to design their own. The groups were then given identical teddies to use to test their designs and they set off to plan, make, and test their cradles/chairs.
Finally each group presented their design to the rest of the children and explained how they had gone about the task.
As you will see from the photographs, everyone worked very hard. Mrs Unwin and Mrs Mackay were very impressed with the team work and problem solving that went on in the groups. Look at the wonderful results.
Technology Challenge on PhotoPeach