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Poppy Day

Today Aberlady Primary held a 1 minute silence to remember the first world war soldiers who went to fight and give the ultimate sacrifice. The poppy was to remember battlefield where blood will be shed. Many parents may also hold a 1 minute silence to remember those who died.

By Minke and Jamie


P6 New whiteboard

On Monday the 7th of November P6 got a new touchscreen whiteboard! This was a very exciting day for P6 because they also experienced the amazing Google expeditions  virtual reality. This super whiteboard will also allow  you to see what your doing on a small computer by linking up the computer with the whiteboard. P6 would like to thank the PTA for buying this amazing whiteboard. By JACKSON GRAY P6 and ETIENNE BOUGLET P2/3

P6 Explore Google Expeditions

On Monday P6 had the opportunity to experience virtual reality. We travelled around the world and into space. We visited many countries and saw famous landmarks. P6 looked around the White House and were fascinated by the Taj Mahal. We had a thrilling adventure in a cage surrounded by great white sharks and even went to the moon and saw Neil Armstrong’s shadow. Thank you to Google for this amazing experience and to Mrs Currie for organising it for us.