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P6 Pupils Make Phone-calls

Well done, to the four P6 pupils who made phone-calls on behalf of our class today.

They telephoned the secretaries of the other North Berwick Cluster schools to collect data for our maths project. They asked questions clearly and confidently, and listened effectively to record the information.

Welcome to Primary 1!

Our new Primary 1 pupils have had a great start to the year! Many thanks to our wonderful Primary 7 buddies and the Primary 2 “Wise Owls” who are supporting the children whenever they are needed. Here are some photos of the “Little Owls” in action. Very well done, boys and girls! Great Start, Primary 1! on PhotoPeach

P7 Maths Challenge

P7 worked well in groups yesterday to solve a maths challenge they were given. Each group was asked to build a tower, as high as possible, from spaghetti and marshmallows! There was lots of discussion about how to make it stable, which shapes to use to stengthen the tower and how they could best fit the pieces together. The children did extremely well and made some great towers. The hardest part was trying not to eat the marshmallows!!
Maths Challenge in P7 on PhotoPeach