P2/3 Marvellous Magnetic Games!

P2/3 have been learning about forces and magnets this term. As their end of topic challenge they had to design and make a game using magnets.There were many tasks to complete – plan, design, make, write instructions and finally play!
Today we have been evaluating each other’s games. We have found out which games work well and which do not. We have also discovered what makes a good set of instructions! Most importantly we have discussed whether we have used all our knowledge about magnets in our games.
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Art with Force!

The morning nursery and Primary 1 enjoyed another successful Thriving Thursday! They explored different ways to move paint over paper and created lovely art work using pushing and pulling techniques. The children had a go at blow painting using straws, making patterns with scrapers and rolling pins, vegetable printing and taking beads for a stroll! Well done boys and girls – great effort!Art with Force! on PhotoPeach

P2/3 learn about Marvellous Magnets

As part of our class topic on Forces and Magnetism, P2/3 took part in a science workshop today about ‘Marvellous Magnets’. We investigated some of the properties of magnetism that we have been finding out about in class and had fun making magnets float and finding out about magnetic fields.
Thank you to Generation Science ran the workshop for us.
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Series and Parallel Circuits

P6\7 have been learning about series and parallel circuits in their electricity topic. We have learned the difference between the two circuits. In parallel circuits the electrons can flow in different paths and in series circuits there is only one path that the electrons can flow. Also in a series circuit if you take one wire out of the circuit then the whole circuit will stop working. However in a parallel circuit if you take a wire out of the circuit – and break it at one point – as long as the power supply is still connected, at least one of the components eg bulb, buzzer or motor – will still be on.