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P1s trip to the seabird centre

On Thursday the 24th of May 2017 Primary 1 went on a trip to the seabird centre in North Berwick. First they went onto the beach to look in rock pools to try and find animals like sea creatures. Then they went inside the seabird centre to have some lunch. Then they went down the tunnel to the soft play room and then to the film room were you could watch films all about the animals you could find in East Lothian. Then Primary 1 went back up to pack there bags and went on a bus back to school and by the time they had got back there was only time to pack there bags and then the bell rang and they went home. P11 loved the trip and wished they could go back really soon!

By Jackson Gray P6 and Riley Poulart P1

Nature Play

Today we have had a fantastic first session of Nature Play. We enjoyed climbing trees, swinging in hammocks, climbing the cargo rope and much more. We are looking forward to going into the Aberlady woods next week.

P7 Camp Day 1

All arrived safely to heavy rain. After taking part in crate climbing, archery, nightline and burn walking which was more like a swim than a walk we have happy but very  muddy children. It took a while to get to sleep and most woke very early, this is the norm. By Thursday they will be asleep by 9pm! Despite nerves about dorm and activity groupings we can report that all have settled REALLY well.

p1 and p6 wonderful writing

P.1 have sponsored a guide dog named Hattie. P.1 and P.6 have been working very hard on their writing . P.6 have been working on their non chronological-writing.  Chronological- writing  means in the order of the events happening so non chronological- writing means the total opposite.

By Annie and Kalan


On Friday the P1s did an assembly on capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. The story was about a sad little sentence who was all jumbled up and a little girl made the sad little sentence all better by adding capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. The meaning behind the story was to ALWAYS use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. In my opinion it was a fantastic  performance. Well  done .

By Megan P1 and Ellis P6

P7 Went Coasteering

P7 went Coasteering at North Berwick and learned lots of knew skills e.g. how to put a wet suit on and what a Barnacle looks like. It was very tiring but fun most of the class can’t wait to go again. There were two groups the first one went Coasteering and the over went along the beach to make sand sculptures and then swapped over.