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All across the school each class has different topics.

P2/3 were learning about our landscape around East Lothian, talking about what landscape is and looking at East Lothians different landsapes. P2/3 went on a trip to the bay Aberlady as part of their topic.

P7 have just finished a village study project and looking into business, along with the history of Aberlady village. P7 produced a brochure about Aberladys history and created art work (along with P6 & P5) of a certain point in Aberlady and auctioned off their artwork in a silent art auction. They had a few visitors to talk to them about starting/creating a business to help them with their topic.

These are just two of the topics across the school.

By Etienne (P2/3) & Clara(P7)

Our film night By Evie and Ruaridh

P5, P6 and P7s film night was on Tuesday the 25th of April . We watch all the films we had made over the last three months it was AWESOME. P7 also held a  art auction where you could go and buy your painting. We learned all about what animals lived in our community and how to make the movie. Ruaridh really liked all the great footage we got he loved the foxes, badgers, otters and deer!

P6 learn About Survival Skills

Recently P6 have started a new topic on survival skills. The topic focuses on How to survive, what certain people have done to survive and how it was like to survive in the past. Today they learned about the Clydebank bombings and how the Germans attacked key factories that helped the British war effort.

By Jamie P6 and Minke

What have P1s and P7s been doing this week?

The Primary 1s have been learning about magic e, it makes a different sound when it is placed after a word. Well done Primary 1, that is amazing.

The P7s went to North Berwick beach to do coasteering and we learnt about the plant life living in the area and how it survives. We were also learning about the risk of coasteering if you do this activity without the safety equipment and adult supervision. It was very exciting and all of the Primary 7s wish that they could do it again!

By Zoe and Catrin.

Landscapes and Farming

P2/3 are doing a topic on farming and landscapes this term. They went a trip to learn about landscapes. For there trip they went to Aberlady Bay. John Harrison the ranger took them to the mudflats and told them to dig some soil and sieve it into water and then they put it in a tray. After that they went to the saltmarshes and looked in holes to see if they could find any wildlife, they found a shrimp in thee saltmarshes and they put it back in the water.

P1 and P6 Wonderful Writing

P1 have sponsored a guide dog called Hattie which they have written about. P1 wrote 5 whole sentences about sponsoring Hattie.They also wrote about borrowing money to sponsor Hattie. Overall Primary 1 need to raise £100 !!! P6 also did writing about their film night showcase it was all about the stages and steps to making our documentaries  about the wildlife in Aberlady. So far we are about to start the middle paragraph on our writing.


By Jackson Gray P6 and Riley Powart P1