Zoolab Visist the Nursery

The morning nursery group welcomed some special visitors into school this morning.
Tristan, from Zoolab, talked to us about the various animals and we were able to look, stroke and hold the creatures, being very careful not to frighten them.
We were especially interested in learning more about frogs, as we have been learning about different types of frogs in nursery recently.
Zoolab on PhotoPeach

Zoolab 2 on PhotoPeach

Gardening Club Produce!

The Gardening Club were very excited yesterday that the time had come to harvest their vegetables. They produced carrots, radishes, onions and one very small lettuce!
Well done gardening team, you did a fine job!
Gardening Club on PhotoPeach

Commonwealth Baton in Aberlady!

On Tuesday the whole school were down in the main street in Aberlady to cheer the Commonwealth Baton as it made its way through East Lothian. P2 were outside the church and saw one of our former pupils, Samuel Mason, running past with the baton. Before the baton arrived the children were entertained by the security staff running the line with ‘high 5′s’! Then Samuel let the children touch the baton as he went past. The sun shone and it turned out to be a very exciting afternoon for the children. Baton Relay on PhotoPeach