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Health Week in P4

P4 have had a busy and exciting day today. Our day began by running a mile.  The pupils alternated sprints and jogging and then checked their pulses to see the effect that exercise has on our heart rate. To relax our minds after the run we lay down on the floor and listened to music of Buddhist monks chanting as part of our RME topic.  After break P4 enjoyed an exciting judo class where they learned the judo hold, how to pin their partner to the mat and a judo throw. The pupils even learned a few words in Japanese to accompany their moves.

In the afternoon Mrs Askham, Freddie, Jo Jo and Esme’s mum came in to talk to us about art therapy. We discussed mental and physical  health and then wrote down some of our own feelings which were stored inside beautiful feelings boxes made by the pupils.  P4 ended the day with a quiz  on body facts and then won £1,000,000 on a health version on Who wants to be a Millionaire.

Health Week in P.1/2 – Day 1

Primary 1/2 had a great start to Health Week this morning with a brisk fifteen minute walk around our beautiful school grounds. The sun was shining and the colours of autumn looked stunning on our magnificent Horse Chestnut tree.
Later on, Daisy’s mum, a dietician, visited us and told us all about Healthy Eating. We learned about the food groups and how to make a rainbow in our tummies with different fruits and vegetables. We are going to try hard to eat five portions of fruit and vegetables every day to keep our bodies happy!
Many thanks to Sandra who very kindly answered Primary 2’s request for expert advice on ways to keep healthy. You really have given us food for thought!

Thriving Thursdays are back!

P2, 3 and 4 had great fun this morning at First Level Thriving Thursday, learning about 2D and 3D shape. We did lots of different activities – starting in the classroom with ‘feely’ bags of shapes where the challenge was to find shapes that matched a variety of descriptions, then moving outside where we used our bodies to make shapes. That may sound quite straightforward when the shape is 2D, but it’s not so easy when you are asked to make a cube! Lots of problem solving needed there. Finally we looked for shapes in our environment. We were surprised how many shapes make up all the buildings, play equipment and natural resources around us.
Everyone agreed that we had had a fun and useful morning. The teachers saw some great cooperative learning, problem solving, peer support and heard lots of maths language being used.
The sun even shone!

P7/S1 Open Afternoon at North Berwick High School

Parents and carers of P7 pupils are warmly invited to join North Berwick High School staff for an Open Afternoon on 25th September from 1pm to 3pm.  This will give new pupils the opportunity to go round the school and meet teachers in their classrooms in an informal way during the afternoon.  Many classrooms will have displays of pupils’ work for you to see and there will be demonstrations of activities in some departments.  There will also be short musical performances, as well as House cake stalls and a charity committee stall.

We hope you can attend.