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P.1/2 Castle Tournament

Today P.1/2 concluded their topic on “Castles” by taking part in a “Castle Tournament”. The children enjoyed a banquet of milk and fruit overseen by the king and queen of the castle. They all had fun playing “Knights on Horses”, “Clear the Castle Garden “, “Gallop around the Castle” and “Dungeons”. The children worked well in their teams and everyone was a winner! P.1/2 Castle Tournament on PhotoPeach

Wise Owls Talk!

Last week our “Wise Owls” in P.1/2 planned and prepared class talks for the very first time. After much discussion, the children decided that a successful speaker should sound loud, clear, interesting, confident and enthusiastic! The Little Owls listened well and asked lots of questions about the topics which included Dinosaurs, Tennis, Gala Day and much more. Well done, Wise Owls! Wise Owls Talk! on PhotoPeach

Nature Nurture in the Nursery

The wet weather didn’t stop our nursery children from having some great adventures outside yesterday morning. They climbed trees, made ‘traps’, searched for minibeasts and made some delicious ‘dishes’ whilst out of doors. They enjoyed hot chocolate under cover during snack time and decided that this was something they would like to do more of! Roll on next week!
Nature Nurture in the Nursery on PhotoPeach