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Recycling Galore!

At the end of this term’s topic P2/3 have been producing Christmas Decorations in their recycling centre and factory! They worked very well in a team in the class ‘production line’ and each pupil also worked successfully on individual recycling. Here are the results of all our work.

Panda Visit!

No – we did not have Pandas in school! However we did have a visit from Sandie Robb from The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland who is involved in a project to protect Pandas both here in Scotland and out in China. She told us lots of facts about Giant Pandas and Red Pandas and brought some great activities for us to do to help us learn more about China and the pandas.

What P1 and P7 have been doing this week

This week P7 have practised very hard  on practising their Scottish country dancing for there ceilidh. After all their practise really paid off, they did so well, Well done P7!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                This week P1 has been learning how to spell, riley has already learnt how to spell “the person got pushed by the cow”, well done P1!    By Amelia and Riley