P7 on homeward journey

We expect the coach to be with us at (or just a wee bit earlier than) the normal Friday finish time but that’s obviously subject to the uncertainties of traffic conditions. Locally, it’s a race day at Musselburgh so that may add to congestion. However, we are going to get an update when they are about half an hour away from school and we’ll let you know more at that point.

Disco Fever hits Dounans

A quick update on P7 activities at school camp!
Today has been another action-packed day with a lot of group challenges involving building dens, making fires and learning about survival in the wild. The sunny weather certainly helped. However, I must report that the wood smoke has now been well-and-truly washed out of everyone’s hair, the outfits are being paraded and the air in the dorms is heavily scented! The atmosphere is charged and ready for Dounans Disco Night!
I believe there has been some effort to get our pupils to start the serious task of packing up, in readiness for a tidy getaway in the morning but everyone is too excited right now about dancing the evening away ! No doubt the packing will be finished off after a good sleep and a hearty breakfast tomorrow. We anticipate having the coach back at school at almost the normal Friday finish time but we’ll email P7 parents and post a blog with an update once the coach is underway. All for now!

Wednesday news from Dounans

I am pleased to report that all continues well at P7 camp. I had a good drive up to Aberfoyle and arrived just after 6pm. As I parked up, all the pupils were charging about in teams trying to solve a game of Cluedo around the camp. I was greeted very warmly and everyone said I’d just missed an AMAZING evening meal! In fact, they all reported that the food at Dounans is wonderful. Tonight’s chicken curry and tomato pasta options were both really popular with our pupils and, according to the boys, the puddings are “to die for”!
I had taken some mini notecards with me and, in the quiet time between evening activities and supper, after a chat about the best bits of today (and there were lots to share) all the children settled down to write a card for the folk back home. I shall bring these to school in the morning and would hope to distribute them in the course of the day. Do pop in, if you are passing!
You can be assured that all is going well and everyone looks healthy (and that includes Mrs Peaston & Mrs Sergeant)! Although Thursday is another action-packed day, all the pupils’ thoughts are already racing ahead to Disco Night! There will be an update tomorrow and some advice on Friday morning about arrival time back at school. My sense is that they could be comfortably back by normal Friday finish time – possibly a little earlier. That’s all for tonight! Zzzzzz!

Tuesday news from P7 Camp

Just had an update from Mrs Peaston and can report that all continues fine at Dounans. Our pupils are loving every minute of it and getting on well as a group and with everyone else. The 5hour walk was a huge challenge today but everyone returned safely and has enjoyed a good evening meal. The weather is a mix of sunshine and snow showers and you can be assured that all are wearing plenty of layers! Tomorrow the activities change for the groups and the programme includes tree climbing, raft building, archery and orienteering.
I hope to see for myself how things are going when I visit Dounans tomorrow evening. I know I’ll be taking with me lots of good wishes from our school community.