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p2 Make electric games

On Tuesday the 23rd of February 2017 p2 made fantastic electric games they worked very hard to finish them. One of the games was called tick-tock fast hand you had to get the paper clips in the bowl before the light bulb comes on it was so much fun to play!!!!

Scottish week comes to a end

On February 3rd  Scottish week comes to a end. After an amazing food themed week,here’s the list of things that happened. Monday intro assembly, Tuesday we were introduced to our poems, Wednesday Mr Macdonald came into school to talk to us about  J K Thomson,  Thursday we prepared our poems, Friday a closing assembly and this article was written.

BY Jamie P6 And Minke P2

Fishy Business!

Today as part of our Scottish week we were very lucky to have a visitor from J.K Thomson, which is a big seafood company based in Musselburgh. The business was started by Mrs Donaldson’s Grandad over 50 years ago! We were very lucky to hear all about the amazing fish caught locally and even got to see the fish. We got a chance to hold some of them but our favourite was definitely the lobsters! We also got to taste some lovely hot smoked salmon and smoked mackerel. It was brilliant!