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First Level Marvellous Monday

On Marvellous Monday P2, P3 and P4 worked together outdoors learning about Symmetry. The children had to look for symmetry in the world around them, (and discovered that cars are very symmetrical!) make symmetrical pictures from items they could find, and use clay to make symmetrical pictures on the trees in the woods. It was a cold but dry morning, and the children had a great time learning out in the fresh air.

Here are some photos of some of the symmetrical things they found outside and the symmetrical art they made.


Marvellous Monday!

This morning the nursery children and Primary 1 had a marvellous start to the week by taking their learning in numeracy outdoors! The challenge was to make a display with groups of objects starting with one and going up to ten. They worked in pairs, collecting natural things which were hidden around our beautiful grounds. Some children went on to investigate numbers further, making pairs, equal groups and sharing. The children were able to talk about their investigations and what they had found out. Halfway through the session the children went inside the Owls’ Nest to drink their milk and sing counting songs together. (Well done, Innes (Nursery), for teaching us a song about counting dinosaurs!) During the second half of the morning the children used their “finds” to create some lovely transient art. They made lots of different pictures-a flower garden, a bicycle, Smiley Face Man, a unicorn and there were many more interesting ideas. Everyone agreed that it was a very successful Marvellous Monday! Many thanks to all our helpers who supported us in our learning.

Scottish Week

We had a great Scottish Week this year and would like to thank all who entered our Tattie Bogle competition. There were some very imaginative entries this year but our winners were Sam Ratcliffe and Olivia Cluness. Here are photographs of the entries and some pictures from our Scottish Assembly taken by Clara Easson.

P1/2 Class Tiger!

P.1/2 are very excited because they have adopted a beautiful Bengal tiger! Her name is Kamrita and she is nine or ten years old. She has two cubs, a male and a female and they live in Nepal. The boys and girls got the idea from a book we read called “Our Class Tiger”. They think it is very important to support endangered species and decided to use their voucher from Santa to help fund this W.W.F. project. The class has received a folder of information and will be kept up to date with Kamrita’s progress throughout the year. A cuddly toy tiger also arrived for the class which the children are looking forward to taking home at the weekends. The boys and girls are collecting spare coins and putting them in a “tiger tub”. They need to send £3.20 every month to the W.W.F. for Kamrita’s care. (The children are very good at counting money now!)