Vision, Aims & Values


We see a school that is a thriving, vibrant learning community where potential is realised and nurtured through partnerships.

We see a school where every person is highly prized, treated as an individual with kindness and dignity.

We see a school that is dedicated to the highest levels of achievement and attainment, where we use our talents, skills, abilities and energies to affect those around us; locally and globally because ………..we know we can make a difference.

We see a school that is constantly innovative: that equips, supports and empowers this generation for the future, where leadership capacity is encouraged.

We see a school where everyone can belong……THIS IS ABERLADY



We are currently discussing these with staff, families and our pupils.


1. Ethos

We aim to promote a positive environment where staff and pupils have the opportunity to develop a sense of individuality and pride in the school. We value a climate of equality, honesty and trust where we are able to appreciate individual differences.

2. Curriculum

We aim to provide a well planned, structured and balanced curriculum which takes account of local and national guidelines, and which motivates children, enabling them to make good progress from nursery to P7 and to fulfil their potential.

3. Learning and Teaching

We aim to use a variety of teaching approaches, resources and activities which will motivate pupils and develop personal responsibility for their own learning within the classroom, the wider school environment and beyond. We aim to develop each child’s self-esteem and confidence in their own ability.

4. Attainment

We aim to ensure that each child achieves the highest possible level of attainment. We will monitor children’s attainment by undertaking regular, meaningful assessments. Clear records of children’s progress will be kept and shared regularly with pupils and parents. We will celebrate individual and whole-school achievements.

5. Support for Pupils

We aim to provide appropriate support for the range of emotional, physical, social and educational needs of pupils and to monitor the effectiveness of what we provide using information on children’s progress and attainment.

6. Resources

We aim to provide a wide range of easily accessible, up to date and relevant resources. We will develop and utilise community resources. We aim to fully utilise the skills of teaching and non-teaching staff.

7. Management Leadership and Quality Assurance.

We aim to maintain a climate of openness and mutual respect, allowing opportunity for feedback and discussion in order that staff feel their opinions are valued. We aim to be proactive and innovative in developing all aspects of the life of the school.

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