Zbawienie (salvation)

A little over a year ago I made a vow to try to learn Polish. Apart from the stated reason and the fact that it would be interesting, I hoped it might be helpful in school which, I’m pleased to say it has on one or two occasions. Unfortunately, I have not had a teacher for some months, but continue to struggle on. So, you can imagine how overjoyed I was to discover a new, impressive translation website called Lingro. Covering English, French, German, Italian, Polish & Spanish, it allows bilateral translation through its dictionary. When a word is not yet in a dictionary, users are invited to offer a translation. You can also use it to open a file or a web page. Although an instant translation of the entire content does not appear (that would be too much to hope for) any word you click will be translated into the language you have chosen. Can you see a use for this in class?

The site also boasts a personalised word list feature and a flash card game (this draws on the word list and so will not function until that has been populated).

This strikes me as an extremely useful site! May I suggest if you’d like quickly to try it out: Click here -which should allow you to view the home page of the Polish version of Wikipedia – through Lingro; set the dictionary to Polish into English (although this setting may have been saved); find and click the word Strona – and the translation Page should pop up before long.

6 thoughts on “Zbawienie (salvation)”

  1. This is very good, but only the English words have sound files! I can do that. I need to know how to say the words in Polish 🙁

  2. Thanks for the comment, Dorothy. I think that this is the kind of feedback Lingro have been hoping for. It’s not as devastatingly difficult as it seems (everything else about the language seems to be) but pronunciation isn’t too bad – perhaps the topic of a future blog post? Do you have many Polish pupils in your school?

  3. Thanks for the blog post Alan! Dorothy – thanks for the suggestion. I just talked with my friend who’s a native Polish speaker, and she’s really interested in recording Polish words for us to put on Lingro. (We’ll also contribute them to the Shtooka Project – shtooka.net). We’ll try to put it up as soon as we can.

    If any other readers have suggestions / comments, I’d love to here them. I’ll be checking the comments for this post, so feel free to leave them here. You can also get in touch with me at paul@lingro.com.

  4. Milo mi bardzo. Mysle ze dzisiaj jest bardzo waszne mowic po Polsku. Serdeczne pozdrawiam. (Jestem Anglikiem, bylem kilka razy we Polsce, proponuje od czasu do czasu studiowac jezyk Polski).

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