I’m going along to The Child’s Curriculum on Saturday, hosted by Edinburgh University’s Institute for Music in Human and Social Develpment.Hosted in Queen Street’s Royal College of Surgeons‘ buildings,speakers include Professor Aline-Wendy Dunlop, Professor Leena Alanen, Galina Doyla, Professor Colwyn Trevarthen, Kenny Spence, Professor Nigel Osborne, Tam Baillie, Professor Donald Christie, Joan Martlew.

I’ll post any intersting outcomes here later…

Open Goldberg

Those studying composing/arranging and listening in SQA Music exams pretty soon come upon variation form. If you’re lucky enough to have an iPhone or iPad you can download a free app containing a recording by Kimiko Ishizaka along with a score (with moving cursor) of one of the best sets of variations of all time, Bach’s Goldberg Variations.

You can get the iPhone app here

and the iPad version here:

East Lothian Showcase Concert

Well done and many thanks to all the members of the East Lothian Guitar Ensemble – one of six ensembles to take part in last night’s excellent Showcase Concert. It was a full house in a newly vamped Brunton Hall. even although we had a ‘hard hat tour’ at an In Service in August, the place was barely recognisable – what a transformation. For those who haven’t seen the place, let me attach a few pictures:

Music and Cognitive Ability

Honest debate impels me to include points of view which do not match my own. In this regard here is an article in which it it stated that parents who invest in music lessons for their children, in the hope of improved academic ability, are wasting their money. Whether or not you agree with this does not change the fact that having instrumental lessons, not through love of music, but in the hope of improving other abilities does seem an odd approach – why not just study harder?

Tuners and Strings

New info has been posted here about recommended clip-on tuners and strings. I would thoroughly recommend everyone in a school guitar group to get a clip-on tuner as it enables you to tune in a noisy environment – like a school concert.

I would also recommend getting new strings (well) in advance of exams and concerts – especially the East Lothian Showcase Concert (Brunton Hall, Wednesady 13 March)

What's life like for an instrumental instructor in East Lothian?