Nov 12 2014

Children in Need

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Remember that the Fundraising Group will be selling cakes on Friday 14th to raise money for Children in Need. Some of the team have been busy baking this week, and judging by the wonderful smells, these are going to be gorgeous cakes.

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Nov 12 2014

Four Seasons Display

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On Tuesday this week our whole school, from nursery to P7 worked together to produce a giant wall display of the four seasons. We’ll share pictures of the display when it’s finally finished, but in the meantime here are some pictures of the process. Everyone had a great time!

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Nov 11 2014

French in P1-3

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Nous avons commencé l’apprentissage du français dans la région de North Berwick avec l’aide de notre assistant français, Mathieu.

Nous avons appris à compter jusqu’à 10, a dire notre prénom, notre âge et notre humeur.

Nous avons joué, chanté et écouté des histoires en français. Les élèves participent bien aux activités et s’amusent pendant les cours.

Or if your French is a bit rusty…

We are introducing French to all P1 clases in the North Berwick cluster with the support of our French Assistant, Mathieu.

We have been learning to count up to 10, to say our names and ages, and to say how we are feeling.

We have played games, sung songs and have listened to stories in French. The pupils are taking part very well in all the activities and are enjoying their lessons.

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Nov 08 2014


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The pupils in P5 and P6 have been using desktop publishing software to create their own comics. They are using a mixture of drawings and photos for the images and creating some cracking storylines. When finished, they will be displayed in school for everyone to enjoy.





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Nov 08 2014

Community art project

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We will shortly have class blogs set up and this post will move to the P4-7 page. In the meantime, here’s a post from P4-7. The children practised lots of new skills during our community art morning. More details to follow! Many thanks to Diana and Emma for giving us such fantastic experiences. Here are some snaps to give you a flavour. Notice the focus and concentration of the young artists!

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Nov 05 2014

Pupil Parliament meets

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Today our Pupil Parliament met together. The working groups came up with some great ideas which you can read about below. Of course we won’t be able to take up every idea that was discussed, but many of the suggestions were practical, easy to organise and will contribute to improving the school. Both pupils and teachers will be busy putting all these great suggestions into action. Here’s a bit more detail about what each group discussed:


Fundraising group

This working group is planning all kinds of exciting activities for Children in Need on 14th November, so watch out for a letter about this. The group also plan to plant bulbs to sell flowers for Marie Curie in the spring. The children are concerned about people suffering from ebola and want to raise some money for this at the Christmas fair – they are planning a stall with games to play.


Working with others

The children reviewed all the things we did already and came up with quite a long list. One of the thing the groups was eager to explore was hands-on learning about animals. They decided that learning at somewhere like the Seabird Centre, a zoo or a farm was a much richer experience everyone (the whole school) could enjoy rather than keeping a pet in the classroom. The group also had exciting ideas for the Christmas party, including a banquet for the school in the hall rather than eating in different classrooms.


Outdoor opportunities

Mr Devereux told the group about things which had already happened since they last met. The children discussed ways to improve the playground, especially replacing markings and tidying up the pond area. They had lots of good ideas for how to use the glebe for supporting topics, such as making model trenches in the ground to find out about trench warfare in World War I. They also discussed our allocation of time with the Outdoor Learning service and listed lots of ideas for adventurous activities for different age groups, including a hike up North Berwick Law for younger children and an overnight camp for the P4-7 class.

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Nov 04 2014

Pupil Parliament

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The post which follows is snatched from our Pupil Parliament page. As we have a Pupil Parliament taking place on Wednesday this week, and as you may not have yet found your way to the Pupil Parliament page, here’s a taster to let you see what it’s all about.


Pupil Parliament has been an important part of our school for a number of years. All pupils in P1-7 are members and they meet every 6 weeks. Each child has chosen to belong to one of three working groups. The remit of each working group was chosen by the children at the start of this session. The working groups are:

  • Working and learning with others (chaired by Miss Hutchison)
  • Outdoor Opportunities (chaired by Mr Devereux)
  • Fundraising (chaired by Mrs Overmeer)

The Pupil Parliament is not just an exercise in learning about democracy, although we hope it teaches that. It is also an agent for change. The decisions of each group will result in real action. Clearly we are limited by our school budget and time factors, but we want to do whatever we can to encourage our pupils to make improvements to the school.

We also have a number of other pupils who have special responsibility. These include:

Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSOs): Courtney and Emma

House Captains and Vice Captains:

  • Peffer House – Robbie (House Captain) and Ruairidh (Vice Captain)
  • Pendrachan – Lily (House Captain) and Holly (Vice Captain)

When do meet? Here are the dates for this session:

  • Wednesday 3rd September
  • Wednesday 16th September
  • Wednesday 5th November
  • Wednesday 7th January
  • Wednesday 25th February
  • Wednesday 22nd April
  • Wednesday 3rd June


At our very first meeting the whole school worked in three groups, deciding what our priorities for the year should be. To help them, the youngsters used the same scheme the staff use for testing the quality of our school: it’s called ‘How Good is our School?’. On 16th September each group fed back their ideas and we were then able to narrow down the list of 14 items to 9. Next the children took a vote to establish the three main priorities. We all decided that teachers would work on some of the priorities. The rest would be tackled by chidren, with support from staff.

The pupils took a vote on the following priorities to establish their top three for this year:

  • Invite more visitors into school, work with the village more, involve our nursery and other schools more, and finally to investigate the possibility of a school pet. (36 votes)
  • Have suggestion boxes in each class (teacher priority)
  • Create more opportunities for outdoor learning, to look at creating our outdoor classroom and to improve the outdoor environment for learning (22 votes)
  • Have more personal topics and opportunities to learn in pairs (teacher priority)
  • Organise ore fundraising activities over the year for our school and other organisations, linked in to whole school events and possibly whole school trips. (28 votes)
  • Have more opportunities to work with food. (teacher priority)
  • Continue to make improvements to the dining hall. (11 votes)
  • Continue to create opportunities for working in mixed age groups. (5 votes)
  • Look at improving our points and house system as well as improving golden time and certificates. (12 votes)

Once the pupils had agreed the priority for each working group, they then chose which group they would like to belong to.

The next stage was for each working group was to break down their priority into a number of smaller tasks. As the year progresses you will be able to follow what each group is doing by looking at the appropriate page in the Pupil Parliament section of the site.

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Oct 31 2014

A busy week at Nursery……….

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This week at Nursery we wanted to find out all about Halloween so in the water tray we had green slime to make our potions, we played a board game called ‘ Incy, Wincy, Spider, Isla said to make black playdoh, James wanted to read the story ‘ Room on the Broom’ and ‘ Winnie the Witch’, Lewis thought we could dress up in scary costumes and everyone wanted to decorate the playhouse outside and turn it into ‘ The Spooky House’. During the week we had some ‘Cool Creatures’ visit the Nursery and today we joined up with P1 class to play some games in the hall, finishing up with a Halloween themed snack. What great fun we’ve had this week!
Halloween week on PhotoPeach

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Oct 24 2014

Nursery’s Autumn Walk

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At Nursery we have been learning what happens in the Autumn season and to finish off our topic Sam, the County Ranger came on an Autumn Walk with us. Sam took us down to the park in the village and played games with us and showed us lots of different things that are changing at this time of year. We had a lovely time and enjoyed ourselves very much. Thank you to Sam and to all the parent helpers:)
Autumn Walk on PhotoPeach

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Oct 23 2014

Winter Lunch Menu

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The new school winter menu starts on Monday – copies will be winging their way home to you via pupil post, but if you can’t wait follow the link below to see what will be on offer. :-)


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