Dec 09 2014

Our Christmas Tree

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This year two of our P7 pupils went with Mrs Darrie to choose a Christmas tree for the school. They carried it in and then the other children in P7 helped to decorate it. It looks great when the lights are turned off in the library!

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Dec 08 2014

Can you help with staging?

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OK, it’s another request!

Owing to the small size of the stage in the hall, we need some raised staging for the opening scene in the P4-7 production. A height of 30-45 cm would be about right, with a width of 2-3 metres and a width of about 1.5 metres. Big sheet of ply on supports? Wooden boxes covered in a sheet of hardboard? I wonder if any of our parents might have something suitable lying in a barn? Our dress rehearsal is on Friday if it would be possible to arrange something before then. Many thanks! 

Mr Devereux

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Dec 06 2014

Further items needed for P4-7 play

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We are really grateful for the amazing repsonse to the appeal for props and costumes! We still need an old steering wheel if any one can help out. We are also looking for:

  • a tall plinth eg plant stand, column – basically something with a flat top and a small footprint about a metre high
  • a black tie
  • an old DVD player/video player
  • a low table for a TV
  • another old keyboard!

Is anyone good at stage makeup/face paints and free on Monday 15th?

Thanks for all the support!

Mr Devereux

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Dec 03 2014

Raising the flag for Scotland

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This afternoon during our assembly we went outside to raise our saltire. We have a brand new flag which was kindly donated by the Scottish Saltire society. Following an annual tradition, the flag was raised by our youngest and oldest pupil. Mrs Darrie, our resident knots and ropes specialist, kept a beady eye on things. We’re glad to report that everything ran smoothly – we had lovely weather and a decent wind to set the flag fluttering.

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Dec 02 2014

Could you be eligible for free childcare?

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If no one in your house is in paid work and you have a child who was 2 on or after 1st March 2014, your child may qualify for 600 hours of early learning and childcare.

From August 2014, the Scottish Government will be providing 600 hours of early learning and childcare a year for two-year-olds from households where no one is in paid work. This is free to parents and carers who meet the criteria set by the Scottish Government.

What are the criteria?

The child must be from a household where no one is in paid work and parents/carers are receiving one or more of the following benefits:

  •  Income Support
  •  Jobseekers Allowance
  •  Employment and Support Allowance
  •  Incapacity Benefit or Severe Disablement Allowance
  •  Pension Credits.

In addition, you will need to prove that you are:

  • Looking for work
  •  Taking part in training
  •  Studying, or
  •  Engaging with or taking part in parenting/family support programmes.

What childcare can you get?

All childcare is subject to availability. We may be able to offer you a place with a childminder, in a partnership nursery, playgroup, wraparound or Olivebank, depending on what is available. If your child already attends wraparound or Olivebank, the hours that you are getting will count towards the 600.

What do I do next?

Please phone us 01620 827156 or e-mail us at

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Dec 01 2014

All 3 class blogs up and running

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If you haven’t yet visited one of the class blogs, then this is a good time to put your toe in the water. All three classes have interesting facts and photos about the children’s learning on their own blogs. The links are in the side bar on the right of this post.

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Dec 01 2014

St Andrews Day

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Our P4-7 class have been learning about role models, and this year the whole school thought about role models in preparation for St Andrews Day. The nursery talked about super heroes and what made them special. They made a lovely poster.  P1-3 drew pictures of children being good and bad role models in school. In P4-7 each child chose someone they saw as a role model and found out about that person, sharing their learning in a poster. All the children’s work was displayed in the church on Sunday where the minister, Rev. Evans-Boiton, used the children’s work as an introduction to the idea of St Andrew as a role model, and his role model being Jesus Christ.

A number of children from the school attended the service. Afterwards Haddington Pipe Band led a procession down the street. The saltire was carried by Alasdair, Callum, Findlay, Heather, Isla, Lily, Ruairidh and Zoe.

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Nov 27 2014

Can you help with props or scenery?

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Can you help P4-7 find any of the following for our play, Christmas Presence?

·         A low bedside table

·         A table lamp to go on the bedside table

·         A small artificial Christmas tree (2-3 feet high)

·         A small set of (reliable!) Christmas lights

·         A steering wheel

·         Old computer keyboards

·         A rostrum about 6-8 inches high suitable for placing a chair on safely eg. a 1 metre pallet covered in a sheet of ply.

·         Compact space-age chairs with a classy/NASA look eg shiny chrome etc

Please ring the school office if you can help, or catch Mr Devereux when he is passing. Thanks!

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Nov 25 2014

Homework programme

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As we approach Christmas the excitement level will clearly rise. There will also be children learning lines for the Donkey Seller and the P4-7 production, Christmas Presence. The last week of written homework will therefore be next week, the week beginning 5th December. However, teachers may continue to assign reading homework so that reading groups and Book Detectives can continue uninterrupted.

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Nov 24 2014

New blogs up and running

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We now have our new class blogs ready for use – you will see links to them on the right. Of course we haven’t had time to write any posts yet, but these are the places to look in future for news of each class’s adventures.

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