Healthy eating in Primary 4 to 7

We started by making Powerpoints in groups about a healthy menu we would like to have. Next we shared them with the class. Then we voted for a starter, main course and a dessert. After that we split into groups and wrote a recipe for a dish. Finally we wrote a shopping list and some children went to Tesco. When we had our lunch we probably had too much tzatziki, chocolate sauce and rice. Everything else was really nice. I learned not to buy too much. I found the cutting quite hard.

By Eva

First we got into groups made a menu and put it onto a Powerpoint. Then we put it on the board to show everybody. When we had seen all the options we voted. The botes that won in the end, we had rainbow salad with 6 points, Taco’s with 8 points and pancakes with chocolate sauce and strawberries with 5 points. Eva, James, Hannah and Maja made the rainbow salad, Robyn, Lily, Natasha made dips, Jonathan and Sam made salsa, Joel, Daniel and Angus made taco filling, Emily, Isla, Zoe and Ziggy made pancakes, Findlay, Thomas and I made strawberries and chocolate dip. I found making chocolate sauce very easy and I think we should definitely do it again next year. I think we wasted quiet a lot of food because some people didn’t like some things, but it was good fun.

By Amy

Dounans 7 camp

On Monday 16th most of the p7s from East Lothian get on a bus to Dounans for p7 camp. When we got there we got shown where our dorms were and then we went for our first activity. My first activity was burn scramble in this activity you scramble up a burn and get really wet and cold. After I went back to my dorm and got changed for tea. After tea we had an evening activity our one was egg challenge you got some materials and then we would build a safety coat thing around the egg then it would be hit with a baseball bat and if it survived you succeeded ours got stuck on a roof and we didn’t know if we had succeeded.

The next day we tyrilenn travers which was a bit boring after that we did the cat walk which is a beam that is placed in between 2 trees very high; you had to climb up the tree wearing a harness so you could jump down. After lunch we did the crate climb, you are wearing a harness so when you get high and you fall of you don’t heart yourself. The evening activity pirates and travellers the aim of the game is too find the adults that are hiding and they have cards saying a place and if you are a traveller and you have that card you give it to them and then you get one back but if you are a pirate you have to tag the travellers that have cards and then you do rock paper scissors and if you win you get there card and then you can take that card to anywhere but the name on the card and you don’t get one back.

The next morning we went for a 4 hour walk up a hill on the way we built stuff out of the materials that we could find. When we got to the top we had our lunch. On the way back down there was a valley that would echo and then we could hear it again. When we got back we did orienteering which was also a little boring.

The next day we went canoeing all day which was really fun. Later that day we had a disco from 7 till 9 it was so fun, I did a hand spring over one of my friends.

By Sam

School p7 camp at Dounans

The bus arrived in Athelstaneford at about 9am on Monday the 16th may 2016. Me and Sam said bye to our family and set off on the bus with Dirleton to Aberlady where we picked up the p7s from Aberlady then we went on the bus for an 1 hour and 40 minutes to Dounans.
When we got there we picked up our bed sheets and then went to our dorms to settle in. After we went for a delicious lunch and then we got into our activity groups. My activity group first activity was called the crate stack you are strapped in a harness and you have to see how many crates you can stack up without them falling over.
Once we had finished we went back to our dorms for a chill out and then went for tea/dinner. After dinner we had evening activities where we played a few games and a tug of war.

Tuesday morning we woke up to our dorm leader Mr A shouting wakey wakey at 7:40am we couldn’t get up so we decided to lay down for a bit longer. We finally got up at 8am and got ready for our day ahead. At 8:20 we went down for breakfast so that we could get the front of the line we got in and had our first full English breakfast of the week. We came back after breakfast and I got ready for the burn scramble.
At 9:30 we had to meet our instructor Ester in the class room we all met up and went for our burn scramble. I found it really fun, but what made it not as good as the others was the cold we had to jump in at the end and it was sooooooo!!!!!! Cold it was the coldest I have ever been and I couldn’t feel any part of my body.
We came back and went for lunch and had some free time in that free time lots of the girls from a different dorm tried to come in and steal our sweets, because they had finished theirs in the first day.
On Tuesday afternoon we did some orienteering which was lots of fun. After dinner we had evening activities again and we did a game called human snakes and ladders we had to roll the dice then find what number we landed on on the sheet we found where that number was and we had to find that question on that building and come back and answer it.

On Wednesday morning we got woken up by the sound of the door opening by Mr A. We had another normal morning we had breakfast then came back and got ready for our activities.
On Wednesday I had canoeing and it was my favourite activity of the week. We did a game called world domination you start off as a country and you have to go and collect the balls floating in the water and to make someone else your country. You have to throw the ball into their canoe me and a girl called Rebecca were Scotland and we managed to get everyone but one and then the other country Japan came back and then we had to finish because it went on for a long time and it finished 3 to Scotland and 3 to japan. We also did a game where Ester threw out some balls and we had to collect them and me and Rebecca won.
We came back and had some lunch and after a bit of free time we went to the cat walk which is a pole about 15metres up and you are in a harness and you have to climb up the tree and then try and walk across the pole I really enjoyed the catwalk.

On Thursday morning was normal again and I had another full English breakfast. After breakfast we did the night line which is basically your whole team is blindfolded and you have to try and go through a course just using the touch after nightline we had lunch and then it was our 4 hour hike up the mountain limecraig I had a nice time climbing it and chatting with my new friends even though it was a bit foggy the views were still really nice the one thing that im annoyed about is that I forgot my disposable camera.
When we got back we had about an hour and a half to have a shower and then we went for tea and then it was the big night the disco!!!!!

There was a lot of loud music and jumping around the best bit was when I did my backflip and then 5 minutes later a girl did 4 backflips and I got very embarrassed.

On Friday we had our breakfast packed up and went home when we got back we saw our family and then went home.

Overall I really enjoyed camp and would like to go again all of the activities were lots of fun and I enjoyed them a lot.
If I could choose another activity I would do a tree climbing activity even though you could climb up a tree on the catwalk it wasn’t enough.

By Jonathan


On 24.05.16 p4-7 went to the Meadowmill Athletics competition. Unlike Meadowbank last year, it didn’t have protection from the weather, so every single person was FREEZING from the cold wind! The class enjoyed it though. These are the people that competed in a sport:
80m: Ziggy and Emily
150m: James and Maja
600: Jonathan and Maja
Relay: Jonathan, Thomas, Maja, Emily
Tug of war: James, Sam, Findlay, Aisla, Isla, Lily
High Jump: Jonathan, Emily
Long Jump: Thomas, Maja
Cricket Ball Throw: Ziggy, Natasha
Everyone did really well. Including the people that didn’t get to join in, they did some super cheering and supporting. Jonathan also came first in the high jump, so he got a medal – well done Jonny!
Last year Athelstaneford won the small-small schools cup. But 2016 wasn’t as victorious, although we’re still very proud of ourselves for coming 3rd.  Next year Direlton will be our rivals and this time we’re ready!!!
By Maja

Athelstaneford Parent Council

Parent Council Meeting Wednesday 1 June at 7pm

We would like to invite parents and carers along to the next Parent Council Meeting on Wednesday 1st June at 7pm in the school.

We would love to see you there, so come along and get involved.

Please contact Sandra Delahooke at, or any of our parent council members if you require any further information.

Orienteering Opportunities …………

There are two opportunities for your children to go orienteering on our doorstep this week.
This would also be fantastic practice for those taking part in The Scottish Schools Festival on 3rd June 2016.
East Lothian Orienteers are holding a family friendly event tonight, Wednesday the 25th May at the Lodge Grounds, North Berwick.
You can register from 6pm and start your course between 6.30 and 7.30 p.m. Cost for your child is only 50p and £2 for adults who want a run too.
The location is great for beginners as the two courses are wholly contained in the park.
Then on Saturday 28th May ELO are running an event at Yellowcraigs. You can register from 1pm and start between 1.30pm and 3pm. The courses close at 4pm.
This is a bigger event but still family friendly and in a lovely location.
The cost to enter is £2.50 for juniors who are not club members, £5 for adult non-members. You can run as an individual or a family group.
Mrs Robertson will be going along to both events.

Little and Large cooking competition

At little and large cook we got put into partners, our partner was Cammy and we also had a girl called Ellen. We had to cook vegetable pastry and fruit with oats and cream for desert. There were six from law Primary in pairs and two from somewhere else and us. We got tested on the look and they tasted it when it got judged. We were not allowed in the room while it was getting judged.
I enjoyed cooking the meals and I am going to try the recipes at home.


First we got in a bus with p6/7 from Dirleton. When we got there we had to wait in a very long queue. Every year had a different route to follow apart from p4’s who had to do the p5 route. once you had done and finished you went to a tent to see what position you came in. If you had completed the course in less than 12 minutes you got gold, if you got 15 to 25 minutes you got silver, if you got 25 minutes to 30 minutes you got bronze and if you got 30 minutes to an hour you got iron.
I enjoyed doing a proper course; however Emily and I got really mixed up. We asked for help. I would like to do it again to see if I was improving.
By Eva

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