P1-3 at Chesters Hill Fort

P1-3 had a great morning out at Chesters Hill Fort last Friday to round off their topic on the Stone Age to the Iron Age. A huge thank you to our parent helpers and to Ang Morris from the Outdoor Learning Service. We explored the fort site, thought about why the site was chosen and learned about how hard life would have been for our Iron Age ancestors! We tried to grind our own flour, make fire with flint and cooked our own twisted dough sticks.

I enjoyed running down the ditches. (Murray)

I liked the making the bread sticks. (Ruby)

I liked trying to make fire with the flint. (James) Continue reading P1-3 at Chesters Hill Fort

Athelstaneford Open Gardens – Sunday 4th September

Behind the scenes (1) Di Simcock in action telling Beechgrove presenter, George Anderson, about her garden

Plea for baking or and help serving teas to raise money for the school

As some of you know already, gardens in Athelstaneford are being opened on Sunday 4th September from 2-6pm as part of the National Garden Scheme. All proceeds from the day will be divided between the school, village hall, church and National Gardens Scheme charity.

Would you be able to help us by providing a plate of baking an/or taking a whirl serving teas? Also if, anyone is planning a trip to CostCo could you possibly pick up a few things for us?

Our beautiful Athelstaneford gardens are going to feature on Beechgrove Gardens this Thursday 25th August, on BB2 at 7.30pm so we need to be prepared for a few extra visitors this time around.

We would be super-grateful for any help you can offer. Thank you

Please contact Nicola Semple on 01620 880200 or Susan Begg on 01620 880249 or email nicola@semplebegg.com

Healthy eating in Primary 4 to 7

We started by making Powerpoints in groups about a healthy menu we would like to have. Next we shared them with the class. Then we voted for a starter, main course and a dessert. After that we split into groups and wrote a recipe for a dish. Finally we wrote a shopping list and some children went to Tesco. When we had our lunch we probably had too much tzatziki, chocolate sauce and rice. Everything else was really nice. I learned not to buy too much. I found the cutting quite hard.

By Eva

First we got into groups made a menu and put it onto a Powerpoint. Then we put it on the board to show everybody. When we had seen all the options we voted. The botes that won in the end, we had rainbow salad with 6 points, Taco’s with 8 points and pancakes with chocolate sauce and strawberries with 5 points. Eva, James, Hannah and Maja made the rainbow salad, Robyn, Lily, Natasha made dips, Jonathan and Sam made salsa, Joel, Daniel and Angus made taco filling, Emily, Isla, Zoe and Ziggy made pancakes, Findlay, Thomas and I made strawberries and chocolate dip. I found making chocolate sauce very easy and I think we should definitely do it again next year. I think we wasted quiet a lot of food because some people didn’t like some things, but it was good fun.

By Amy

Dounans 7 camp

On Monday 16th most of the p7s from East Lothian get on a bus to Dounans for p7 camp. When we got there we got shown where our dorms were and then we went for our first activity. My first activity was burn scramble in this activity you scramble up a burn and get really wet and cold. After I went back to my dorm and got changed for tea. After tea we had an evening activity our one was egg challenge you got some materials and then we would build a safety coat thing around the egg then it would be hit with a baseball bat and if it survived you succeeded ours got stuck on a roof and we didn’t know if we had succeeded.

The next day we tyrilenn travers which was a bit boring after that we did the cat walk which is a beam that is placed in between 2 trees very high; you had to climb up the tree wearing a harness so you could jump down. After lunch we did the crate climb, you are wearing a harness so when you get high and you fall of you don’t heart yourself. The evening activity pirates and travellers the aim of the game is too find the adults that are hiding and they have cards saying a place and if you are a traveller and you have that card you give it to them and then you get one back but if you are a pirate you have to tag the travellers that have cards and then you do rock paper scissors and if you win you get there card and then you can take that card to anywhere but the name on the card and you don’t get one back.

The next morning we went for a 4 hour walk up a hill on the way we built stuff out of the materials that we could find. When we got to the top we had our lunch. On the way back down there was a valley that would echo and then we could hear it again. When we got back we did orienteering which was also a little boring.

The next day we went canoeing all day which was really fun. Later that day we had a disco from 7 till 9 it was so fun, I did a hand spring over one of my friends.

By Sam

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