Sep 16 2015

Pupil Parliament 2015/16

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Today we met for the second time as a Pupil Parliament to decide on our three Pupil Priorities for this school year.  Having spent time discussing self-evaluation questions in each of our groups we were able to narrow our ideas to three that we all agreed upon.  Unsurprisingly this did not take us long, as clearly our pupils know our school well, able to identify what we do well and what we can improve further.

Our Pupil Priorities for this year are:

1. Refresh Golden Time (perhaps look to make use of different classes for activities, extended Golden time on occasion, make use of the village and playground areas, how does this link to behaviour)

2.  Improve how me make use of the House System (perhaps have badges, link into our achievements both in and out of school, refresh the House Point System)

3. Continue to develop our outdoor space (Improve the pond area, planting lines in the playground, use of games)  -The ECO committee shall also contribute to this priority.

There is lots to do!  We look forward to getting started!

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Sep 14 2015

Steps to Inclusion

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Sep 07 2015

How Safe is your Child Online?

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Aug 28 2015

Nursery’s news.

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Have a look at our Nursery page to see what fun we have been having during the last two weeks.

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Aug 27 2015

Games to Get to Know Each Other

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In our first week in P4-7 we played a game where we got all twisted up in a circle of 8 and then there were 2 people who tried to untangle us. We played a game in a circle made out of hands. We had to lie down and put our arms out to lay down a hoop without touching the grass. We played Monkey Football, Duck Duck Goose and Mad House. The games were a lot of fun and helped us get to know each other. By Emily and Natasha.

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Aug 27 2015

Getting To Know Each Other in P4-7

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Getting to know each other

In the first few weeks we were getting know each other by playing games to help us to get know each other. We created our rules on Friday. Yesterday on Wednesday we had a visit from some drummers and dancers and a performance from the kakatsitsi master drummers. Today we had a badminton taster session which was fun. By James.

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Aug 27 2015

So far in P4-7

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What We Have Done So Far

In P4-7 we are doing timelines to help us know each other better. We designed a piece of paper then we put the dates on it from when we were born right up to now. We showed our timelines to each other. We also told each other about our holiday. We drew picture of things we did on holiday as a circle like someone was spying on us through a telescope. We also wrote a story to go with pictures. We got together and made classroom rules. We went into groups and thought of ideas for the rules. So far we have not done maths or spelling or reading but we start this on Monday. By Isla and Joel.

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Aug 27 2015

First Two Weeks in P4-7

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What we have been up to in the P4-7 classroom…

In class we have been very busy learning about timelines and also telling everybody what we have been up to in the summer holidays, speaking and drawing pictures to explain. They were in the shape of a telescope like somebody was spying on us. Then we wrote some stories that were half true and half made up. We read it to the class and told them which bit was true and which bit was false. Most of the stories were finished quite quickly. For homework one week we had to make a timeline and write about it. This is part of our health and wellbeing. We have also been getting to know each other better by playing some games which included us asking each other things about each other. By Amy

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Aug 19 2015

Welcome Back!

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It has been a lovely first day back and a great start to our new school year.  It is great to be back and so lovely to see all the happy, smiling faces ready to come back into school this morning.  Thank you to Mr Devereux for looking after everyone while I was on Maternity Leave. Look out in schoolbags for a Newsletter plus a letter from Active Schools sharing information about After School Clubs.  Let’s hope the sun keeps shining!

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Jul 03 2015

Goodbye, P7

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Today was our last day of term, and for P7 it was the end of primary school. There were mixed feelings as P7 said goodbye, but looked forward to all kinds of excitement and challenge in high school. We wish them all well. After our church service the P7 pupils lined up to do something which only happens once a year – pulling the old bell rope and ringing the school bell. We hope everyone has a good rest and an enjoyable holiday.

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