Oct 08 2015

Thing we have been doing this term by Thomas

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Our topic was about the romans. We made a poster for Dirleton, we went into groups of two I went with Joel we worked hard on it.  I wrote everything and Joel got all the information and we had task to do. We had to do a shield, a mosaic, a catapult and lots of other stuff. I have done a shield, a roman number line, a mosaic and game on the top pitch.  I liked making the shield the mosaic and the roman number line.

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Oct 08 2015

What we have been learning in topic by Joel

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Our topic is The Romans and we have been making posters for Dirleton. We paired up with someone else to put as much information as possible.

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Oct 08 2015

Y M I music By Lily

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On Tuesday 6thof October a lady came in to teach us some games and songs.  One of the games we put our right hand on top of our left hand and we sang a song and at the last word if we were daydreaming we had to take our hand away and you would be safe for that round or if we were daydreaming we went in the middle of the circle.

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Oct 08 2015

The Romans by Maja

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This year our new topic is romans. In school we’ve been making posters for the p6/7 class in Dirleton Primary to look at, as they would like to learn about the Romans too. We got to choose who we worked with for the poster. I have defiantly learnt a lot in this topic and found it very interesting. The posters include most of the information that we have learnt so far. We have also been getting extra homework; some things are based on the romans like: Make a roman shield, create a roman mosaic or look up a roman invention and try it yourself. I loved making the posters and doing the homework.

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Oct 08 2015

Homework By Findlay and Angus

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This term we had a homework list and it has lots and lots of different challenges. P4/5 had to do two and P6/7 has to 4. There was a talk, a poem, a poster, a shield, a mosaic, a number line, a dance with any music, a game and a roman invention . There are only 7 choices but it is really fun having to choose your homework. The most fun one is shields and spears. We have been up to lots of other things this term


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Oct 08 2015

ROMAN POSTERS by Amy and Isla

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In class we have been learning about the Romans. We have learned lots of interesting facts that we didn’t know before and then we put them into posters and made them stand out. Our teacher wanted us to make these posters and then she is going to send them to Dirleton primary school P6/7. It was quite tricky because we had to look up facts and fill a whole A3 bit of paper or even 2 bits of A3 pieces of paper and we had to either draw pictures or print them off the internet. We either got to work alone or with a partner and it was really fun we learned lots more facts that we didn’t know before. In the end we all got them finished and they all stood out, it took about four days to completely finish them and the posters look really good.


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Oct 07 2015

Mid Morning Fruit Snack

In conjunction with the Healthy Eating Initiative free fruit is given to all Primary 1 and 2 children every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, if you wish your child to receive fruit on a Monday and Friday the cost is 15p per day which equates to £2.55 for the period 20 October to 18 December 2015.

We will also be offering the option of a mid morning fruit snack for all children in Primary 3 to 7 which is also costed at 15p per day and equates to £6.60 for the period 20 October to 18 December 2015

Payment for fruit should be sent in an envelope clearly marked ‘Fruit Money’ and your child’s name thereon by no later than Tuesday 20 October. Cheques should be made payable to East Lothian Council. You can also use the Online Payment Method by going through the school payments option.

If you have any queries regarding this please contact Mrs Cameron in the school office.

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Oct 01 2015

P1-3 Golden Time

For Golden Time this week Mrs Leith decided to make the most of the sunshine and treated us to a wee trip to the park – we had great fun (even the adults!).
Golden Time at the Park (30/09/15) on PhotoPeach

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Sep 30 2015


Image result for tubs 4 tablets

Flora, for the third year in partnership with Tesco, are running an amazing scheme called Tubs4Tablets which aims to help our school bring cutting edge technology into the classroom.

The scheme gives schools in Great Britain the opportunity to collect tokens from special tubs of Flora on sale at Tesco now and exchange them for FREE Galaxy Touch Screen Tablets!

We need to collect as many tokens as possible, these can be found on promotional 500g tubs of Flora Original, Light and Buttery.  Hand us your tokens ….. Just 50 tokens will get our school one brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0″ Wi-Fi 8GB tablet so help us to claim as many as we can.

Friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family can also help to collect even more tokens to exchange for tablets.   there’s no limit to the amount of FREE tablets we can claim for the school!

Let get collecting :-)

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Sep 16 2015

Pupil Parliament 2015/16

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Today we met for the second time as a Pupil Parliament to decide on our three Pupil Priorities for this school year.  Having spent time discussing self-evaluation questions in each of our groups we were able to narrow our ideas to three that we all agreed upon.  Unsurprisingly this did not take us long, as clearly our pupils know our school well, able to identify what we do well and what we can improve further.

Our Pupil Priorities for this year are:

1. Refresh Golden Time (perhaps look to make use of different classes for activities, extended Golden time on occasion, make use of the village and playground areas, how does this link to behaviour)

2.  Improve how me make use of the House System (perhaps have badges, link into our achievements both in and out of school, refresh the House Point System)

3. Continue to develop our outdoor space (Improve the pond area, planting lines in the playground, use of games)  -The ECO committee shall also contribute to this priority.

There is lots to do!  We look forward to getting started!

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