Exploring the Robot Exhibition

Today p3/4/5 went to visit the Connect exhibition at the Museum of Scotland. We saw Freddy, one of the first robots created in the 1970’s by Edinburgh University.

We tested our reaction times against a computer.

We gave a robot called an Alphabot instructions to build our name.

We looked at some Edinburgh landmarks from the top of the museum. We saw the mosque.

Sharing our eco message

Our eco class assembly
P3/4/5 had an eco assembly to share our topic Wall E with the school.
We dressed up in our eco costumes which we made at home.

We also had a catwalk it was very embarrassing.

Dr Who arrived to find out how to help the planet.

We all remember whale to help look after the planet.  W stands for water.  H stands for habitat.  A stands for air.  L stands for life.  E stands for energy.

All of the parents came and watched us we only had 1 week to practice.

We asked the parents to think of one thing they are  going to change our planet. We made a wishwall out of our the suggestions from the parents.


By Alasdair, Joshua & Brogyn.

Robot workshop

  Last week p3/4/5 had a visitor form Mr Herd. He came to show us robots.

He is an electrical engineer at Herriot Watt university in Edinburgh. We learned how robots help us in the world. He then showed us his whatbot if it senses obstacles it changes direction. Afterwards we had a competition to control robots and move then around an obstacle course. My team’s time ws 1.32 Jasmine & Mackenzie were the winners.

By Joshua

Eve wordle

Primary 3/4/5 created a wordle to describe the character Eve from the film Wall.E. The colours represent the adjectives which were most popular. Can you guess which colour shows the most popular words?