Oreo Moon Phases with P3/4!


Posted by glendrum | Posted in P3/4 | Posted on 11-01-2017

P3/4 had lots of fun learning about the different phases of the moon using Oreo cookies. The children worked cooperatively with a partner using the Oreos to represent the moon and to show how its appearance changes as it orbits the Earth.

Oreo Moon Phases with P3/4 on PhotoPeach

We are currently learning and exploring the Curriculum for Excellence outcome:

By safely observing and recording the sun and moon at various times, I can describe their patterns of movement and changes over time. I can relate these to the length of a day, a month and a year. SCN 1-06a

We also know that the moon is called the Earth’s Lunar Satellite because of the way in which it moves around the Earth. It is not a planet and it does not shine. Instead it reflects the light from the sun.

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