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Zenub in the Base

Zenub has been doing reading in the base which she has enjoyed very much! By Beth, Katie and Zenub

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Our New Teacher Miss Murphy

On the Friday the 24th we got a new teacher called Miss Murphy and she is a student from Ireland. On Tuesday Miss Murphy did healthy lifestyle work with us but we were in teams and I was with Zenub. On Wednesday we had the dental hygienist and after that we made dental hygiene leaflets […]

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Street Jam!;)

On the Tuesday the 28th April, our class took part in a Street Jam. The lady was called Marie. She taught us a lot of dances. The dances were Indian, African, American and Scottish. Everybody enjoyed it! Thanks Marie! Emma G & Alison

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Cycling Proficency + Doctor,Doctor Assembly!!

On the last two weeks of March the Primary 6’s got cycling proficiency. That means we had to bring our bikes in to school. It was really good. We only had it for an hour. A few people didn’t do it so they helped Miss Collins make props for the assembly that Friday. On the […]

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Health Week

This week is Health Week in Campie and we have been taking part in some healthy activities like: Water tasting such as Peach, Kiwi and Melon & Apple and Mango. They were great! We also took part in a dance workshop, we learned 4 dances 1: Indian 2: South African 3: American & 4: Scottish […]

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Lost Book Update

As you know we have been working on the Lost Book but we haven’t been on for a while. So I have been on and there has been lots going on like episode 3 is now out so you can watch that . Also there has been a poll vote on ‘is Grazp Pharmaceuticals’ logo […]

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Hillwalks on Arthur’s Seat

On Wednesday and Thursday last week we went hillwalking on Arthur’s Seat! The lucky five who joined P6/7 on Wednesday had a gorgeous, sunny day, but everyone enjoyed their days of walking, climbing and learning! A big ‘Thank You!’ has to go out to the ranger and Mrs Stark for driving us there and telling […]

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Term 3 gets off to a flying start!

Well, Term 3 has been action-packed so far… and it’s only been one week! On Tuesday we had a surprise visit from the Science Festival team! We were shown all the important design features of rockets and worked collaboratively to make our own and test them against each other! It was very noisy and a […]

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The Euro Quiz

One day me and James were picked to go and represent campie in the Euro Quiz. From the other class it was Jamie and Roslyn. At first I was scared but it was good! We all did a lot of studying! Mrs Roy took us and supported us. It was at Loretto School in the theatre. We […]

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Special Pupils of the Week

Hello! I have updated the Special Pupils of the Week pages. I’ve changed the titles to SPoW T1 and T2 just to neaten the blog up a bit! Can anyone remember who was Special Person on Red Nose Day 13th March? I remember someone having their picture taken wearing a red nose but I can’t […]

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