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Primary 6 Camp – What a week!

Primary 6 had an absolute blast last week at school camp!

We braved the changeable Scottish weather all week, and took part in a whole host of exciting activities on offer!

IMG_7744All the groups had a timetable packed with exciting activities such as gorge walking, abseiling, wall climbing and canoeing. Many campers tried these activities for the first time and did so with real bravery and confidence.

The week really helped us develop our independence as we had to IMG_7753organise our belongings, keep our lodges tidy and take a turn to help run the dining lodge to make sure everyone had all the food and cutlery they needed. The washing up was endless!

Primary 6 represented C.P.S fantastically well, with all campers remaining positive, trying new things, and socialising with each other in a kind and responsible way all week long!

Well done P6


Google tools

This year lots of pupils in the upper school have been using Google classroom. For writing stories , homework ad lots of other things.


Is so easy to use. when your teacher needs to give out homework they just need to send out a post/ document then the teacher can put out a due date. there is an app in the appstore that you can get for your device then you can download to your device. so you can do your work from home.  and you can chat to your classmates.


It is so easy to use. all you need to do is go to your apps on Google then lots of them will have different logos but the one that you are looking for is a green speech bubble then there will be these(  ”  )then you double click. then you can set up a chat with some of your friends or work college’s.


it is so easy to use. Google documents you can write stories do homework and many other things. it is pretty much like word or publisher but you can’t make power points. you can share you documents with your friends and work on them together as a team and your teacher can check your work as well. 


P4N John Muir trip

P4n are learning about John Muir so we are going to the John Muir museum to see what his inventions  were. John Muir was 76 when he  died. John Muir loved nature. He walked 1000m. When he was making his chair and his page flicker some metal in his eye so he had to stay in a room for 4 weeks….

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