What have 5C been up to in the last couple weeks?

P5C’S week 17.01.16

On Monday afternoon we went to music, We did ‘Find Our Musical Family’. Lucas showed us what he has been learning in his trumpet lessons and he played Mary had a little lamb and Blast-off.

On Wednesday morning we did P.E. We did jumps on springboards, star jumps, tuck jumps, straddle jumps, 180 turn jump and a 360 turn jump.

By McKenzie & Lewis

P5C’S week 28.01.16

In maths we have been learning about decimals, percentages and fractions. On Wednesday we ended decimals. We have also been doing this thing were after break we get to choose one maths question which is either hot, spicy, or mild. It doesn’t matter if we get it wrong as long as we listen when we share our strategies and the teacher shows us how our classmates did it. This will help us jump around our number line with confidence.

By Kristina and Emma

P5’s Scottish poems

On burns day p5 wrote Scottish themed poems we all got to pick our own Scottish thing I done it about haggis neaps and tatties so here is an example here is one of my sentences [through the mountains under the sea the Scottish folk march with glee ] I managed to write ten verses I really enjoyed writing them it was fun. we have also been learning about measure and weight and how heavy things are that is fun to .  :)                                                 by Aimee Hutchison !!!!!!hi

Parliament Member visits Cockenzie !!!!!

last week p7s had a visit from a lady who worked in the Scottish parliament. we did a lot of fun games and learned a lot about how the Scottish parliament works and we learned more about SNPS. they gave us really cool machines that only have numbers on and we had to type in the number we thought the answer was so its a bit like a phone.


By Andrew

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