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School Transition – Lines tomorrow (Friday 23rd June)

As part of our whole school transition, children have been practicing lining up in their new positions today.

For tomorrow ONLY, Friday 23rd June:

  • P1 (going into P2) to line up in their new position in the upper playground and be dismissed at usual time in the upper playground.
  • P2 (going into P3) to line up in their new lines tomorrow morning in the infant playground  and will be dismissed from the infant playground at the end of the day at their normal time of 12.10pm.
  • P3 – P6 (going into P4 – P7 respectively) to line up in their new lines and be dismissed as usual from the upper playground.

Please note:

  • Children will be dismissed as normal today
  • Lines will revert back to normal on Monday 26th June

*** We believe that there has been some confusion over the new P2 and P3 arrangements.  Just to clarify, the current P1s (going into P2) will line up/be dismissed from the upper playground.  The current P2s (going into P3) will line up/be dismissed from the infant playground.

We have three P2 classes next session whose classrooms are located at the upper end of the school to keep them together.  Our two P3 classes will be in the infant corridor and it makes more sense for them to line up/be dismissed from the playgrounds as stated above.

At morning break and lunch time, the P2s will play in the infant playground and P3s in the upper playground.  They have been shown where to line up and we have cones/class flags in the playground ahead of tomorrow morning. ***