Parent Council

What is the Parent Council?

It’s a forum of parents joined by a co-opted teacher member and the head teacher. East Lothian Councillors can also attend.

What is the role of the Parent Council?

The main duties of the parent council are to—

  • support the school in its work
  • consult with and represent the views of parents and carers
  • encourage links between the school and its pupils and parents/carers
  • report back to all the parents in the school (called the Parent Forum)
  • play a role in the appointment of headteachers and depute headteachers

The Chair of the Parent Council and other members also have the opportunity to represent the school on the Preston Seton Gosford area partnership and the East Lothian Association of Parent Council Members.

All meetings of the Parent Council are held in public and parents and carers are welcome to come along to any meeting of the Council to feed in views and find out more.

Our Parent Council members are:

  • Chair:                  Matt Justin
  • Vice Chair:       Jen Monaghan
  • Clerk:                  Jacqui Dunlop
  • Co-Opted:        Natasha O’Connor

Please feel free to contact Sharon Malcolm by email at the following address:

Next Meeting – the next meeting will take place on Tuesday 15th November at 7.00pm.  CLICK HERE to view letter issued to parents with further details.



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