Named Person IT Training – May/June 2016

Named Person IT Training – May/June 2016

Training sessions have been scheduled on the use of an IT system to support the Named Person in their duties under the Children and Young People’s Act, whether this be the proposed SEEMiS application or an alternative system.

Further details to clarify which system East Lothian intends to use and what the training will entail will follow once we have had more information from SEEMis.

Details of the training are as follows:

ASN051            Tuesday 3rd May 2016

ASN052            Wednesday 4th May 2016

ASN053            Monday 9th May 2016

ASN054            Tuesday 10th May 2016

ASN055            Tuesday 24th May 2016

ASN056            Monday 30th May 2016

ASN057            Tuesday 31st May 2016

ASN058            Monday 6th June 2016

All of the sessions will be held at Knox Academy from 4.15-6.00.

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