CFE021 Recognising and Responding to Racist Incidents

CFE021   Friday 24th February 2017, 1.30-4.30pm, Esk Room 1+2, Brunton hall, Musselburgh

Designed for: School based staff (teaching and support staff)

This workshop will provide a practical opportunity for participants to consider how to recognise and respond to racist incidents within the school environment.

The session will provide information on the evolution of equality law pertaining to race and ethnicity framed by Lawrence and MacPherson and the transformational impact this had on the most current 2010 Equality Act and Public Sector Equality Duties in current legislation.

Real life scenarios will give participants an opportunity to consider best practice in relation to reporting racist incidents and will assist in informing discussion around best practice and guidelines & Frameworks on reporting within their educational authority.


  • Raise awareness of issues of racism and the impact on young people
  • Capacitate participants through providing information and guidance on reporting racist incidents.
  • Empower delegates to challenge racism and respond to racist incidents


  • Participants are aware of best practice in reporting racist incidents within the school environment and guide them towards their Local Authority reporting procedures.
  • Enhanced understanding of current race equality obligations under the recent equality act 2010
  • Participants have a readiness to promote equality and tackle discrimination

Tutor: Show Racism the Red Card

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