Epilepsy Awareness (Refresher Training) 2016-2017

Epilepsy Awareness (Refresher Training)

Designed for:

School based staff and others who supervise children and young people with epilepsy who need to refresh their training.

Benefits of attending :

The course gives participants a basic understanding of epilepsy and all its implications. Participants will be trained to recognise seizures, to deal with them adequately and to respond to emergency situations with the use of medication, and will refresh their full training they previously gained.


On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Understand epilepsy and its effects on children and young people
  • Be able to carry out First Aid management of an epileptic seizure
  • Be aware of the circumstances in which rectal, intranasal or intrabuccal medication should be given as an emergency First Aid procedure

Outline Programme

  • What is epilepsy? Causes of epilepsy & Different types of seizure patterns
  • Psycho Social Implications
  • First Aid and Management of Seizures
  • Medication overview, Emergency medication practical session
  • Issues emerging & Assessment
  • Video – Seizures


On successful completion of the refresher training , participants will have renewed their certificate, which entitles the candidate to administer Rectal Diazepam and nasal/buccal Midazolam

Tutor: Kate Triscott, School Nursing Service

If you wish to book a place at any of the undernoted dates, please email staffdevelopment.ecs@eastlothian.gov.uk quoting the appropriate reference number, together with your name, designation and establishment.

Dates for 2016-2017

Date Ref Course Time Venue
25/11/2016 HSL021 Epilepsy ( Refresher Training) 1.30-4.00 Saltire Rooms 1+2, John Muir House
24/03/2017 HSL022 Epilepsy ( Refresher Training) 1.30-4.00 Saltire Rooms 1+2, John Muir House


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