ICT001 Using ICT to improve Teaching & Learning






Using ICT to support teaching and learning – Novice


 18th January 2017, 4.30-6.00pm

Room M.12, Knox Academy, Haddington

Tutor : David Ramsay

Designed for:  Anyone who would like to improve their computing skills

Benefits of attending:  Participants will be given the chance to improve their skills, ask questions and gain knowledge on how ICT can be used to improve teaching and learning.

Outline Programme

  • Introduction to all the software on the primary build (you will find this within your Applications Folder on your laptop /netbook desktop)
  • Exploring online resources and good websites for teaching resources
  • Time saving ideas using ICT
  • Managing email
  • Tips on how to use your interactive whiteboard interactively
  • How to embed ICT in all areas of the curriculum
  • Looking at collaborative working using ICT


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