ICT002 Introduction to Chromebooks/Use of Googlechrome/Google Apps for Education

Introduction to Chromebooks/Use of Googlechrome/Google Apps for Education


24th January 2017 4.30pm-6pm

Room M.12, Knox Academy, Haddington

Tutor : David Gilmour

Designed for:

– Learning leaders interested in improving approaches to digital learning and teaching

– School managers interested in helping staff make effective use of digital communication

– Teachers interested in making the best use of available digital technologies with their classes

No prior knowledge will be assumed, other than experience of everyday computer and web use.

Benefits of attending:

Participants will:

– Understand these developments in the context of the way our use of technology is changing

-Learn how these technologies open up new possibilities for communication and collaboration

-Discover new and emerging possibilities to create, sustain and enhance a motivating environment for learning, including some built-in assistive technology features.

– Be able to help learners select and make better use of available digital technologies.

Outline Programme:

How we got here: Google Apps use in East Lothian since 2006, and Chromebooks since 2011

Cloud computing: what it is, why the world is moving that way, and the benefits it can bring us

Chromebooks: what they are, what they’re good for, and a chance to get hands-on

Word processing without Word: using Docs; real-time collaboration; dialogue; change history

Productivity tools: (spread)Sheets, presentations with Slides, quick surveys with Forms

Sharing with Classroom: including new ways to easily communicate with learners

Going mobile: using the free apps, including Docs and Classroom, for mobile phones and tablets

Coming soon: a preview of the New Google Sites, bringing Doc-like real-time collaboration to sites that work beautifully on any device from phone to TV screen.

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