HWB005 Primary Netball Course

Course Title : Primary Netball Course

 ( 1st and 2nd level  )

 Date:  Wednesday 21st September  2016

Time/duration: 4.15pm to 6.15pm

Venue: Windygoul PS  ( Gym Hall )

 Designed for:·

  • Class teachers
  •  Support staff
  • PE teachers


Benefits of attending

 On completion of the course, participants will:

  • Have a basic understanding of the skills of netball
  • Have had some practical opportunity to see how skills are progressed
  • Have a better knowledge of how to play the game: positions/ rules/ simple tactics
  • How CfE and SAL’s drive the learning and how the context of netball can develop these
  • Support with planning a phase of learning using netball as the context for learning through an invasion game
  • Have had opportunity for professional dialogue and networking
  • Building confidence to teach netball

 Outline Programme:

  • Introduction~ setting the scene for the delivery of quality PE(Practical)
  • Warm up activities
  • Unpacking skills of netball
  • Developing skills and games play~ progression
  • Positions and rules of the game
  • Basic umpiring skills
  • Discussion/ plenary/ networking/ next steps

Tutors: Rachel Anderson

              Claire MacDonald

              Jess Jameson




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