HWB011 Disability Inclusion Training

Monday 24th October 2016,  9.00-3.30, Sandersons Wynd Primary School (TBC)

Scottish Disability Sport, in conjunction with Home Country Disability Organisations, has developed a UK Disability Inclusion Training (UKDIT) course aimed at those interested in becoming involved in sport for people with a disability.

The workshop has been tailored to meet the needs of teachers and staff in an education setting and who work within a school environment and want further theoretical information about how to be inclusive in their delivery aligned to the Curriculum for Excellence. The 6 hour option includes practical sports hall based opportunities to apply the Sports Inclusion Model and the STEPS principles to a range of sports and games.

Benefits of attending

  • By the end of the workshop participants should be able to:
  • Recognise the influence perceptions and experience have on interactions and our expecta-tions of others
  • Recognise different communication styles
  • Identify appropriate disability-specific terminology and be aware of appropriate etiquette
  • Articulate the principles of the Equity Act 2010 and identify the key aspects of legislation which relate to your role within sport
  • Recognise specific barriers to participation and consider ways in which any challenges can be addressed and potentially overcome
  • Identify the participation opportunities within disability sport
  •  Know where to go to for further information
  • Recognise how to influence (even change) practices, and facilitate inclusion.

Outline Programme

  • Focus on ability rather than disability
  • Influence and deliver good practice
  • Communicate effectively
  • Support the inclusion of disabled people in sport
  • Where to go to for further information

 Tutor Details: Scottish Disability Tutors

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