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Embedding WordPress across a school district: some eduBuzz.org stats

What might take-up of WordPress across a 40-school local authority look like? October 2010 web server summary stats for East Lothian‘s eduBuzz.org system (visitors and page views) show that the current levels of use this year, a traditionally quieter time, are already similar to the last school year’s peak period of May/June. The pattern each year has been similar, with usage at this […]

#ediff: Exploring a Scottish Government Technologies for Learning Strategy

Last week Jackie Brock, from the Scottish Government’s Learning Directorate, held a seminar to: form part of the initial exploration work contributing to the potential development of a Scottish Government Technologies for Learning Strategy. Just another conference? Anyone working in this area will know that, recession or not, the business of modernising the education system […]

Law Primary’s Blogging earns HMIE Good Practice

Law Primary’s recent inspection report is now available on HMIE’s web site. The school’s blogs get seven mentions altogether, including in this Good Practice box. Effective Use of ICT Staff wanted to be more innovative in their use of ICT. They created a school blog to provide information on all aspects of school life and […]

New Teachers Ask For Email Training

Feedback from an introductory training session on ICT for this year’s East Lothian NQTs apparently included the request that we should have covered how to use the school email system, in place of introducing Glow. Maybe this is a sign of the times, as increasing numbers of younger people make less use of email, preferring […]