S4-6 Target setting pre-conversation task

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N4 Week beginning 17th June

Just spent the evening writing out lots of positive referrals for those of you who have been making a huge effort to complete all your weekly home learning tasks. Remember that for this Thursday, 20th June you have the “Periodic Table” homework to do. If you would also like to earn yourself an extra positive referral then remember you have until the summer holiday to create a 3D model showing the structure of an atom. How about using Hama beads or Smarties-the more imaginative the better.

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N4 Week beginning 3rd June

Hi all National 4 learners

Well done all of you on the great start you have made to your National 4 Chemistry course.  I am seeing, in all my N4 classes, lots of really motivated individuals who are keen to make the most of the year ahead.  The progress some of you have shown in such a short space of time is really inspiring.  Thanks to all of you who have already completed the Reaction Rates Homework Task which is due in this Thursday, 6th June.  For next Thursday, 13th June,take a look at the Atomic Structure Review Sheet.  This is designed to see how confident you are with the work that you covered on this topic during S1-3.  By trying these review/preview tasks you will have a “heads up” about what is coming up in the lessons over the next few weeks.   

Keep up the great work!


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N4 Week beginning 13th May

Hi all National 4 learners

This week in class we are going to be learning about rates of reaction.  To test you prior knowledge I would like you to complete the S4 Rates of Reaction review sheet (I will give you a paper copy but a spare copy can be found in the N4 folder on the website).  As well as this review sheet I would like you to have a look at http://www.absorblearning.com/chemistry/demo/units/LR1501.html#Measuringrates

Figure 2, 3 and 4 show ways that you can measure the rate. Choose one of the three ways and draw a labelled diagram in your rough work jotter or on paper.

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N4 Week beginning 7th May

Hi all National 4 learners
To prepare you for the learning you are going to experience in class this week I would like you to read the following sentences and think about what the sentences have in common.

Group 1:

It was a hot day.  The reading on the thermometer was 80F.

I’m going to wear my thermals to football training to keep me warm.

The plumber fitted a thermostat to the radiator. It stopped the radiator from getting too hot.

Group 2:

In the event of a fire, go out by the nearest exit.

The exterior of the building needed some fresh paint.  It was important that the outside looked as good as the inside. 

The pupil had to be expelled from the school.  They were put out and weren’t allowed back.

Group 3:

A doctor can use an endoscope to see inside the body.

I’ll meet you at the entrance and we can go in together.

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S2 Chemistry

Ms Matthew’s and Mrs McDowell’s S2 class have their Chemistry assessment on Thursday the 7th February.  If you want help with any revision pop along to the Chemistry drop-in sessions on Wednesday After School.
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4.6 Home Learning Task

Ms Matthew’s class have a homework task due in on Monday 28th January.  If you need assistance with the home learning task pop in to the drop in sessions on Wednesday after school.
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RSC ChemNet

What is ChemNet?
Free for students who want to find out more about chemistry.
Need help with your studies and exam revision? Want to chat to others studying chemistry?
Join RSC ChemNet, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s student network to:
  • dig deeper into chemistry with our student magazine, The Mole
  • ask Dr ChemNet for advice on tricky topics
  • access interactive resources through ReAct and Learn Chemistry
  • get guidance with university choices
  • join discussion groups and follow our chemistry bloggers
  • attend exclusive RSC ChemNet events
Follow the link for more information:
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Higher Chemistry

Hey Guys!  I’ve put up some past paper Q to get you thinking about unit 1 and 2 for your up-coming prelim. Find them in the Higher tab.
If you need help with anything come and see us on Monday or Tuesday at lunchtime or after school on Wednesday.
There is also a message board on BBC Bitesize where you can post Q to their on-line teacher.
Good Luck with the revision!
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Some Online Revision Games!

For all of the S3 and S4 pupils revising for exams here are some online games to help you write chemical formulae and balance equations.


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