P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 21.04.17

Ava m (P3) ‘I amazingly enjoyed drama because it was interesting pretending to be a giant and eating Shona up!’ Expressive Arts & Literacy

Fearghal (P4) ‘I am enjoying drawing my giant because you can add anything you want to it and be creative!’ Expressive Arts

Tomas (P3) ‘I changed English words into French words on the computer for my weird giant picture.’ Literacy

Zidane (P4) ‘I enjoyed making the humungous human star because my brother came to help us from P1/2. This was really fun… thank you Zach!’ Literacy & Expressive Arts

John (P3) ‘I liked assembly this morning because we had the birthday knights up and the Queen was on the list! Mr Moody asked the whole school how old she was… I said 91 and was correct!’ Literacy & Numeracy




P 3/4 LEARNING LOG BLOG 31.03.17

Robbie (P4) I liked P.E. because when I was catching the ball on the tennis racket it needed lots of concentration.’ Health & Wellbeing

Arne (P3) ‘I enjoyed drawing henna patterns and painting the background because we got to use different colours.’ Expressive Arts

Kitty (P4) ‘We did some filming for our school song. It was fun making up actions for dream it, live it and achieve it!’ Literacy

Tyler (P4) ‘Tam, Robbie and me enjoyed writing the next paragraph for the Dark Tower. My paragraph was about secret doors and prince Edward pretending to be Rapunzel!’ Literacy

Ava M (P3)  ‘I enjoyed learning about the nervous system because it was interesting and impressive!’ Science

John (P3) ‘Tam, Hamish and I enjoyed maths because we got to book 1b. This made me happy because we got more of a challenge!’ Numeracy


P 3/4 Learning Log Blog 24.03.17

Duncan (P3) ‘I enjoyed the trip to Eldbottle because I got fit walking the whole way there and back!’ Health & Wellbeing

John (P3) ‘I liked going to Eldbottle it was fun because we walked through lots of woodland and Dave wild showed us old artefacts of bones, spoons, needles and pottery. I found this really interesting.’ Social Studies

Alex & Eleanor (P4) ‘We enjoyed drawing henna patterns because we had to use our drawing skills to show the details.’ Expressive Arts & RME

Ava L (P3) ‘We wrote newspaper reports on the 7 new wonders of the world. I learnt about the different parts of newspapers.’ Literacy

Zidane (P4) ‘I liked the citizenship groups because we had a new teacher Mrs Fletcher. We told her everything we had done. It was good fun!’ Literacy

Tom (P4) ‘I liked P.E. because we learnt how to use the spring board properly and not just use the back but also the front of the spring board to jump high!’ Health & Wellbeing

P 3/4 Learning log blog 17.03.17

Gemma (P4) ‘I liked doing the 7 wonders of East Lothian vote in class. I was trying to persuade people to vote for me and I was very close to being one of the 7 wonders!’ Social Studies







Robbie (P4) ‘I liked learning to draw henna patterns. It helped me improve my drawing skills.’ Expressive Arts

Tam (P3) ‘I loved doing fractions in maths because it actually gets your mind thinking about two different things… division and fractions!’ Numeracy

Arne (P3) ‘I enjoyed the pantomime because people were throwing raisins. It was fun watching parents doing funny things like hitting each other with a frying pan!’ Expressive Arts

Chloe (P3) ‘I enjoyed the parents pantomime because they were squirting lots of water at the children! They were pretending Rapunzel was crying!’ Expressive Arts

P 3/4 would like to thank all the parents who invested valuable time and effort into putting on an incredible performance for us all on Friday. Here are some of the highlights and star performers…! 


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