P 6/7 Learning Log 20.1.17


Lennox “I liked learning about hire purchase, even though I only got a few questions in.”


Ruby “I enjoyed acting out moral dilemmas in RME.”

Saul “I enjoyed the drama because we worked as a team.”

Ben “This week we learned about moral dilemmas in RME. We performed a drama.”


Social Studies

William “We learned about milking by making a flow chart.”

Finlay W “I have enjoyed learning about how milk is made.”



P 3/4 Learning Log Blog 13.01.17

Kitty (P4) ‘I enjoyed the great marble challenge because we worked in teams with craft materials. It was tricky but good fun trying to get our marble down to the floor!’ Technologies

Duncan (P3) ‘I loved playing maths bingo because it’s really exciting and gets your brain working!’ Numeracy

Tyler (P4) ‘I enjoyed making our new table names because we got to learn about different parts of the body. There were some things we talked about that I didn’t know before.’ Expressive Arts and Science

Chloe (P3) ‘I liked learning about the Human Skeleton and all the bones in the body because now I know what they are all called.’ Science

Victorian School Day – P6/7

Hannah ‘I liked having a Victorian Day. I t was amazing, I learned so much!’

dscn2675Alice ‘I was really intimidated when the Victorian teachers came in to teach us the 3 Rs – Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. But it was so fun as well.

Lucy ‘I really enjoyed the Victorian School Day but it was quite intimidating and a bit scary. I loved writing on the slate boards.’


Angus ‘I was intimidated when they said that writing left handed was a demon art!’



P3/4 Learning Log Blog 09.12.16

Ava m (P3) ‘I enjoyed discovering what the rope dangling in the class room was for. It helped us understand a film and thought it was to do with Christmas time!’ Literacy

Eleanor (P4) ‘I enjoyed practicing the nativity because working in a team is always fun!’ Expressive Arts

John (P3) ‘I think dangle was a good film to predict what was going to happen next because it had a strange ending.’ Literacy

Lina & Alex (P4) ‘We enjoyed working together to make a boat out of recyclable materials. We tested our boats for weight and wind. Boats needs to be able to float and carry lots of different things.’ Science



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