Update 19th August 2016

A very warm welcome back.  In particular, welcome to our new students and staff.

Examination Results

Congratulations to 4th, 5th and 6th year students from session 2015-16 who produced excellent examination results, the best the school has ever had: Results 2015-2016.  Thanks to staff, students, parents and carers for the huge amount of support and hard work throughout the year.  We look forward to celebrating this success with parents/carers and students on Wednesday 14th September at this year’s Awards Ceremony.  Let’s see if we can make 2016-17 even better!

Post Examination Results Service

Any requests regarding use of the post-examination results service need to be with Mrs Slowther by close of play on Friday 26th August 2016.

Senior Students Changing Course

If any student is changing course, they will have been issued with an updated course choice sheet.  If parents/carers have any issues with the recoursing, please contact Mrs Slowther at the school.

Expansion Update

Thanks to all of the construction team who have produced a fantastic new social space for our students over the summer period.  They have also updated two of the changing rooms in PE, expanded G6 and produced a new reprographics room.  As a result of the extended social space, we are also trialling a change in the flow of students regarding access to and from the school.  The old main entrance has now been identified for staff and visitors, with the entrance leading to the car park being identified as the student entrance.  We are piloting this at the present, looking closely at the students flow, particularly exiting, to ascertain the best solution for all.  We will be gathering staff and students views following a short period of observation.

It is our intention to create a new space on our website to deal with issues regarding our expansion, including frequently asked questions. Please see Q&A which was hosted by Dunbar Grammar School Parent Council: Parent Council Presentation Query Responses

Names Person Update

Please see the following news item and newsletter on Named Persons:

Buses Update

Andrew McLellan from Transportation is coming into the school on Monday 22nd August at 13.20 to activate any cards of students who missed the session at East Linton Library.

Communication with the School

The school operates a system whereby you will receive an email every Friday from the school with updated news about events, and links to relevant information on our website. We have found that a few minutes each week glancing at our website to be one of the most effective ways of communicating with parents/carers and students.

We do appreciate that some people do not have access to either email or internet (we realise that they won’t pick up this communication!).  If you know of anybody in this position, please pass on this information.

New s1 with no email on record will be issued with a hardcopy this Monday and next week to allow parents/carers to contact the school with email addresses if they have one.  If you require a hardcopy of our weekly updates, due to not having internet, please inform the school office on 01368 863 339, and your son/daughter will be given one on the following Monday.

Important Information

During our extended registration with students on Wednesday morning, Register Teachers discussed important information with students, including time keeping and uniform.  Please find a link to the PowerPoint which was used with them as we consider your support in these matters critical to the smooth running of the school and in order to maximise the learning experience of all students: Welcome Back 2016

Attainment & Achievement Awards Evening

Students nominated to receive an award will be receiving an invitation shortly.

Dunbar School Council Update

The next Dunbar School Grammar School Council (DGSC) meeting is being held on Thursday 1st September, AGM at 6.30pm, general meeting at 7pm.  Agenda will be published soon.  We would like to extend a very warm invitation to new members of the Parent Forum to come and join us.  Please just turn up on the evening at the school to find out what it’s all about.  The draft minutes from the meeting held on 20th June can be read here: Draft Minutes

Students Perform with Scratch the Surface

S5 students, Isla Renwick and Maxwell Weaver, are currently performing in the show ‘Rose’ as part of the PBH Free Fringe.   More information can be found here: http://www.stsmusselburgh.co.uk/.  Well done to Isla and Max.

DGS U15 Rugby Quiz Night

This is a great opportunity to catch up with friends after the holiday.  Just £4 a ticket for the DGS U15 Rugby Quiz Night at Hallhill this Saturday (20th August).  It’s a fundraiser for the S3 Rugby Team Tour in September.  Tickets are available from Bowes Sports Shop, Hallhill or from Morag Readman (email moreadman@btinternet.com or phone/text 07967 822831).  Everyone welcome (over 18s).  Look forward to seeing you there.

PTA Afternoon Tea with Prosecco 

This PTA fundraiser is on Saturday 27th August from 3-5pm in Belhaven Church Hall.  Tickets are available from the school office £10, over 18s only.

Police Scotland Youth Volunteer Group

In September 2016 a Police Scotland Youth Volunteer group will be launched in East Lothian. It will be based in Musselburgh on a Tuesday evening. The group will learn new skills relating to volunteering and policing, which will in turn assist and prepare them for volunteering at local and national events.  Read more here: Youth Volunteers

Open Wifi and Personal Mobile Devices

Students are required to sign an acceptable use policy and are provided with details regarding the use of such devices during the school day.  Here are some interim bits of information:

Mobile Phones

Students are permitted to bring mobile phones to school.  They can use these prior to the beginning of the school day, morning break, at lunchtime and at the end of the school day. The use of mobile phones as part of the learning and teaching process is decided on an individual basis by each teacher.  All mobile phones should be switched off or on silent mode between classes and in classes.  If a student wishes to access their mobile phone during class, then permission must be sought in advance.  From a health and safety point of view, no student should be using their mobile phones when walking along corridors or using the stairs.

We would like to emphasise that students are in no way obliged to bring a mobile device to school, and if they choose to do so, this is entirely at their own risk. Students who fail to follow the new policy will continue to be challenged and their mobile devices removed for collection at the end of the day from the school office. Repeated offenders may be banned from bringing mobile devices to school.

Please note that no East Lothian school carries insurance for the loss or damage to mobile phones, so we would therefore encourage parent/carers to make their own insurance arrangements to cover any such devices.

Mobile Music Devices

Students are allowed to bring these to school, however, the school can accept no responsibility for any damage or loss.

The policy is that students are allowed to listen to these any time before class, after class and break/lunchtime. All headphones must be removed from ears at any other time as a health and safety precaution. Students are not allowed to stream music whilst working as this slows down the system for other students across East Lothian Council.  The use of headphones during class time is at the sole discretion of the classroom teacher.

Water Bottles

It is an educational fact that the drinking of water throughout the day can support the learning process. Students are encouraged to bring water bottles with them to school, which can be filled up from one of our three chilled filtered units. Please note that the office cannot provide students with cups or bottles. The consumption of fizzy drinks or juices is not permitted during lessons.

PE Kit and Deodorants

Students need to bring appropriate kit for both indoor and outdoor activities. Examples include shorts, tracksuit trousers, T-shirt, sweatshirt, trainers and football boots. Students should not use spray deodorants in the changing rooms as this may trigger other students’ asthma or other conditions. Valuables should ideally be left at home, or handed to your PE teacher at the start of the lesson for safe-keeping.

DGS Sports Update

Please see the following link for updates on DGS Sports

Dates for Your Diary

Advanced Higher Drama Fringe Visit Wednesday 24th Aug
School Mock Court Case Project Wed 31st Aug/7th Sep
2Moros Driver Wednesday 31st Aug
Higher Education Convention Tuesday 6th Sep
U15s Rugby Tour Friday 16th Sep

Please also see Information Sheets for our most up-to-date Information Sheet including updates on lunchtime and after school clubs and:

  • DGS Sport
  • Team App
  • The School Run
  • Study Club


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Update 1st July 2016

Have a great summer and we look forward to starting the new term on Wednesday 17th August 2016!

House Competition

RyzeStudents in Victoria, the winners of the House Competition, enjoyed a great day at Ryze on Wednesday 29th June.



EU Referendum Debate Continue reading

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