Update 28th April 2017

A reminder that the school is closed to students on Monday 1st May for the public holiday.  We look forward to welcoming students and staff back on Tuesday 2nd May.

Transport for Students Taking Examinations

If you already get transport provided to and from school you should use this transport as you would on a normal school day. You can, of course, make your own arrangements. The arrangements for Fridays are different. If you finish an examination after the normal school closing time, transportation can be arranged if required – please inform the school office by Tuesday 2nd May if you require this service.

If you already get transport provided to and from school and you have examinations on the Monday 22nd May (RMPS Higher and N5 exam), please let the school office know as there will be no normal transport on these days. Transport can be arranged but only if you notify the school office by Tuesday 2nd May.

SQA Exceptional Circumstances Consideration Service

This SQA service supports candidates who have been unable to attend an externally assessed timetabled examination, or whose performance in an externally assessed timetabled examination may have been fundamentally affected as a result of an incident beyond their control. The service exists to support only those candidates who have suffered an exceptional circumstance, such as bereavement or a medical condition. If a student is unwell on the day of an examination and cannot attend, a note from the Doctor must be obtained and the school informed immediately.  It is always recommended that a candidate sits the examination where possible. Sitting the examination does not exclude the candidate from having an exceptional circumstances request submitted on their behalf.

If you believe that your son/daughter is eligible for this service, please contact Mr Offer on the school number ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM.  If you have any question or queries, please contact Mr Offer.

S5/S6 Induction Day and New Timetable

Monday 5th June and Tuesday 6th June mark the official end of examination leave and are Induction Days for the new S5 and S6 students respectively.   Students have been given letters:

During these days students will be given information about their new timetable and will be required to sign a school contract, which identifies our expectations of them, and expectations they have of us.  Students will also have the opportunity to apply for prefect positions, and in the case of S6 students, to apply for the senior prefect posts of Head and Depute Head Boy and Girl.  S6 students will also be required to identify what they will be doing for their Wider Experience, which is a compulsory part of the S6 curriculum.  Again, students will be encouraged to apply for the volunteer awards (Saltire Awards) for all S6 students who successfully complete their service.

S4 Students not on Examination Leave

Students who are sitting less than 3 National 5 Examinations are expected to attend school during the examination period.   They will complete an alternative programme, a letter went home with students this week: S4 Letter for students with no study leave

London Trip

Students were issued with an update letter for the Modern Studies visit to London in September. This includes important payment information and a draft itinerary.

S2 Activities Week

As part of S2 Activities Week, students are taking part in a Science trip on Wednesday 17th May called ‘Broken Bodies’ hosted by Queen Margaret University.  Please see the attached letter given out to students, please note that returns and payment are due on Tuesday 2nd May: Broken Bodies 2017


Please can pocket money be handed in by Thursday 4th May?

P7 Transition Event

Teachers from each faculty went to Dunbar Primary School on Tuesday 25th April to take part in a transition event for our future S1s. The P7 pupils from all of the cluster primary schools attended the event. They split into mixed groups to enjoy a secondary school experience meeting some of our teachers and students, and learning about the different subjects they will be studying when they come to Dunbar Grammar School.  All agreed that it had been a fun and a worthwhile event for everyone involved.  We look forward to the next transition events, including a Parents’ Information Evening, Friday visit with their Guidance teacher, followed by the visit to us in June for their two day class experience.

Leavers’ Ceremony

We had our annual Leavers’ Ceremony today, Friday 28th April.  This was attended by parents/carers and members of staff, who enjoyed information on the future positive destinations of our students, and performances by various groups and individuals.  We would like to thank the S6 committee for all of the work they have put in across the year, and in particular, for the fantastic leavers’ ceremony.  We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all of our leavers the very best for the future, and we look forward to seeing our S6 students at the Leavers’ Prom on Friday 8th June.

East Lothian Theatre

On the 29th March the senior Dunbar group from the East Lothian Youth Theatre performed their original show “unconscious” which explored the dangers of drug use. The group raised £200 which is going towards their fund for the national festival of youth theatre which they are attending in July and performing this piece.  Well done to everyone involved!


School Clothing Grants and Free School Meals

We want to ensure that you are not missing out on any potential entitlements. One important area is free school meals.  Access to free school meals is an important part of the health and wellbeing of students at Dunbar Grammar School. If your son or daughter is entitled, we want to help you overcome any problems you might have with the application process:

S1 Activities Week

Return forms and payments are now due back.  If there are any problems with payments, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Slowther to discuss how we might help:  S1 Act Week Letter

Local Information:

Dates for Your Diary

May Day Bank Holiday Mon 1st May
Study Leave S4 Tues 2nd  May – Fri 2nd June (new S5)
Study Leave S5/6 Tues 2nd  May –Mon 5th June (new S6)
Battlefields Group 1 Sun 14th – Fri 19th May
Battlefields Groups 2 & 3 Mon 15th – Sat 20th May
S1 & S2 Activities Week Mon 15th – Fri 19th May
In-Service day Mon 22nd May

Bronze Training Dates and Information

Training dates and activities:

  • May 3rd Food     Route plan deadline and Edofe completed
  • May 10th Kit
  • May 24th First Aid
  • May 31st  Kit issue for trip 1
  • Trip 1 – 1st and 2nd June
  • June 21st Kit issue for trip 2
  • Trip 2 – 22nd and 23rd June
  • June 28th Review Session

Please also see Information Sheets for our most up-to-date Information Sheet including updates on lunchtime and after-school clubs and:

  • House Points Update
  • Awards Evening Trophies
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Update 21st April 2017

Please note that there is no school transport on Friday afternoons and during the In Service Day on 22nd May (RMPS Higher and N5 exam). Anyone requiring transport at these times should contact the school office to make arrangements by Tuesday 2nd May.

SQA Timetables

Individualised timetables were given out to S4-S6 students this week.  Students have been asked to note that the start and finish times may differ from the formal timetable published by the SQA.  Any student who loses their individualised timetable can check the examinations noticeboard each day.

S4 students have been given information about their preparation for their forthcoming examinations.  This included remembering to:

  • check their time and location of their examination and seat number
  • arrive in plenty of time for their examination
  • bring all of their required materials: pen, pencils, calculator, dictionaries etc.
  • either not bring a mobile phone or hand it in to the school office
  • contact the school immediately if unwell and obtain a medical note from the doctor if unable to sit the examination
  • behave in an exemplary fashion

S4-S6 Text Books Continue reading

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