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Here at Dunbar Grammar School, we run a comprehensive extra-curricular sporting programme. Students have the opportunity to participate regularly in Rugby, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Netball, Table Tennis, Trampolining, Cheerleading, Badminton and Volleyball and participate and compete in a host of other sports throughout the year.

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All sport and physical activity falls under the umbrella of DGS Sport promoting a framework of teamwork, respect and inclusiveness we strive to achieve within Dunbar Grammar School.

Remember: Non Sune Pulvele Palma – Effort Brings Rewards

Our main method of communicating with participants, parents and carers is throughTeam App. This is a method of communication where coaches can provide instantaneous messages to regarding their sport via a smart phone App. Particularly if your child participates in weekend fixtures, this is a must have!  For more information click the logo below:


For more information on specific sports click on the badges below:

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