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Building Expansion Update

The Expansion Design Team is looking for DGS students interested in becoming involved in the planning or construction process of the building expansion as part of their studies. This would be relevant to students with an interest in Engineering, construction or the environmental impact of the project.  Please discuss with Guidance or Mr Raffaelli if you are interested.

19th August

Thanks to all of the construction team who have produced a fantastic new social space for our students over the summer period.  They have also updated two of the changing rooms in PE, expanded G6 and produced a new reprographics room.  As a result of the extended social space, we are also trialling a change in the flow of students regarding access to and from the school.  The old main entrance has now been identified for staff and visitors, with the entrance leading to the car park being identified as the student entrance.  We are piloting this at the present, looking closely at the students flow, particularly exiting, to ascertain the best solution for all.  We will be gathering staff and students views following a short period of observation.

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Social Space – 15th April