Free school meals for children in Primary 1, 2 and 3

Free school meals for children in Primary 1, 2 and 3

Published Wednesday 17th December 14

Free school meals from P1-3s from 6 Jan 2015

New rules come into force on 6 January 2015

From the 6 January 2014 all pupils in  Primary 1, 2 and 3 will be entitled to a free school meal (but not free school milk). People receiving the following benefits should continue to complete a free school meal application form to ensure they are not charged for school milk.

• Income support
• Income based job seekers allowance
• Employment support allowance (income related)
• Child tax credit but NOT working tax credit with an annual income less than £16,010
• Child tax credit AND working tax credit with an annual income less than £6,420

Parents who don’t want their child to take up their free school meal should let their school know as soon as possible.

Anyone wanting further information should contact Education on (01620) 827764 or 827562 or email

Thank You to Dunbar United Colts!

Please take a look at the Active Schools article below:


The weather can play a big factor in sport as Dunbar Primary found out when two of their goals were destroyed in the high winds and could no longer be used. This proved to be a problem as the school used the goals for break time, games lessons, training and matches.

However Dunbar United Colts stepped up and donated two sets of goal posts for the school. The School and club have a great link with each other. Thanks to this link Dunbar United Colts stepped in and saved the day. So football will be available all the time for students at Dunbar Primary.

In the picture above you can see Dunbar United Colts players with Chairman Gary Fairbairn and Child Protection Officer David Black presenting the goals to Dunbar Primary Deputy Head Mr Mackenzie.

David Black of Dunbar Colts “A firm relationship between schools and sports clubs is a great way to encourage children to continue playing sport after school and can also create a vital pathway toward competitive and even elite sport. For children to increase their activity via sports clubs it’s important that they are offered free use of facilities through schools from an early age. When Dunbar United Colts Football Club invested in new 7-a-side goals they were only too happy to donate a set of their old goals to Dunbar Primary School Lochend Campus. Increasing a child’s participation in football is key to their development as a player, whether it be for career ambitions, fitness or just for fun.”

Gareth Hill Active Schools Coordinator “For the colts to step in and help the school out during their time of need just shows how strong the school club link is between the two. It is a remarkably kind gesture from the colts and one the school hugely appreciates. This means football can continue to grow because the children have full access again to the proper equipment”

If you would like to know about Dunbar United Colts and what teams they offer go onto the club homepage

If you wish to know more about Active Schools in Dunbar please click on the link and this will take to you to Active Schools Coordinator Gareth Hill

Thank You!

We raised a fantastic £164 at the musical evening last week and received a thank you message from UNICEF UK:

Thank you for your generous donation of £164 to UNICEF’s work for children.

With your kind gift we will be able to bring direct help to millions of children and their families in some of the poorest countries throughout the world. Our work ensures that the basic needs of every child are met – that they have clean water, food, health care, education and a safe environment in which to grow up.

UNICEF is the leading children’s organisation reaching children in more than 190 countries around the world.

We are not funded by the United Nations and rely entirely on voluntary donations from valued supporters like you to fund our work for children worldwide.

On behalf of everyone at UNICEF and all those who will benefit from your gift, thank you.

Your support is very much appreciated.

Yours sincerely
David Bull

Dunbar Reads Aloud Prize Draw


We collected in all the Bronze Award bookmarks this week and held a prize draw in assembly. Mrs Gillanders bought lots of exciting prizes and Mr Mackenzie and Miss Eeles helped pick out the names.

We are thrilled with the amount of children taking part in Dunbar Reads Aloud! The Silver Award starts in January 2015 so look out for more information coming soon :-)