Royal Court 2016

Royal Court 2016

Royal Court 2016

We’re delighted to announce this year’s Royal Court:

Queen – Katie McLeman

Queen’s consort – Benjamin Miller

Attendants – Isla Henderson & Heidi Jackson

Flower Girls – Chloe Moffat, Fiona Cowsill, Ava Waddel

Pageboys – Jake Page & Finlay Armet

The crowning ceremony is on Saturday 18th June at 12 noon at the Bleachingfield Community Centre.

Big Generation Catch

P2, P4 & P7 pupils worked with STRiVE Wellbeing on The Big Generation Catch project funded by the Heritage Lottery.  The project explored the fishing heritage of Dunbar and captured memories of fishing from past to present.

The whole P4 year group had the opportunity to contribute to the project, creating art work and building a small model fishing boat. A group of P7 children were also involved and learned how to use professional film equipment and produced their own film. P2 pupils helped to interview fishermen in the community.

The film will be used as part of an exhibition at the Dunbar Townhouse Museum.

We invited family members and the local community to the launch last month at Lochend Campus and we can now show you the final video! We are VERY proud of the pupils that contributed to this wonderful project. Enjoy!

Weekly Update. What is on at DPS

Monday 23 May 

School Closed for Children

Tuesday 24 May

P2 Visiting Belhaven Church

9-11.50am – P7 Workshops with Richard Taylor

9.30-3.10 – SSPCA workshops – P4 & P5

1 – 3pm – P3C trip to Dunbar Castle

9-12pm – P5B visit to East Beach

Wednesday 25 May

P3 to register at Lochend Campus -activity session with P6 classes

Thursday 26 May

9-2pm Meadowmill P6/P7 Sports Athletics large schools comp

9-12pm – P5A trip to East Beach

12.30-3.15pm – DAP Sports

Friday 27 May 

Wear it Wild Day! Bring a donation.

9-12pm – P5f @ East Beach


P3 Transition

P3 walked over to Lochend Campus today for assembly with Mr Mackenzie & Miss Eeles. Here’s a photo of P3 – P6 pupils ready for it to begin!


P7 pupils in the Eco Committee delivered a fantastic presentation about our ‘Wear it Wild’ day on Friday 27th May.



At Dunbar Primary School we have a playground Safety Policy that has the safety of all pupils at its core. We have recently noticed that a number of children and adults are arriving and leaving on their bikes and scooters and are riding them in the playground and Nursery area.

We would be really grateful if all children and adults arriving and leaving the school or Nursery did not cycle or scoot at all in the School Grounds. This means they should get off or on after the school gates.

For a number of years we have adopted a policy of Stop, Hop and Drop for the whole school and recently produced a leaflet titled, “John Muir Campus Playground, Guidelines and Advice”. This leaflet will be made available in the reception od the school and each Nursery area. A major part of that leaflet is our policy on Hop, Stop and Drop. I include an excerpt from the leaflet below.


At Dunbar Primary School we pride ourselves with the number of children who cycle or scoot to school every day. We do however insist that children cycling to school wear helmets and are wearing bright clothing so that they are visible to drivers. Children are encouraged to use footpaths and cycle ways near the school. Children on Scooters and Skateboards should be aware of the risks around roads and the use of protective equipment is encouraged. All bikes and Scooters should be stored in the areas provided in the school grounds.


Bikes, Scooters and skateboards should not be used in the play areas at any time. You must get off at the school gate on your way into school. On the way home you must walk bikes, skateboards and scooters to the gate. This applies to children and adults. Remember, Stop, Hop and Drop.

I am sure you will appreciate our reasons for writing to you and are confident you will ensure that your child does not scoot or cycle in the School grounds.

A MacRury DHT


School Improvement Parent Drop In

Thank you to the parents and carers that popped in to see us today! If you were unable to make it this afternoon, please come along on Friday 20th May between 8.45 – 12.30pm. Details below:

As a school we will be carrying out our annual audit with our staff later in May to decide our school improvement priorities for 2016/17.

We are very keen to get the views of our parents and pupils and would like to invite you to an informal session where you can give your feedback on our priorities from this year and give your ideas and views for the next.

Where: Parents Room, John Muir Campus

When: Friday 20th May – Drop in between 8.45 – 12.30pm

What: Leave us some feedback on what we have achieved as a school community last session and what you think we should be focusing on for 2016/17.

The Flying Scotsman

Written by William, Jamie, Kate & Kirsten in P5E:

The Flying Scotsman is Great Britain’s favourite steam train and Dunbar Primary saw it on the 17th May 2016.

We all thought it was breath-taking. When we saw the steam from the train everybody ran right up to the fence to watch the train go by.

The main engine had a brilliant green coat. There was also about 7 red carriages that were holding about 30 people in each one and some people even waved back.