P7 Transition – 28th April

The cluster P7s joined us at Lochend Campus for a curricular transition morning on Thursday 28th April led by Dunbar Grammar School staff. Eight faculty teachers set up a lesson in different classrooms and P7 pupils followed a timetable from 9.30am – 12.30pm. The bell rang every 20 minutes to indicate it was time to move on!

Gareth Hill (Active Schools Co-ordinator) and the DGS P.E department planned a sports session for P7 pupils after lunch.

Aims of the afternoon:

  • Introduce P7 pupils to DGS in an informal and social setting
  • Develop relationships through sport and activity with pupils from different schools
  • Introduce P7 pupils to DGS P.E and extra-curricular sports staff
  • Provide the P7 pupils with a positive experience of Dunbar Grammar School’s extensive extra-curricular programme
  • Have fun!

The theme of our curricular transition day was ‘Learning for Sustainability’ with a focus on communication and collaboration skills. This theme will be continued on the three day visit to Dunbar Grammar School in June.

P7 comments:

“I enjoyed having a timetable so I knew what was coming next.”

“It was my first time on a huge trampoline and it was great!”

“I really enjoyed meeting all the staff at Dunbar Grammar School.”

“I had a lot of fun and made two new friends.”

Our New RRS Mascot!

imageA message from Mrs Whitehead and the RRS Committee:

As you know, Dunbar Primary School is working very hard to become a Rights Respecting School. This year, the RRS committee have been busy making a Rights Calendar for every classroom, which focuses on a different right every month, and they held a very exciting “Design a Mascot” competition for the whole school. They decided that it would be fantastic to have a RRS Mascot that could be displayed around the school to identify any RRS work. There were hundreds of entries across both campuses and some fantastic ideas for our RRS Mascot. However, one entry stood out from the crowd!

Congratulations to Erin B from P6A who created Ringo the Rights Respecting School Flamingo!

We now have a Ringo the Flamingo Mascot teddy in both campuses and Ringo’s image will start to appear on school displays/blogs that link to RRS. Well done and thank you to everyone who took part!


P1 Topic

P1 are growing beans, sunflowers and grass caterpillars!

Children’s University Graduation

childtren uni

Our next on-campus Graduation Ceremony is on Saturday 18th June


A very strict deadline for everyone to log their hours online by 12th May

Individual invitation letters for pupils to be sent home on 13th May

Another strict deadline for pupils and families to RSVP will be 3rd June

****Places will be allocated on a first come first served basis as we have a capacity of 75 pupils****


Hayley Jones

Children’s University Education Liaison Officer


External Liaison and Student Services

Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh EH21 6UU


e: hjones@qmu.ac.uk

childrensuniversity@qmu.ac.uk t:  0131 474 0000 Please say “Hayley Jones” when prompted by our automated system. Extension no. 4751

m:07834174623 w: www.childrensuniversity.co.uk

  1. http://www.childrensuniversityscotland.com/

P3 Transition

Dear Primary 3 Parents and Carers,

Transition activities for Primary 3 pupils moving onto Primary 4 have been under way at school all year; these include visiting Lochend Campus, working with their buddy classes and beginning to develop the independence that often signifies that change from Primary 3 to Primary 4.

Now we are heading into the final term we are beginning our more formal ‘transition’ period and have planned a range of activities for pupils and parents to ensure that your son/daughter moves into P4 feeling confident, fully prepared and looking forward to the start of term in August.  Please click on the link below for important diary dates and more information:

Parents Info P3 Transition Programme 2016

New Lunch Menu April 2016

The Spring/Summer menu starts Monday 25th April 2016. The Autumn/Winter menu starts 31st October.  Please click on the links below to download the new menu and allergen information:

Allergen Chart – Desserts – Spring & Summer 2016

Allergen Chart – Primary Main Meals – Spring Summer 2016

Allergen Chart – Soups – Spring Summer 2016

Primary School Spring & Summer Menu 2016

Primary Spring & Summer Menu 2016 with Carbohydrates


Celebrating John Muir Day

In September 1867, age 29, John Muir undertook a walk of 1,000 miles from Indiana to Florida to experience and study the natural world, which he recounted in his book ‘A Thousand Mile Walk to the Gulf’. He had no specific route chosen, except to go by the “wildest, leafiest, and least trodden way I could find.”

Inspired by John Muir’s 1000 mile walk and to celebrate John Muir Day (Thursday 21st April), Primary 5 classes are taking part in various activities this week.  Some classes will be going on a 1000 step sensory walk taking observational sketches and photographs of the various plants and animals we find in our surrounding area.  Other pupils are walking 1000 steps on Friday to explore the East Beach and learn about our local beach environment. They will also be doing some research to compare a Scottish National park with one in America and writing biographies about John Muir.