East Lothian Athletics Success!

A group of over 30 pupils took part in the annual athletics competition at Meadowmill on Thursday 25th May. We competed against other East Lothian pupils in the ‘large school’ category and won the event!

The team were a credit to Dunbar Primary School and were very supportive of the other competitors.

A huge well done to all involved and a special thank you to Mrs Lyle for training the winning team!

Ghanaian and Namibian Drummers

This morning we were treated in Assembly to the amazing sound of Ghanaian and Namibian Drummers. The group were fantastic with great sounds and really exciting dancing and melodic singing. Thank you Mrs Legge for organising such a heart lifting visit for the children at Dunbar Primary School.

The group is with us all day today and tomorrow’s work with our P2 and P3 classes. What a superb opportunity for us.



P3 Transition at Lochend Campus

P3 had a great transition morning in Lochend Campus. They all arrived on time and were keen to get working with a P6 pupils to make leaflets about life and work in the Lochend Campus. The P6 pupils were a credit to the school and their parents in the way they mentored and co-operatively worked with the P3 pupils. The P3 pupils put 100% into the activity and the leaflets produced showed great collaborative learning. Well done all.


French snack trolley

The children at the John Muir campus enjoyed French snack trolley so much this morning we are going to continue serving brioche and pain au chocolat until the end of the week.  Mrs Fallon (PT Modern Languages, Dunbar Grammar School) came along to serve at the trolley and was very impressed with the children’s language skills.

Weekly Update

Monday 22nd May

In-service Day School Closed to Pupils

Tuesday 23rd May

 Orchestra Rehearsal at John Muir Campus

P4 SCPA visit

P5 John Muir drama workshop

Lunch: P7s using Dance Studio

Wednesday 24th May

P6 Rugby

P3/P6 Transition Leaflet Activity

1.30-3pm: P5C John Muir at Lochend Woods

 P3/P6 Co-op learning task – am transition / line up (walk from home) Register at LE, Early break 10.30 with P6 (Playground supervisors in), walk back to JMC at 10.45

Thursday 25th May

PM – P7 Transition Cheerleading Workshops x 3 classes in Gym Hall

Ghanaian and Namibian Drumming workshops for P2 / P3 :Assembly Hall, Phonics Rooms and Drama Room being used for Drumming Workshops

Friday 26th May

9.30-12pm: P7 Cluster Science Event @ DGS – Pupils dismissed from DGS

Ghanaian and Namibian Drumming workshops for P2 / P3 , Assembly Hall, Phonics Rooms and Drama Room being used for Drumming Workshops

Saturday 27th May

Saturday: School Fair @ JMC 1pm – 3pm




DRESS DOWN DAY – FRIDAY 2 JUNE (Poster Attached )May 19 Dress Down

 SUMMER COUNTDOWN (Attached – your child will also bring home a hard copy May 19 Summer Countdown 2017

 THE GREAT DUNBAR BAKE OFF (Poster Attached) May 19 The Great Dunbar BAKE OFF

 JOHN MUIR & GEOLOGY FAMILY EVENT (Poster and Information Attached) May 19 FMuseums5 17


















Two exciting events for families in Dunbar are happening weekend.

 Dynamic Earth outreach team will be in Dunbar this weekend doing free demonstrations and crafts at Dunbar Town House museum and Gallery. Edinburgh geologist Angus Miller will be leading a family friendly and adult guided walks to explore the beach and cliffs where John Muir played as a boy.

Dynamic Earth hands on demonstrations and crafts – Deep Time and Scotland’s Time Lords

Dunbar Town House Museum and Gallery

High Street, Dunbar EH42 1JJ.  01620 820699

10am to 4pm. No booking required. Donations welcome.

Angus Miller, Geo Walks – Families beach exploration: pebbles and cliffs.

11am-12/12.30pm from John Muir’s Birthplace.

126 High Street, Dunbar, EH42 1JJ.  01368 865899

Booking essential.  £5 per family

Angus Miller, Geo Walks – Geology walk, harbour to Belhaven

1.30pm-3.30/4pm from John Muir’s Birthplace.

126 High Street, Dunbar, EH42 1JJ.  01368 865899

Booking essential.  £5 per person (suitable for 12+ years).