Dunbar Primary School by Numbers

We are always getting asked lots of questions about Dunbar Primary School. Sometimes we are unable to answer as things change so much week to week and year to year.  The most common question are:

How big is the school?

How many classes do you have?

How Many teachers?

How many in the Nursery?

Recently we have crunched the numbers and can give a snapshot of the school in January 2015. We hope you find the information interesting we hope that we have answered some of the questions posed about our wonderful school.

Dunbar Primary School by Numbers

Nursery 8 Classes

November 2014 Ante Pre-school 56 will be 105 by April 2015

Pre School 135

Total 191

Total 240 by April

Primary One      5 Classes

Boys 79 Girls 56 total 135

Primary Two      5 Classes

Boys 62 Girls 66 Total 134

Primary Three   5 Classes

Boys 65 Girls 69 Total 134

Primary Four      5 Classes

Boys 74 Girls 72 Total 146

Primary Five      5 Classes

Boys 63 Girls 74 Total 137

Primary Six         4 Classes

Boys 61 Girls 44 Total 101

Primary Seven  4 Classes

Boys 60 Girls 64 Total 124

Total Classes 33                8 Nursery                          Overall Total 41 classes

The Cove

Total 22 pupils

Pupils in Primary One to Seven  Total 894 Soon to be 902

Total in Whole school 1086

Total 1132 in whole school by January 2015 after new nursery children start





We have One Head teacher Mrs Gillanders

We have Five Depute Head teachers Mrs Clark (John Muir), Miss Eeles (Lochend), Mr MacKenzie (Lochend), Ms Haggart (Cove) and Mr MacRury (John Muir)

We have Three Principal teachers Ms Gray, Mrs Albano and Mrs Dingwall (Nursery)

18 teachers at John Muir

21 teachers at Lochend

6 teachers in the Cove

2 Music Teachers (Both Part Time)

1 PE teacher

TOTAL 57 Teachers including SMT


Four Office Staff

3 Janitorial

Non-Teaching Staffing at both sites 62

Total Staffing 119

World Book Day

We will be celebrating World Book Day in school on Thursday 5th March 2015.  All parents/carers will be made aware of this in the January newsletter.

Pupils are encouraged to dress up as their favourite book character just for fun!  We have put together some ideas below for homemade book character costumes:

Mary Poppins
Wear a black skirt with a white blouse tucked in. You could also have a little white maid-type apron and an umbrella for extra effect!

Harry Potter
Wear a smart school uniform and circular glasses, and draw a lightening scar on forehead using face paint or make-up. You could have additional props if you like such as a black robe or cape, a wand, a Gryffindor coloured scarf or a toy owl.

Hermione Granger / Ron Weasley
Wear a smart school uniform with tie and carry a wand/character props, e.g. Hermione would carry a book.

Where’s Wally
Wear jeans and a white long sleeve top. You can paint red stripes on the top using fabric pens or fabric paint. Then, wear a white bobble hat, again using fabric pens or paint for the stripes.  Finish the look with a pair of glasses.

Horrid Henry
Wear normal boy clothes, but messy. Don’t forget to wear a mischievous expression!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Wear green leggings and a green t-shirt. Stuff pairs of green tights, and attach them down the back of a t-shirt and leggings, to represent caterpillar legs. Attach antennae onto a headband.

Winnie the Witch
Wear a long dress and stripy tights.

Oliver (or other Victorian pauper)
Wear short brown trousers, a brown shirt & brown cap.

Alex Rider
Wear ‘cool’ boy’s clothes with a gadget or two! Pupils could make their own gadgets using boxes, kitchen foil etc.

The Mad Hatter
Wear a big funny hat and put on some crazy make up/face paints!

Wear normal girl’s clothes with a red ribbon tied in hair.

Pirate / Captain Hook
Wear a stripy t-shirt/jumper, a homemade pirate hat and hold a tin foil hook.

Gangsta Granny
Draw on wrinkles, wear a long skirt and blouse and hold a handbag.

Dress all in black and wear cat ears (could be attached to a hairband).