Extreme Reading Challenge!

imageMrs Gillanders launched our Extreme Reading Challenge at the end of term assembly. Children, staff and parents can take part in the challenge!

Can you take a photograph of yourself reading in an extreme way or place? You could be reading upside down, in a unique setting or even on a rollercoaster!

We will run the competition throughout the year so you can start taking photos over the summer! Photos will be added to displays around the school. More details will be given in the first newsletter of the session and at Meet the Teacher.

You can search online for lots of ideas! Here’s some to get you started…

Results of the 2013-14 Student Evaluation of Experience (SEE) Survey.

1047 P6 pupils took part in the SEE survey with between 1014 and 1035 P6 pupils providing a response to each individual questio

In Dunbar Primary School 117 Children participated. The results from the questions are very positive and will help inform us on what we need to further develop as a school based on the opinions of our P6 pupils.

Summary of Answers from Survey.

Yes/No answers not included

ALL P6 Results
Dunbar Primary School Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree Total Participants Average
Teacher(s) show me how I can improve my learning. 0 3 42 72 117 97.4
My lessons are interesting. 1 3 71 42 117 96.6
I know what I am good at and what I need to work on (develop). 0 0 56 61 117 100.0
I have learned a lot in school. 1 0 22 94 117 99.1
I have learned things about Scotland in school this year. 1 4 63 49 117 95.7
I use my school weblog/website/learning log to help me in my learning. 11 35 55 16 117 60.7
I enjoy being at this school. 3 3 32 79 117 94.9
I have opportunities to contribute to the life of the school. 0 2 57 58 117 98.3
I am able to contribute to decisions made in our school. 0 9 68 40 117 92.3
My school recognises my achievements in school. 0 2 50 65 117 98.3
My school recognises my achievements out of school. 1 8 56 52 117 92.3
I am treated fairly in this school. 1 2 40 74 117 97.4
Most pupils behave well in this school. 0 10 77 30 117 91.5
I feel safe and secure in the school. 0 2 26 89 117 98.3
I know how to keep myself safe when using information technology (e.g. internet and mobile phones). 0 2 20 95 117 98.3
I take account of other people’s feelings and viewpoints. 0 1 51 65 117 99.1
I am encouraged to live a healthy life. 0 1 19 97 117 99.1
I know how to help care for the environment. 0 1 37 79 117 99.1
I have opportunities to get involved with environmental issues in my local neighbourhood. 2 9 62 44 117 90.6
I feel safe to go out in my local neighbourhood during the day. 0 2 27 88 117 98.3
I feel safe to go out in my local neighbourhood during the evening. 2 15 47 53 117 85.5
Young people are treated with respect in my local neighbourhood. 0 3 46 68 117 97.4
I feel young people’s views are listended to. 0 4 57 56 117 96.6
I know what to do if I am not happy about how someone is treating me. 0 3 33 81 117 97.4

P7 Perform the Pirates of the Curry Bean


2nd July @1.30pm
2nd July @1.30pm

The P7 Classes at Dunbar Primary School will perform to almost 2000 children and adults over 3 shows, starting on Monday 30th June.  On this date all children from Nursery to P6 will get the chance to see our amazing actors, actresses and singers perform the new amazing show.

The performance for Parents and Carers of P7 will be at 1.30pm in the John Muir Main Hall . The children will also receive their leaving certificates from Mr Raffaelli, Head Teacher at Dunbar Grammar School at the end of the show. As always the show is free.

What is it all about?

Anchors away and set sail for swashbuckling pirate adventure on the high seas in this piratical musical that’s sure to shake your booty! Young twins Jack & Liza Periwinkle yearn for adventure, so imagine their joy at discovering a real life treasure map! But when the infamous Redbeard and his pungent Pirates of the Curry Bean steal the map and kidnap their mother, the race is on to rescue her, reclaim the map and find the treasure! Accompanied by their faithful cat Fiddlesticks, the twins join a mad admiral and his crazy crew on a voyage of adventure that takes them from Old London Docks to the mysterious island of Lumbago in the sea of Sciatica! Will they be first to find the treasure chest, or is a surprise awaiting them that’s even better than gold? With colourful characters, sparkling songs and a witty script as sharp as a cutlass, this show is dripping with piratical style!

Extra In-service Day 20th August 2014

2014-2015 – REVISED DATES- extra inservice day Aug 2014

Dear Parents,

The Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages Alasdair Allan has announced an additional in-service day following discussions with teaching unions, education organisations and parents’ groups, following a request from the EIS and NPFS (National Parent Forum for Scotland).  As a consequence on Wednesday 20th August 2014 Dunbar Primary School will now be closed for pupils.  Children will now start the new term on Thursday 21st August 2014.

We apologise for the short notice, however this Government announcement was only recently made and agreements for the best date for East Lothian Schools has followed subsequently.

This in-service will mean that there will now be 6 annual inservice days per session.

Revised dates are on the green link above.

A MacRury DHT

p1 Sports Day

Primary one  had a fantastic time at our special Commonwealth Games Sports day today.  Each class represented a different country from the Commonwealth.  Thank you to all our parents, grandparents and carers who came to watch and support