Weekly Update 23th October

Dear Parents and Carers

Lammermuir Road wall replacement @ John Muir Campus

Please be aware that the  brick wall at the back of Dunbar Primary Nursery is currently being replaced by a fence. There are temporarry lights on the road and the pavement has been moved on to the road during this work. It is anticipated to be complete by Tuesday 27th but be careful around access to John Muir Campus, the crossing to Lochend and the Nursery.

Dunbar Pumpkin Trail

As the end of October looms there is no doubt this year’s Halloween shenanigans will be a little different. In classes we have talked about alternative activities: playing gruesome games, planning a spooky menu, a sweetie swag hunt, a family show along with the usual dressing up, dooking and a treacle scone or two.

We would like to invite the whole community to take part in the Dunbar Pumpkin Trail. A lovely team online have created us a Dunbar Pumpkin Trail image that is attached. All you have to do is print it off, colour it in and display it in a window. Everyone can have fun spotting as many pumpkins as they can. How many will you find?

Watch out for these cheeky pumpkins wherever you go. The last time we looked there were over 170 different places taking part from Watford to Portobello.

Dunbar Pumpkin Trail

Dunbar Library Services

Dunbar Library is currently available for click and collect and browsing by appointment.
If  parents are looking for some books they can contact Dunbar Library and they can make up a bag to collect form the entrance of the library.

We want to continue to encourage children to keep reading and using  Dunbar library. The library also offers the service if a parent wants to order some books for their child they can let them know interests, age and AR level and they can choose some books which may be relevant based on he information given.


Positive Behaviour Policy

In August 2019 the school implemented a draft Positive Behaviour Policy. With the disruption caused last year this policy is to be reviewed this session. Comments from parents on the policy would be greatly appreciated prior to full implementation.  Details in how to comment will be available in the next couple of weeks.

New DPS Positive Relationship Policy 2019

Letter from Lesley Brown, Head of Education & Children’s Services


Letter from Police Scotland, East Lothian Council & Scottish Fire & Rescue Service

Dear Parents/Guardians,
In the run up to bonfire night, Police Scotland, East Lothian Council and Scottish Fire & Rescue are keen to keep everyone safe. In previous years we have seen firework-related anti-social behaviour (ASB) and disorder in this area, and we are asking for your help to prevent this occurring again. This year, we are also facing the added challenge of preventing the spread of COVID 19 within our communities. As a result organised fireworks displays and bonfires are unlikely to be permitted.
The Scottish Government is continually reviewing its COVID guidance and up to date information on what is and isn’t permissible can be found here https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/

The full letter is available here:


A conversation with the Scottish People (online survey)


The ALLIANCE and Scottish Government are engaging people and communities across Scotland about their experiences of health and social care during COVID-19. Give your views at https://bit.ly/3o2NnV3

School Return Date

The school returns on Tuesday 27th October.

Teaching of PE at DPS

The current guidelines mean that all of our PE lessons have to be taught outside, and the set time of 2 x 1hour is a specific curriculum requirement of the Scottish Government. It is therefore essential that as we move into Autumn/Winter your child is dressed appropriately for taking part in these lessons.
From Tuesday 20th October if pupils have a PE lesson they must come in leggings or joggers/long sleeved t-shirt/Sweatshirt and a waterproof jacket. They should bring in their bag a spare pair of socks, joggers or leggings and t-shirt – these will be used if pupils get wet.

Please can I ask parents/carers to make use of the Uniform Exchange at the Bleachingfield Centre, where we have a stock of waterproof jackets, trousers, wellies, sweatshirts, etc.

Dress Down Day Friday 30th October 2020

There is a school ‘Dress Down Day on Friday 30th October – pupils can wear whatever they want but we are asking them all to bring a donation.

This money will be used for fundraising for the school – we are buying lots of outdoor PE and play equipment and we also want to add to our class libraries as pupils are requesting new novels and new authors and are going through our stock at a great pace – but great news in terms of reading skill!

Nursery Dress Up Day – Thursday 29​th ​and Friday 30​th ​October Donation.

Nursery Newsletter October 2020

Nursery Newsletter Oct 20

Nursery Outdoor Classroom week – Monday 2​nd ​November- Friday 6​th ​November

International Outdoor Classroom Day: Outdoor classroom day is Thursday the 5th of November, so that week each Nursery room will be planning lots of outdoor activities and each bubble will visit the Beehive Nature Garden to start work developing the wildlife area. Activities will include building bug hotels and bird feeders, den building and hot chocolate around the fire pit. To enable children to fully experience outdoor learning it is important that they come to nursery with the appropriate outdoor clothing and a change of shoes and clothes. As part of the Celebration of Outdoor learning we will are setting you a sponsored family challenge to complete an outdoor activity every weekend during the month of November. Further information will be coming home with children the week of 26th October. All the rooms are spending a lot of time developing our outdoor areas and a big part of this is loose parts.

A MacRury, DHT.




Weekly Update 12th October

Dear Parents and Carers

Sorry this is a little late this week.

Change to Parents Evenings – Interim Pupil Report

(From Newsletter)
Due to the current COVID19 restrictions we are currently unable to operate face-to-face meetings. Just so you are aware we considered on-line meetings, and telephone calls but the lack of security using Google Meet and the lack of phone lines made these options unsuitable for this first session.

We felt it was important this year to get feedback on your son/daughter sooner than November and we will be sending an Interim Report for each pupil during the week beginning Monday 12th October.

This is based on their current progress, their effort and the support needed. Class teachers have provided next steps and learning targets that we would ask parents to support with at home. The pupil reports will be e-mailed to you and the next steps and learning targets will come home in an envelope so please look out for this in your child’s bag.

Having read your child’s/children’s report you have the option to call the class teacher to discuss any particular concerns raised with the report. There will be a form for feedback included with the learning target sheet.

Work for pupils who are self-isolating or absent

If pupils are absent due to isolating, work can be found on their Google Classrooms. However, it is important to remember that our teachers are still teaching the class and may not be able to answer emails or questions during the school day. Remember only do school work if your child is  well enough to do so.

Children First

Children First would to like to highlight their parentline.

Parentline provides emotional, practical and financial to families. They are able to provide one off bits of advice or continued advice and support over an extended time.
If you as a parent/carer are struggling for any reason, see this leaflet: Parentline-leaflet-East-Lothian

Attendance and Arrival Times

(From Newsletter)
Once again can we thank you your efforts in getting your children to school on time; the majority are coming through the gates with smiles on faces, and getting into the classroom at their stage set time. This is vital in keeping pupils socially distanced but it also allows for the teaching of lessons to start promptly.

Currently at Lochend Campus we have two concerns; some of our P7 pupils are coming in very early at 8.15am and then mixing across all class bubbles – we are all trying so hard to keep to the Government guidelines and it is vital that they do too. Please can we ask these pupils not to arrive before 8.30am and then to remain socially distanced and within their class bubble.

We also have a core group of pupils who for a variety of reasons: visiting the play-park, they had to drop sibling off who made them late, or went via the shop to buy sweets.

This is becoming a problem with some pupils coming in 20 – 45 mins after they should have been in school. The impact on the teaching and learning is on all of the pupils – our teachers cannot keep starting lessons again for latecomers. Pupils are missing vital information that is passed on first thing, or they miss choosing their lunch option.
We are going to continue with our ‘soft starts’ but we really need your help in ensuring that your child/children make it into school at the right time:

John Muir Pupils and  Lochend Pupils

Lesson Starting Times

P1 Pupils should be in class by 9.00am

P2 Pupils should be in class by 8.50am

P3 Pupils should be in class by 8.45am

P4 & P5 pupils should be in class by 8.45am

P6 & P7 pupils should be in class by 8.55am

October School Holidays

School finishes for the October half-term on Friday 16th October at the usual times. We look forward to seeing pupils again on Tuesday 27th October.

October Holidays

Families be going abroad during the October holidays please check the latest Government guidance about quarantining and country exemptions on return. This can be found at https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-public-health-checks-atborders/pages/exemptions/

Lockdown Diaries Winners

Vouchers and certificates from Be Green Dunbar were presented to 9 of our pupils for the best‘lockdown’ journals. Well done!! A big thank you to
Be Green Dunbar and our wonderful Parent Council for organising















Facemasks at drop off and Pick up

If you are able to, please wear a face covering at the school gates and when dropping off and collecting your child from nursery and school ,
Thank you for your continued support. You will have noticed that all school staff are doing this!

Angus MacRury, DHT.








Weekly Update 2nd October

Dear Parents and Carers,

Flu Immunisations

These will take place on Thursday 8th October in both Campuses. We have worked with the NHS team and organised a safe system that  allows the team to move safely through the school on a strict timetable. The teams will be in full PPE and children will be very safe during this process. The co-ordinator in Lochend is Mrs Eeles and in John Muir it is Mrs Gillanders.

A leaflet is attached below:

23735-__Child flu vaccine primary school leaflet-August2020-English_1

Dunbar Colts October Camp


Contacting the School

A reminder about our communication procedures below. If you are emailing a teacher, please make sure you email the school office  admin@dunbarpimary.elcschool.org.uk and not the class teacher directly via gmail. All emails should go through the school office initially and will be passed on.


Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader Home Connect – you can also click on ‘e-mail set up’ (top right corner when you sign in) to receive an e-mail every time your child takes a reading quiz in school

Link: ukhosted45.renlearn.co.uk/1892871/HomeCo


Your child is  taking part in Accelerated Reader if they are in P4 to P7.
Did you know you can go to a website called ‘Home Connect’ to see their reading results and progress? Example below. Click on the following link and enter their details 🙂 ukhosted45.renlearn.co.uk/1892871/HomeCo


Google Classroom

All classes from P1 to P7 should have their Google classrooms set up. Work is being put by class teachers on a regular basis. Please ensure your child is aware of their username and password which they have been issued with.



Letter from Alison McCallum Director of Public Health and Health Policy

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you for everything you are doing to help keep your school safe, open and COVID free. The measures your school has in place are necessary to protect children, staff and you as parents/carers. We must continue to work together and support our school staff in making the school as safe as possible, even if this feels difficult at times. Staying two metres away from people who are not in your household will help to limit the spread of coronavirus. This is just as important outside. I wanted to highlight the importance of keeping a two metre distance from others at the school gates. If you can, please wear a face covering to help limit spread of the virus. Face coverings help reduce the spread of droplets, and so help limit the spread of coronavirus. Whilst we appreciate this is a difficult time and these measures can be trying, if we keep working together and do our best now to stop COVID-19, for example by not gathering at school gates and by wearing face coverings, we will get through this with fewer people becoming unwell.

The new restrictions announced by the First Minister include not having family and friends who don’t live with you inside your house and you not visiting other people’s houses. Having visitors and visiting other people’s houses has been the source of many COVID cases in recent weeks. This means that if we avoid having visitors and visiting others, we will all help limit the spread of coronavirus across households at this difficult time whilst cases are rising.

This will help us to keep our schools and other services open. Finally, please remember if your child or anyone in your household has one or more symptoms of COVID-19 (a new, continuous cough, a high temperature/fever, or loss of, or change in sense of smell or taste) you should ALL stay at home and the person with symptoms should get tested. Find out how to organise a COVID test on NHS Inform or phone 0800 028 2816. Please contact your school or local authority if you feel you may need help with self-isolation. This has been a hugely difficult time for us all, and there are trying times ahead. However, everyone can make a difference, and by working together and following the FACTS we can help limit the spread of the virus, keep our schools open and our communities safe.

F – Face coverings

A – Avoid crowded places

C – Clean your hands regularly

T – Two metres distance

S – Self-isolate and book a test if you have symptoms

Yours sincerely

Alison McCallum Director of Public Health and Health Policy

Weekly Update 25th September

Dear Parents and Carers,

Playground Zones

These are changing in both Campuses on Monday 28th September.

The zones are working well and rotating them each 2 weeks allows children to explore and play in another area.

Dunbar Primary School Nursery Information

As many of you will be aware we have a great Nursery at Dunbar Primary School. You can check their website and twitter sites below to look at the great things that the children are learning.
Dunbar Primary School  Nursery website: https://www.edubuzz.org/dunbarprimary/

Nursery Update

Ordinarily we would have the opportunity to invite you into nursery and talk to you about the way that we support your child’s development. Unfortunately due to the current safety measures in place this isn’t possible, however the nursery team have put together a presentation to provide you with this information.

Nursery Improvement Plan

Welcome Back: Thank you for supporting us and the changes we have had to implement during this time. It is a delight to have all the children back and be able to welcome our new families to Dunbar Nursery. I would also like to welcome to Miss Olivia Aylward who has joined us as an Early Years Practitioner, Mrs Michelle Higginbottom, who is already a familiar face, in her new role as Early Years Practitioner and a warm welcome back Mrs Lisa Huntly.

The Bee Hive Nature Garden: During the summer we were fortunate enough to receive funding from Community Wind Power to begin developing an outdoor learning area for the nursery. This will include a literacy/story telling garden, a wildlife garden and a growing garden. We have fenced the area, planted hedgerows received from the Woodland Trust and are building a shelter for the children to use with their friends. The next step is to develop the wildlife garden. We would like to create bug hotels and bird houses and plant lots of wildlife friendly plants. All the rooms are spending a lot of time developing our outdoor areas and a big part of this is loose parts. I have added a list of loose parts and materials that we are looking for.

School Pay: If you have registered for school pay could you please contact the school office for your access code. When paying snack money you need to click on Nursery Snack 2020 not Pre order school meals. If you are having an issue registering please contact the school office.

STOP DROP AND HOP: It is the policy at Dunbar Primary School that we have NO BIKING or SCOOTING at any time on the paths and in the playgrounds. This is to stop any accidents and children being hurt or injured. Please make sure your children going to school, nursery or any younger brothers and sisters, come off their bikes/scooters at the school gates and the bike/scooter is pushed carefully to the bike racks. This policy is also in place at the end of Nursery/school sessions. Your help and support with this is greatly appreciated.

Nursery Website: Now the children have settled into nursery we will be sharing their experiences and learning on the nursery website where each room has their own page. You can access the Nursery Website here or via the link on the school website. Could you please ensure that your photograph consent


· Please have a pair of wellies every session. Also suitable outdoor clothing. Each child has their own peg which they are welcome to leave wellies and waterproofs on.

· Sun cream to be kept in bags and forms returned if not already done so.

· The children are provided with a snack in the morning and in the afternoon and water is available for children to drink throughout the day. We are asking that parents DO NOT send their children in with additional snacks and water bottles.

Diary Dates

October Holiday – Nursery and School breaks on Friday 16th October and returns on Tuesday 26th October.

Library Books

We have recently checked our Library returns since lockdown and have over 700 books currently still out on loan. Please can you help your child check for books with the Dunbar Primary School stamp that may have got mixed up with your own books and return them to school. There are also class library books given out by teacher these will also have a stamp and would be gratefully received back.

P5 Trip to Lochend Woods with ELC Rangers

Starting nest week there will be a P5 trip to Lochend Woods, led by members of the ELC Ranger Service, accompanied by members of school staff per group.

Each group will be leaving school at 1pm each time and returning at 2.45pm.

The Class dates are below:

Wednesday 30th September – Miss Denholm, P5A 

Thursday 1st October – Ms McVitie P5F 

Tuesday 6th October – Mrs Sutherland P5E

Wednesday 7th October – Mrs Whitehead P5C 

Thursday 8th October – Mrs Christopherson P5B 

MacMillan Coffee Morning 2020

The staff at both Campuses enjoyed a socially distanced coffee and cake morning today to raise funds for Macmillan
Thank you to all the staff for your support!
Special Thank you SO much to:

for  supporting our socially distanced staff @macmillancoffee
& donating these delicious treats!!

Mrs Black organised for Lochend and Mrs Gillanders for JMC. We had a lovely time and raised money for a fantastic charity! #Community



Dunbar Rotary Club Young Artist Competition

Primary 4 took part in the Rotary Club’s Young Artist Competition at the start of term. The theme was warmth. Here are the winning artworks! 3rd Place- Sohpie O’Brien, 2nd Place- Fernie Sturrock, 1st Place- Isla Love .We still have the prize giving to look forward to next week. Well done all.





Digital Support

The Scottish Government recently announced funding of £30 million to support Local Authorities to provide digital devices and/or the internet to young people at school who may require support with digital access to learning from home.

We have used Scottish Government Guidance to identify young people at Dunbar Primary School who fit the criteria to be offered a device to support home-learning and we will be writing home to parents/carers, shortly of those young people whom we have identified.  Devices will be available to identified students from October. These devices are Chromebooks as they support the Google platform in use by East Lothian Council (ELC) schools. Students may be asked to hand their Chromebook in periodically for software updates and to ensure they are working effectively.

As the device is owned by East Lothian Council, the young person will be asked to return the Chromebook back to Dunbar Primary School if they leave the school. During the period of loan, students will be expected to look after their device and use it for educational purposes only, as per ICT User Guidelines.

Angus J MaRury



Weekly Update 21 September 2020

Dear Parents

We hope you have had a good September weekend.


School Improvement Plan and Standards and Quality Report  Final Version

Please find below the School improvement plan and the Standards and Quality report for 2019/20.

Final SIP 2020 & 2021

Final 19&20 Dunbar Primary School Standards and Quality Report

School Times for both Campuses

A reminder of the school entry times is below.

John Muir Campus

Stage Start

Mon – Friday

Monday – Thursday

Finish Time


Finish Time

Primary 1 8.50am – 9am 2.55pm 12.00
Primary 2 8.40am   – 8.50am 2.45pm 12.05
Primary 3 8.35- 8.45am 3pm 12.10

It is really important that pupils in P4 to P7  come to school as close to the start time as possible.

Last week there were children arriving very early.  Children will be reminded not to congregate in other areas and to head to their entry zone and go inside straight inside once the doors are open.

Lochend Campus

Stage Start

Mon – Friday

Monday – Thursday

Finish Time


Finish Time

Primary 4


Primary 5


School starts at 8.45am but doors will open 10 minutes earlier for a soft start. Dismissed at 3.00pm Dismissed at 12.10pm
Primary 6


Primary 7



School starts at 8.55am but doors will open 10 minutes earlier for a soft start. Dismissed at 3.10pm Dismissed at 12.20pm

Residential Trips

Please click on the link to see the letter sent out to all East Lothian Council schools today regarding school trips:

SEPT 17 Letter – Residential Trips

Angus J MacRury , DHT

Weekly Update 11th September

Dear Parents and Carers,

Meet the Teacher

Meet the teacher this year will be a presentation  rather than parents visiting the school and the class.  All teachers have worked really hard to create a class presentation and  this will be available this Thursday, 17th September. Details of how to access the presentation will be posted here on Monday.

Year Stage Newsletters

Year stage Newsletter will also be issued via email or hard copy if required on Thursday 17th September.

Playground Zones

Both John Muir Campus and Lochend Campus will be moving classes into new playground zones on Monday 14th September.

East Lothian Courier P1 photos

These will take place in class groups outside on the steps of the PE hall at John Muir Camps on Wednesday 16th September.

Head Boy and Girl

Congratulations to two former pupils Nancy Bird and Matthew Pearson on their appointment as Head Girl and Head Boy at Dunbar Grammar School.

Friday 18th and Monday 21st September

These dates are both public holidays and all schools in East Lothian will be closed.


Please click on the link below for updated guidelines  08/09/2020 regarding the above.

COVID-19 FAQs for parents and carers 080920


Find below a copy of the school session dates that were reviewed in June 2020.

ELC School dates 2020-2021 word format

ELC – School Dates 2020-2021 – calendar format

Angus J MacRury, DHT.