Weekly Information 27th March2017

Monday 27th March


P7 All Classes – Parish Church – Easter Decoding

9am – Tempest pre-school group photos x 3 classes

7pm – Parent Council @ JMC

Tuesday 28th March


9am – 3pm: Rag Bag Collection Both Campuses

Easter Church Service at Parish Church – P1,P3, P4, P5E, P6A, P7E

Wednesday 29th March


Easter Church Service at Parish Church – P2, P5A, B, C, F;  P6B, C, E, F; P7A, B, C,D

Pete the Beat at the Cove / parents visiting

Thursday 30th March


Nothing Yet

Friday 31st March

The Big Pedal Ends



Poisson d’avril

Image result for why do people celebrates les poisson d'avril






The children in Primary 1 and 2 will be learning about how children celebrate April Fool’s Day in France ‘Poisson d’avril’ next week.  Unfortunately they are on holiday on the actual day – 1st April.  Children in France make little fish which they attach secretly to their friend’s backs.  Chocolate fish are exchanged as gifts.  The link below is a lovely little cartoon where popular French character T’choupi celebrates this tradition.


‘Spy Dog’ Competition

As you know, one of our Dunbar Unplugs & Reads community books is ‘Spy Dog’ by Andrew Cope.  We contacted Andrew to let him know and he kindly signed a copy of ‘Spy Dog – Gunpowder Plot’ and ‘Spy Cat – Blackout’ for us to give away!









Your challenge…

Find a copy of ‘Spy Dog’ in the community with the Dunbar Unplugs & Reads sticker on it and tweet a photo to @DunbarPrimary or e-mail the school (admin@dunbarprimary.elcschool.org.uk) with the subject ‘Spy Dog Competition’.  Miss Eeles will take a note of all the entries and organise a draw on Friday 26th May. 

All pupils from Nursery – Primary 7 can take part.

Good luck on your search!

P4 Outdoor Learning

Primary 4 visited Lochend Woods this week to take part in some outdoor learning activities. They worked in teams to find materials suitable for creating a sculpture, a den or a pattern.

Take a look at some of their creations!


P7 Plankton Art Project

Information taken from the ‘North Lights Art’ Website: https://northlightarts.org.uk/2016/12/plankton-project-dunbar-primary-school/

North Light Arts have just completed five amazing days in Dunbar Primary School in connection with Donald Urqhart’s public art work for The Battery on Dunbar Harbour.

The two incredible artists Linda Greig and Anna Davis from Dunbar worked with the classes for a full day, creatively helping the students learn about and interpret the life of plankton. Linda had sourced some water from the harbour that had tiny specimens of the species of plankton that can be found in the waters around Dunbar.

The students then studied the structure of different plankton through observational drawing and later by inventing and naming their own plankton. Traces were then made to take their drawings into mono printing and screen printing with Anna. The results were so good they will be displayed in the Community Room of Dunbar Town House at the same time as Donald’s exhibition is being held here in March 2017.