The Big Pedal. Upcoming Events

Big Pedal –

Superhero Day is on Tuesday 12th March

Bling Your Bike’ is on Tues 19 March

Once again we are taking part in The Big Pedal and we really appreciate your support in encouraging your child/children to cycle to school. As we get more points for bikes our slogan remains ‘scooters are super but bikes are better’ – if you come on your bike it’s worth almost double points – parents count too so make sure your child includes you in their class numbers.

Our big push to win a stage, (and the fame and glory for the school) is Friday 8th March, so bikes out of the sheds by that day please. Superhero Day is on Tuesday 12th March – pupils can come dressed as a superhero but riding a bike with their cape (if part of their outfit) could be dangerous so it would be advisable to keep this in their school bag until required.

‘Bling Your Bike’ is on Tues 19 March and there will be Easter Egg prizes for the best ‘blinged’ bikes at each stage.

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