John Muir

john-muir.jpgJohn Muir was born in Dunbar on the 21st of April 1838. As a child he eagerly explored his local environment and developed a love for “everything that was wild”. His family emigrated to Wisconsin in the United States and became pioneer farmers. John never forgot his birthplace and later in life played a major part in setting up Yosemite National Park. The Sierra Club founded in 1892 continues to campaign for the preservation of natural environments. More information can be found on the following website:

John Muir Award Scheme
A number of our classes have participated in the John Muir Award Scheme, gaining the Discovery Award. This is an environmental award scheme which focuses on discovering, exploring, conserving a wild place and then sharing what has been done with others.
One of our pupils was presented with the 7000th John Muir Award.
The school has established links with Yosemite Valley School in California through the John Muir connection and we have hosted two parties of students and teachers who have travelled to Dunbar to find out about his birthplace. The students and teachers from Yosemite valley will be travelling to Dunbar in June 2005 for their third visit to the area.

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