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Weekly Update Friday 24th February

Please find below news, events and links to surveys issued by email this week.

Angus J MacRury  DHT.


We need your help to make our school garden great again!
Our aim this year is to create a wildlife haven for butterflies, bees and birds.
To do this we will have to prepare the soil in our garden.
The first ‘Dig it up for Thursdays’ will take place on Thursday the 6th of March 2017 at Dunbar Primary School (Lochend Campus). The Eco-Committee are lucky to have volunteers from ‘Dunbar in Bloom’ to help and give advice on these days.
If you have a spare half an hour to an hour to help all you need to do is turn up on the specified date with a warm, waterproof coat, wellies or boots and a spade!
We will start at 12:45pm.
We hope to see you then!
The Eco-Committee

Dear Parents and Carers
Reading, Spelling and Dyslexia for Nursery – Primary 7 Parents and Carers Event.
I would like to invite you to a Literacy Event at Dunbar Primary School – John Muir Campus on Wednesday 1st March 2017 6.45pm – 7.30pm in the main hall.
This session is specifically focused on Reading, Spelling and Dyslexia and is aimed at laying out the key principles from the new East Lothian Local Authority Guidance paper (Reading and Spelling), concerning good practice in the teaching of reading and spelling together with the new guidance regarding the identification of dyslexia.
The session will be delivered by representatives from the Educational Psychology Service – Lynne Binnie, Principal Educational Psychologist and Sarah Williams, Educational Psychologist supporting Dunbar Primary School.
This session has already been delivered to all of the teaching and support staff team at Dunbar Primary and we would like to ensure that parents are aware of this new guidance and how it will impact in our school.
I look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 1st March.
Yours sincerely
Helen Gillanders
Head Teacher

Dear Parent’s/Carers

At the moment we are reflecting on the Fundraising and Charity work we do in school and residential visits organised by the school.
We are asking parents, pupils and staff for their views. Please could you spend a few minutes completing the following survey.
It should not take more than ten minutes of your time.
Thank you for your support.

Charity Fundraising at Dunbar Primary School: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NZ3BW2K

Residential Visits at Dunbar Primary School: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NZHNZQL


Feb 24 Baby event


Kidical Mass Goes to The Store on Sunday 26th February
10am-1pm: meet at the Bleachingfield Centre
Join members of Dunbar Cycling Group for a family bike ride to the Store at Belhaven Fruit Farm – there won’t be much fruit but the cakes are great! We can stop for some refreshments and a run around at the playground.

This gentle paced ride will use the cycle paths and quiet roads, with a different route home if we want to avoid the hill! We’ll cover around 6 miles and make sure we don’t leave anyone behind.

Please let Suzanne know if you can make it by leaving a message here or emailing suzannecycles@gmail.com


Feb 24 2017 classes East Lothian Youth Theatre – Information Leaflet



Weekly Information 20 Feb 2017

Monday 20th February

In service Day School Closed to Pupils

P5A & P5E & ½ P5F going to York

Tuesday 21st February 2017

9-12.30 – Basketball tournament @ Meadowmill

P1 Health Checks Start today

Wednesday 22nd February

P5C & P5B & ½ P5F going to York

P5A & P5E & ½ P5F coming back from York

Horseriding Group

Sportshall finals @ Meadowmill

Seasons for growth

10 am – 12 noon P3 Football Festival at Hallhill

P1 Health Checks Continue

Thursday 23rd February

Nothing Yet

Friday 24th February

P5C P5E & ½ P5F back from York





Talent Show for Macy 25th February




Some important information:

There are a limited number of entry spaces and these will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

Baking and Science entries are to be set-up between 1 and 2pm.

Stage entries will be allocated a time slot via email. If you prefer to be contacted by phone, please inform us.

The Stage Finals and Winners of the talent show will be announced at the Family Disco starting at 7pm.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday, 21st February 2017. 

 If you have any queries, please contact booowlsevents@gmail.com

Please return this form and entry fee(s) to the Family Disco to:

Talent Show for Macy’s Spine Surgery, 11 Steadings Crescent, Dunbar, EH42 1GR by Tuesday, 21st February 2017. If you wish the tickets to be posted to you, please provide a self addressed & stamped envelope with


Tickets for the finals and family disco are available at Knox Newsagents and The Store.

Talent Show for Macy Entry Form




respectme workshops in April

Dear Parents and Carers,

Due to the huge demand for the workshops in March a further date in April has now been made available.

respectme, the Scottish National Anti-bullying Service has offered to deliver 2 additional Parent Workshops in East Lothian.
The content will cover:
*   Distinguishing between what bullying behaviour is and what it is not
*   Exploring the latest research in Scotland on online bullying and face to face bullying
*   Identifying what parents can do to deal with bullying behaviour
*   Understanding what to do if your child is bullying someone else
*   Exploring how to help to create environments where bullying cannot flourish

These will take place on Wednesday 26th April 2017, 12.30-2.30pm at the Nungate&Haddington Community Centre and 6.30-8.30pm at Knox Academy in Haddington.
We can offer 40 places on each workshop so they will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
If interested please e-mail anti-bullying@eastlothian.gov.uk

Aidan and Corey (P6C), Running for Macy



Aidan and Corey (P6C), decided that they’d like to raise money for Macy, by running 7k this Friday. A significant distant for a pair of 10 year olds!

Macy’s operation has gone well but they still need more funds. Macy’s mum, Nicky Robertson said that was very kind of the boys, and the best way to donate is through her ‘Go Fund Me’ page.




**In the comments box, please add in ‘Running for Macy** 

Thank you

Aidan Page and Corey Campbell



Wannabe Wednesday Reminder

This was originally posted on 30th January 2017

Wednesday 8th February 2017 THIS IS FOR ALL PUPILS P1To P7

We would like pupils to come to school on this day dressed as the job they would like in the future.

Classes will be taking part in a range of activities to develop children’s awareness of skills for learning, life and work.

A group of pupils have come up with a list of DIY outfits to wear on Wannabe Wednesday! They hope it is helpful for any child unsure of what to wear…

Wear a white shirt, black trousers and an apron. Search ‘DIY chef hat’ online and you will find templates and ideas.

Wear a t-shirt with a large white shirt over the top (leave this open to look like a lab coat). Optional if you have them: rubber gloves, goggles, clipboard.

Sportsman / Sportswoman / Coach
Wear your team’s kit (Dunbar Colts, Dunbar Hockey etc) or wear clothes you would wear for physical activity, e.g. shorts, t-shirt, joggers.

Police Officer
White or blue shirt with black school trousers. Create your own badge from cardboard and use a safety pin to attach it (you can find lots of police badge templates online).

Entrepreneur / Teacher / Lawyer
Make a badge to show who you work for and attach it with a safety pin. Wear a shirt and tie / school trousers / blouse / suit jacket. Optional if you have it: briefcase.

Old t-shirt / shirt splashed with paint. Carry a paintbrush around!

Fashion Designer
Ask your family for different items of clothing and layer them all to make a unique look!

We look forward to seeing a variety of outfits on the day!

Weekly Information 06.02.2017

Sorry this is late this week. We are having technical issues at the school and keep losing our access to the internet. We have reported the issue and are awaiting a more reliable network.

Monday 6th February

Thinking Week @ DPS

P7 World of Work Week

All Day – P7 World of Work activities in Dance Studio

Tuesday 7th February

Nothing to report

Wednesday 8th February

Wannabe Wednesday’ WHOLE SCHOOL– focus on Skills for Learning, Life & Work. All children in P1 to P7 to come dressed as they what they want to work as when they grow up.

Thursday 9th February

9.00am Scottish Concert Assembly led by P2

11.00am – P2 Scottish concert for Parents/Grandparents JM Hall

Friday 10th February

AM – Swimming finals P6 & P7 Prestonpans

Break for Mid term Holiday.

Return Tuesday 21st February 2017







Weekly Information

Monday 30th January

9-2.30 pm – Madras magic (P4) @ Dance studio

AM – P7A & P7B @ Scottish Parliament

Tuesday 30th January

9.30 – 12pm: P7 Dental Checks

Wednesday 1st February

9-11.30 – Horse riding group

10-11.45 – Seasons for growth

1.30-2.30 – Mudras Magic (P4) @ Dance Studio

Thursday 2nd February

1.3.15 – DAP Sports @ Meadowmill

Friday 3rd February

P7 Election Day (Scottish Parliament topic)