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Depute Head Teacher, Dunbar Primary School

Bring Our Adults To School

Thank you so much for coming along to our P4, P5 & P7 BOATS session today! It was great to see everyone and the children loved sharing their learning with you all.

P4 Table Tennis Taster

September Parent Council Meeting

A message from Dunbar Primary School Parent Council:

The next meeting of Dunbar Primary School Parent Council is Monday September 25. 7pm John Muir campus library.

We will be discussing our priority projects for the year, so do come along.

At the recent Parent Council AGM a new committee was appointed. Please see below.

Chairperson – Helen Schoen
Co-Vice Chair – Helen Faulds
Co-Vice Chair – Sarah Horsburgh
Treasurer – Jaime Calder/Mary Horsburgh

Draft Behaviour Policy Aug 2017

16th August 2017

Dear Parents and Carers

Golden Time has been the main focus of our positive behaviour policy over recent years, however we have observed that Golden Time has not been used effectively; some pupils do not enjoy the activities, pupils who this was originally aimed at were not engaging with the programme and were consistently losing Golden Time and it was not seen by pupils as an effective way of rewarding good behaviour. As from the start of this term Golden Time will no longer form part of our positive behaviour policy.

This obviously impacts on our positive behaviour policy so we are drawing your attention to our new policy, we will be discussing it with all our pupils as from Wednesday 16th August.

Our school is a calm, productive learning environment where behaviour issues tend to be minor and low level. On occasion consequences are required for instances of inappropriate behaviour. A simple traffic light system of warnings and sanctions will be used to help children make positive choices; turn situations around and understand that poor choices result in consequences.

‘Good to be Green’ is the cornerstone to our new positive behaviour programme and policy that we are trialling this session between August – October 2017. This will apply to all areas of our school including classrooms, playgrounds, dining rooms and on educational trips or when representing the school.

This is a whole school approach that is focusing on rewarding good behaviour to create an environment conducive to developing social skills, an enjoyable place to learn and where pupils feel they all belong.

We will continue to recognise and reward good behaviour choices and celebrate the success of our pupils. This will included ‘Star of the Week’, Marvellous Movers, Made it On Time Awards, certificates and awards both at Assemblies and in each classroom. There will also be opportunities for class teachers to discuss with their class other rewards on a half-term or termly basis.

As a school we recognise the value of play and the opportunities for socialisation and independent learning that it provides. This will continue to be an important part of our curriculum through structured play activities in classroom and outdoor learning.

As parents and carers you are a vital part in the success of our school, through your support of our positive behaviour programme. We will contact you via letter if you son/daughter has been involved in inappropriate behaviour and will require you to sign a return slip to indicate you are aware and that you have spoken to your child.

This behaviour policy and programme will not work without everyone’s support. Together we can create a safe and respectful environment for pupils to learn and enjoy school life.

We are being very clear with our new policy that pupils misbehaving in the classroom and stopping other pupils’ learning will not be tolerated. We will work with all pupils at the start of term to ensure they are aware of the new programme, however, we will be meeting with parents and pupils if this becomes a regular occurrence.

More importantly though, we know that our pupils are well behaved and motivated by positive comments and we will be ensuring that you are aware of how well each pupil is doing with positive telephone calls, notes home and recognition on our various social media sites.

The draft policy and programme is available to read on our school website (below) and via a link we sent by twitter. Please call into either school office if you would like a paper copy.

We will be contacting you for feedback in October but in the meantime if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely

Helen Gillanders

Click here to view:  DPS Draft Behaviour Policy

Summer Reading

Beat the ‘Summer Slide’ and aim to complete a bingo card over the next six weeks!  You will see some examples below, however a quick search online will show you lots more:


If you’re looking for some book recommendations for older pupils, our P7s created a list at the start of the year:

P7 Leavers Dance 2017

Thank you to all the parents, carers & family members that came along to watch the musical and join in with some of the dances on Wednesday!  It was lovely to see you all & we want to thank you for your support throughout the year.

If you have any photos from the performance and/or the dance, please feel free to tweet them to @DunbarPrimary – all P7 pupils have permission for their photograph to go on the website and twitter.

You can see some of the photos from Wednesday night below (and also some video clips on twitter!).  Thank you to Richard Taylor for the photos!

Mrs Atkinson, Ms Edwards, Miss Eunson, Miss Hughes, Miss Robertson & Miss Eeles

P7 Musical – Pantastic!

Thank you to Richard Taylor for the wonderful photos!

Accelerated Reader Millionaire Club

Wow!  We have 77 A.R millionaires this year!  They all met with Miss Eeles to celebrate their success and talk about their favourite book this year.  We all came away with some great recommendations for over the summer!

Being an A.R millionaire is a huge achievement and they should all feel very proud of their effort this year.  Some of the older pupils have reached TWO, THREE and even FOUR million words!!