Cheerleading Transition Session

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In term 3 Active Schools worked with Miss Stalker from Dunbar Grammar School (DGS) to deliver children to the Dunbar Cluster Schools. Miss Stalker takes the DGS Cheerleading squad and wanted to give children in P7 in the cluster an introduction to cheerleading.

For 4 weeks during curriculum time Miss Stalker delivered cheerleading to 200 pupils at Dunbar Primary, Innerwick Primary and West Barns Primary. Miss Stalker then straight after school ran a cheerleading club for P6-P7 children in the cluster. The club attracted 12 girls aged between P6-P7 and through the club coaching by Miss Stalker the girls learned routines and performed Stunt Cheerleading. The club performed in front of 600 pupils at Dunbar Primary School. The girls were outstanding with only 4 weeks practice under their belt.

Through Active Schools and Miss Stalker working we have enabled children to experience cheerleading and start a pathway for them to participate in a sport. This also links up the Primary and Secondary Schools through new partnerships working. One of the big advantages now is when the children go up to DGS they will recognise a familiar face in the staff at the school. This will help the children settle in to grammar school life quicker because they will feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Children who have participated in cheerleading at primary will be able to continue on with the sport because of the strong club they have at DGS.

Quote from Miss Stalker “I have enjoyed working with all of the P7 pupils. It is fantastic to see both boys and girls interested in learning about a sport in which I am passionate about. They all picked up Cheerleading very quickly and I am so impressed with the level of dedication and effort from every one of the pupils I have worked with. I hope to see this enthusiasm continue when they come up to Dunbar Grammar School.”

Active Schools and the Dunbar Cluster schools would like to thank Miss Stalker for her hard work and dedication on delivering such a fantastic opportunity for the P7 children within the cluster. This will continue as a strong transition event for years to come and we can’t wait to see it go from strength to strength.

If you would like to see all the pictures from the transition click on the link



School Fair Success!

A message from Sarah Horsburgh – Parent Council Chairperson

This year the school fair took in £2,032.92.

This is only marginally down on last year, by around £200. Which we expected given we didn’t have the bouncy castle man (who contributed over £1k to the takings last year).

Again I would like to thank everyone that was involved this year and who gave up their time to help and support. With events like this we never expect to please 100% of the time but I’m glad that people seemed to enjoy it and the money taken has been reflective of an extremely busy day.

Here’s to next year.

Weekly Information 5th June

Monday 5th June 2017

P7 mentoring @ Foxlake

2.30pm – 3.15 pm Drop-in session for parents to look at PEF ideas – John Muir

P6 Rugby Festival

5.30 – 6.30 – P3 Transition Parent/Pupil info evening at LE

9am – Relax kids for Harbour / Phonics room

5.30 – 6.30pm /Drop in session PEF for parents Lochend

Tuesday 6th June 2017

P6A – Hopetoun House

11 – 12.40 – P7 using Dance Studio

P1’s visit to Garden Centre :-

9am – P1E + P1F

10.30 – P1C+P1D

1.00 – P1A+P1B

Wednesday 7th June

P6c & P6E – Hopetoun House

7 aside football @ Meadowmill – Mr MacKenzie

P3/P4 Lunch And Play at Lochend

PM – P7s @ JMC hall to set up (bringing packed lunches)

1.15 – P1 Sports Day

6 – 8pm – P7 Parents Info evening @ DGS

9.20 – 11.20am – The Cove RDA

Children’s University Graduation 6.30pm – John Muir Campus

1.15pm – P1 sports day

Thursday 8th June 2017

9-9.45 – P4A relaxing kids session @ Dance Studio

9 – 10.30 – Callum McGuire – Queen Margaret University Business & Brands Talk – P6

9.15 – 2.45 – P7s @ JMC (Packed lunches)

1.15 – P2 Sports Day

6-7pm – P3 & P4 Disco Lochend Campus. Wear your best Disco Gear!

Friday 9th June 2017

P6 Cricket

9.15 – P3 Sports Day

 P7s @ JMC





East Lothian Athletics Success!

A group of over 30 pupils took part in the annual athletics competition at Meadowmill on Thursday 25th May. We competed against other East Lothian pupils in the ‘large school’ category and won the event!

The team were a credit to Dunbar Primary School and were very supportive of the other competitors.

A huge well done to all involved and a special thank you to Mrs Lyle for training the winning team!