Toys in P1

P1 have been continuing with their toys topic we have read a few books about robots and were learning how robots can help us in our daily lives.  We looked at some different designs of robots in the class and then we wrote imaginative stories about robots.

We have also been learning how to categorise different things and understand why certain things belong in certain groups.  We then categorised different kinds of toys using toy magazines.

Teddies in P1 for the day

Our topic in P1 is toys so today we all brought a teddy to school for the day.  We spent time this morning introducing our teddy to the class and then we gave them a tour of the school.  The teddies helped out with everything today including handing out work and helping us with our number work, which they were very good at, teddies know some big numbers. Our teddies came with us to music and helped us learn a new teddy bear song.   It was such a beautiful day we couldn’t resist having a teddy bears picnic in the park but by the end of the day we were very tired teddy bears in need of a long rest.  Look at the wonderful reports we have written about the day our teddies came to school.

Maths in P1

P1 have been very busy over the last week learning lots of new maths.  We have been collecting data about our favourite toys and learning different ways to display it, we made a pictograph, we discovered how to use a tally mark to record data andthen used this information to  make bar charts.

We have also been learning about money, we have opened a shop and a bank in class and have been sorting money.

We spent a morning out and about looking for numbers in the environment we could hardly believe how many we found.  There were numbers everywhere telling us lots of different information.  We took lots of photographs and then found out what they all meant.  We then made our own posters with numbers which are important to us.

Wow that’s a lot of maths!!!!


Fairtrade Coffee Morning

Just a reminder that all are welcome to our Fairtrade coffee morning this Friday, the 20th March from 10.45 – 12. Primary 7 have been very busy baking, preparing a quiz and making decorations for this event. They are all really looking forward to sharing their learning around Fairtrade with you. It will be held in the school hall and all money raised will be donated to Tradecraft and the Fairtrade foundation. We really hope you can come.

Ear-phones in P3

If possible, could P3s bring in their own ear-phones to use with our school laptops, please? The ear-phones can either be left in school in their tray or if preferred, they can be taken to and fro as required. We have ear-phones for those who are unable to bring any in, for whatever reason! so no problems if you can’t.

Also, P3s are learning how weigh different items using grams and kilograms. For homework they are to find tins/packets etc around their houses, find where the weight is written down then record the weight in the correct section of their sheet. Hopefully they will be very careful and tidy!
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Welcome Back!

P3s were delighted to welcome back Sofia from her travels. She had so much to share and tell us that we’re going to hear more about her adventures tomorrow. She kindly brought back treats for all of us. Thank you Sofia!
March 2015 048

P3 are Artists!

P3s were looking at Matisse cut outs. They were inspired by his idea to “paint with scissors”, no pencils allowed! They made beautiful cards for Mothers Day using scissors and paper just like MatisseMarch 2015 032March 2015 038. The results look amazing!

Biology in P1

P1 had a visit from a biologist today.  We were learning all about plants and what they need to make them grow.DSCF0272 DSCF0273 DSCF0274 DSCF0275 DSCF0276 DSCF0277 DSCF0278

We created a lovely artwork using seeds, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits and vegetables.  We discovered that we eat different parts of the plant sometimes the root (carrot)  and sometimes the flower (broccoli).  We were very good at identifying all the different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

P1 at the Scottish Children’s Book Awards

Eight lucky children from P1 got to go to the Book Bug awards this week.  We travelled into Edinburgh by coach and had our snack in George Street while we watched the world go by.  We then enjoyed a fabulous award ceremony in the Assembly Rooms, we loved the beautiful ceiling, huge windows and oh that chandelier! We had the three short listed books read to us and met the authors and illustrators.  We sang songs and learnt some new dances.  Finally Book Bug himself arrived to present the award to the winning book ………. Robot Rumpus!  What a great trip!!!

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