National Parent Forum Annual Conference


The National Parent Forum’s annual conference is coming very soon. Join us at Bishopbriggs Academy on Saturday 4th October – it’s free to attend and all are welcome. The keynote speakers are Sir Ian Wood and Dr Alasdair Allan MSP, and we have a fantastic range of workshops from SQA, Education Scotland, the Children’s Parliament plus many more. Please circulate the attached flyer to your contacts – we’re keen to get as many parents along as possible.

 To book your place online and find out more, visit:

NPFS 2014

W for Waltzing in P1

100_4166Another busy day in P1.  We started the day with some dictation we are learning the “at” word family we were trying to write lots of “at” words on our whiteboards.  In maths we have been working in groups learning to order our numbers from 0 -10. We finished the day by learning to do the waltz as our sound of the day was W.

Hard work in P5!

P5 has had a busy end to the half term.

Last week we practiced describing a character by making missing posters for some lost space pets! This week we have started to make our own information books about the solar system. We have each designed a front and back cover and had to include the author, illustrator, publisher’s logo and a blurb. Yesterday we added a contents page and sections with information about the sun and our moon. They are looking great so far.

We have also been learning about the Space Race and worked with our learning partners to make timelines showing the main events. We have been thinking about who we think really won the space race – the USA or the USSR.

Today we all went outside to help pick up litter in the playground. Now we are all excited about our October holidays.

Our camera has been on holiday with the P7s for the last couple of weeks but it has now arrived back safely so we will be able to share our photos again after the holiday!

Happy holidays from P5!

Finger gym in P1

We have some new activities in P1 this week.  We are trying to strengthen the muscles in our fingers and hands, improve our hand eye co-ordination and work on our fine motor skills by using our finger gym activities.  We have a selection of items to help us with these skills including nuts and bolts, tweezer games, shape cutters, spinning tops and padlocks and keys. The children have loved using them.

P6 Evacuation Day

The Evacuees

The Evacuees

We turned back the clock in P6 today with the children bringing their learning to life by experiencing school as it might have been in 1939.  This meant no electricity, interactive whiteboards or any toys and games that would not have been invented or common in the period.

Instead, we had individual desks, a blackboard and chalk, blackout blinds on the windows, candle light and marbles and dominoes.  We even had authentic snacks!  Throughout the day we had to deal with air raid sirens, spitfires scrambling overhead and bombs dropping – it was just as well we had our gas masks with us at all times!

All of the children looked fantastic and proudly shared their learning with the rest of the school at assembly today.  Well done and thank you to everyone.

Here’s what some of P6 thought about today…

“I learned a lot about WW2 and how scary it would be in real life.”  Jessica

“I loved the adrenalin of the siren and everyone rushing around… it is something everyone should experience.”  Isla

“I think other P6′s should do this topic because it is a great experience and you learn so much!”  Maya

“I liked today because the blackouts were up which made it dark.” Cameron

“I enjoyed the assembly and the air raid siren with our gas masks, it was great.”  Mackenzie

“I really enjoyed doing the assembly and having the classroom being like evacuees would have it.  I was scared when Mrs Banks put the siren on but it was fun.”  Maisie


Classroom life will be returning to normal on Monday, despite protests to the contrary!

Mrs Banks



What we have been learning so far in P1

We have had a busy start to P1, learning sounds and numbers everyday.  So for the last few days we have had a little bit of a break to make sure we are remembering everything we have learnt so far.  We have been practising all the sounds we have been learning, all 18 of them, we have been trying to blend them to make100_4059 100_4060 100_4061 100_4062 100_4063 100_4064 100_4065 words.  We have also been using our numbers, recording them on our whiteboards and putting them in the correct order.  What a great job P1 well done!!

A Busy Week in P4

A Busy Week in P4 on PhotoPeach

Primary 4 have been busy linking repeated addition to the times tables. They have carried out lots of practical games to prove their answers.
They have been developing their ICT skills further, researching, collecting and sorting information about a Roman god/goddess to create a PowerPoint.
Their block tackling skills in hockey are developing well!
Well done P4!