Christmas fun in P1

100_4413 100_4414 100_4416 100_4417 100_4418 100_4420 100_4421 100_4422 100_4423 100_4424 100_4425 100_4426 100_4427 100_4428 100_4429 100_4430 100_4431 100_4432 100_4433 100_4434 100_4435 100_4436 100_4437 100_4438 100_4440 100_4441 100_4442 100_4443 100_4444 100_4445 100_4446 100_4447 100_4448We are still keeping busy in P1 this week.  We have been learning to write an invitation and a letter.  We sent our invitations and our letters to Santa, we hope he will be able to come to our party on Thursday and we really hope we get a reply to our letters.  We have also been writing about our part in the nativity and drawing some fabulous pictures of ourselves in our costumes.  We have been busy making Christimas crafts to take home, so far we have made a Christmas wreath and a Christmas tree.



Christmas Post!

P5 have been working hard to organise the village Christmas post. Remember that you can buy stamps for 20p from the school office, post office, co-op and library. You can also post your cards in these places until Tuesday the 16th. We deliver all over East Linton. The money raised will go for new reading books for the school.

We are also running a Christmas post in school to deliver cards to the different classes. Remember to put the name and class on every card so we can deliver it!

Here are some photos of us getting the post organised.

From P5.


A busy time in P5

P5 have been very busy over the last couple of weeks!

Today we had a fantastic workshop lead by the Dog’s Trust and learnt all about how to care of a dog properly and also how to stay safe around dogs. Lots of us have dogs at home (or would like to!) so we will be able to put our knowledge to good use.

We have been learning about persuasive writing techniques and wrote some great letters to try and convince Santa to buy a new jet-powered super sleigh. This week we have been watching parts of the film Polar Express and using them as a starting point for practicing our descriptive writing.

Last week we all made an excellent job of working with the P2s to help them develop their computer skills. Both Miss Gilfillan and Miss Reeves were very impressed by the P5 teaching skills!

We are now starting to get into the Christmas spirit and have been working hard to get our gift bags ready for the Christmas Fair on Friday. On Monday we had a visitor from the Eat Happy Project at Tesco who organised lots of fun activities and told us all about the history of orange and ginger.

In maths we have been concentrating on algebraic thinking and working out how to balance different equations and find the inputs and outputs of function machines. We have also been practicing our multiplying and dividing skills.

We hope to see lots of you at the Christmas fair on Friday!

A Taste of Christmas by Lily & Maya

Today P6 and P5 had a visitor called Lyndsay from Tesco who brought with her ginger, gingerbread, oranges, clementines and satsumas, cranberries, raisins and sultanas.

Not all of us liked the ginger we tasted, in fact some us found it very spicy!  We got to taste home made gingerbread too then we decorated our own, after finding out where ginger came from.  After that we heard the story of why Santa puts oranges in our stockings and we tasted different types of oranges.  We then made a traditional Christmas table decoration.

It was very enjoyable, amazebaubles actually!





Sharing our reading in P1

100_4406100_4403100_4409100_4404100_4407100_4405100_4408We have started to share our reading in trio groups in P1.  We work together reading our different reading books and discussing them, this allows us all to hear different stories, discuss what is happening to the characters, look for similarities and differences and we can all help each other improve our reading skills.

P4 Maths Revision

Primary 4 have been busy revising all the areas covered so far in maths. They did this both formally and practically using games. They have managed to remember strategies and processes for each function. Well done P4!

P4 Maths Revision on PhotoPeach

P4 Christmas Prints

It’s that time of year again! P4 have been busy making beautiful prints to sell at the Christmas fair on Friday 12th December. Here is a sneak preview of their wonderful results. Prints will be on sale for £3 each – such a bargain! They would make a lovely Christmas gift. Hope to see you there.

P4 Christmas Art Prints on PhotoPeach