Emotion Painting

P6 have been busy this week creating emotional paintings.  We have been discussing how art makes us feel and have been looking at the work of Van Gogh, Picasso and Jim Dine.   We talked about the use of colour to create emotion and we listened to some different styles of music such as jazz, classical and popular music to see what emotions these evoked.

We are developing our knowledge of colour theory to help us express our own emotions in our painting.  We have also been learning about how art can be used as therapy.  The works we have created are all unique and reflect our emotions.


Another week in P1

P1 have had another busy week.

We have been continuing to work hard on our digraphs this week and are getting really good at using them to help us read and build words. We have also been reading really well in our groups and working hard in our VCOP sessions. We have been looking at different punctuation and this week we went on a punctuation hunt in the book corner. We definitely found a lot of full stops and capital letters!

We have continued to talk about how to keep healthy and on Tuesday our P7 buddies came to visit and we told them what we have been learning about exercise. We also impressed them with our maths skills on some different games on the laptops. On Wednesday we sorted foods into things we should eat a lot of, things we should eat some of and things we should only eat a little of.

Today we had lots of fun making cress heads and we are looking forward to seeing how well they grow next week.

Here are some photos of our week.

Fruit Fun in P1

P1 have had another busy week.

On Monday we wrote some great sets of instructions to tell another class how to do the egg experiment that we did last week. We have been working hard on our digraphs and had lots of fun making ‘oink’ pig snouts covered in different ‘oi’ words. We have also been working on reading our common words and have impressed Miss Reeves with how many we know already.

In maths we have been practicing making numbers in different ways and also doing some subtraction using counters and plates. We are practicing our doubles and know some of them very quickly now.

On Burns Day we read ‘The Gruffalo in Scots’ and ‘The Gruffalo’s Wean’ and had fun weaving paper to make tartan patterns. Our P7 buddies came on Wednesday and we practiced our typing skills by typing our fantastic ‘I am’ poems to display on the wall. We had to use the letter keys, space bar and return. After we had finished we practiced changing the size and colour of the writing and put in some pictures too.

We have continued to talk about keeping healthy and today we learnt that we should eat a ‘rainbow’ of different fruit and vegetables then had great fun making fruit kebabs. We thought carefully about all the steps we would need to work through and worked really well with our partners to create our yummy snacks.

Primary 5 working on their fitness!

Primary 5 have been working on their fitness in PE.  For the last few weeks they have been looking at circuit training and what each station does to their bodies.  Each week they have been keeping a total score to see how well their fitness is improving at each station.

They have also been learning about healthy and unhealthy diets.  They worked in groups to see what constitutes to a healthy diet and what happens to your body when you have an unhealthy diet.

Through our health topic we have also learned how to write instructions for each of the fitness stations they have attempted within PE.  They can now use their instructions to guide someone on how to complete the activity successfully.











 health 2




More healthy living in P1!

This week in P1 we have continued to talk about how we can keep healthy. We have been talking lots about looking after our teeth and did a great fun experiment with an egg, some coke and some vinegar. Afterwards we decided that we’d better keep brushing our teeth well! We wrote some great instructions about how to brush our teeth and had fun creating some ‘happy tooth, sad tooth’ collages. We also looked at the rather yucky results of our clean hands experiment!

We are getting really good at our digraphs and have been practicing reading and writing different words. We particularly enjoyed writing them in the shaving foam! On Wednesday we worked together in trios to put some jumbled up sentences back into the right order and did a great job. In maths we have been practicing our number stories and playing lots of games where we have to take away.

Here are some photos of our week…

In a Nutshell Series from the National Parent Forum

Please find below the link to one of the “in a nutshell” series, which covers the new Careers Education Standard within Curriculum for Excellence – a leaflet should have come home with your child this week.

This new nutshell supplies parents and carers  with basic information about the initial role of this programme in schools and will guide you  to where you can get some more information if you need it.



A healthy start to term in P1

P1 have been busy getting started on our health topic this week.

Last Friday we talked about hand washing. We did an activity with some glitter to demonstrate how germs are spread around and also had some fun setting up an experiment to see if we can prove that there are more germs on our hands before we wash them than after. Watch this space for the results! On Monday we wrote some fantastic hand washing instructions in our writing lesson.

We have also been talking about how our body changes when we exercise and today we did lots of running and jumping round the hall and noticed that we felt much hotter, our hearts were beating faster and we were all out of breath. Some of us even knew why we sweat and were able to explain it to the rest of the class.

We have all been doing really well with our digraphs and reading our reading books. We have also started to talk about ‘Big Writing’ and have been doing some Kung Fu punctuation. Everyone is spotting lots of different punctuation marks in the books that we read. In maths we have been talking about number stories and have been practicing writing them on our whiteboards. We have also been jumping around on a giant number line to practice ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Here are some photographs of our week…

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