Children and Young People (Scotland) Act – East Lothian Council update for families

Children and Young People (Scotland) Act – East Lothian Council update for families
From 31 August 2016, the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act will commence. This Act states that every young person in Scotland is entitled to the support of a Named Person from birth until the until the age of 18.
All pupils will shortly be given a leaflet produced by Scottish Government, explaining the role of a Named Person. You can also find this leaflet on the East Lothian Council website, school websites and the Scottish Government GIRFEC website, along with lots of other information about the Named Person role.
For children in Primary Schools, their Named Person will be the Head Teacher, a Depute Head Teacher, or a Principal Teacher. In a Secondary School, it will be a Guidance Teacher or a Principal Teacher of Pupil Support.
During school holidays, the Named Person role will be undertaken by qualified staff at East Lothian Council. Details of who these people will be and how to contact them will be made available in August, on school and council websites.
Your individual school will inform you as to the name of your child’s Named Person in August, so that you have the most up to date information.
On 30 May, the Scottish Government will be launching a media campaign to raise awareness of the Named Person role and how this fits with the Children and Young People’s Act. East Lothian Council will publicise national materials through social media, on our websites and through pupil post.
For more detailed information, you can look online at the Scottish Government GIRFEC website. This contains a number of very useful and user-friendly documents.

Named Person leaflet

Update from P1

P1 have had another couple of busy weeks.

We have been talking about time in maths and had lots of fun making our own clocks and playing different games. We have also been listening to a very catchy song about the pairs of numbers that make ten. We don’t think we’ll ever forget them now!

We have been learning about the digraphs ay/ai and oy/oi and have been practicing reading and writing lots of different words. On Tuesday we wrote some great stories about having a pet dragon and today we had fun reading a text about an alien called Sid then trying to draw him. We had to get all the details right.

We have been learning about different toys that people played with in the past and went outside into the playground to try out some games. We played with hoops, jumping elastic, marbles, hopscotch and skipping ropes. We are hoping to learn some group games soon.

Today we have been talking about forces. We sorted objects into things you push, pull or both then had lots of fun seeing how many huffs and puffs it took to move different objects across the tables. Miss Reeves was impressed by how much puff some of us have!

Here are some photographs of us busy inside and outside.

Busy in P1

It’s been a short but busy week in P1.

On Tuesday our P7 buddies came to see us and we showed them some of the skills that we have been learning in maths. We used our tens frames, maths racks and also the laptops. This week in maths we have been talking about the numbers that go together to make ten and using our foam tens frames to show the different pairs.

We read a version of ‘Aladdin’ together then wrote some great stories of our own about a magic lamp. On Wednesday we had fun putting some jumbled up sentences into the right order. We had to read the words carefully, use the capital letters and full stops to help us and make sure that our sentences made sense once we had finished them. We all worked really well.

Here are some photographs of our week.

P7 transition day

The P7’s went on a transition day yesterday and had so much fun! in the morning, we met up with the other P7’S from the different          clusters and had a fun packed morning meeting the teachers from Dunbar Grammar school in the Lochend Campus, Dunbar. We had to follow a set timetable. In the afternoon, we walked down to The Grammar school to take part in some sports! We all had a great time and we cant wait to go to the next one!  🙂

Patterns in P1

This week P1 have been having lots of fun describing and continuing different patterns. We found lots of things to practice with and used cushions, teddies, cubes, peg boards, beads and lots more. We have also carried on learning about money and have been getting really good at using coins to make different amounts.

On Tuesday we wrote some fantastic stories about a magic potion. We all had fun imagining what our potions would be like and what might happen if someone drank them! Everyone came up with great ideas and we enjoyed listening to the different stories at the end of the day. We have also been working hard on our common words and playing lots of games to practice reading and writing them correctly.

We are starting on our toys topic and have been looking at old and new toys and thinking about some of the differences between them. Today Lily chose a book about toy cars to share at milk time and Spence had the idea of showing us a toy car he had in his bag. We talked about how it moved and have decided that we’d like to learn more about cars and other moving toys.

Take Away Homework a big success in P6

During our work on persuasive writing in P6 last term homework proved to be a issue for great debate.  Overall the P6 children are not in favour of homework and were able to create some strong arguments for banning homework.  We sent our persuasive letters to Angela Constance at the Scottish Parliament and received a very complimentary reply.  This got us thinking about changing our homework so we are trying Nando’s Take Away homework as an alternative.  The first pieces that have been handed in have been excellent and show such a variety of tasks and learning.  Any area of the curriculum can be covered and there are a wide variety of tasks to choose from.  This week we had leaflets, posters, mind maps, tweets, lesson plans and detailed artwork showing our learning over the last two weeks.  Below are some of the ideas so far.  As the weather is improving we may introduce some outdoor tasks.

P1 enjoy the sun

Everyone in P1 has been enjoying being able to get outside in the sun over the last couple of weeks. Last Friday we had a great time at the chalk day organised by the P7s. Our buddies came outside with us again on Tuesday to help us to work on our measuring skills. We practiced measuring using non-standard units and also ordering objects by length. On Wednesday and Thursday we had our PE lessons outside and today we got back out onto the field for our Friday morning jog.

We have been working hard in the classroom too. We have started to learn about money and are doing a great job of identifying and sorting coins and making amounts of money in different ways. We have been playing games to practice our phonics and lists of common words. Our new topic is toys and we made some great toy timelines showing the sort of toys we like as babies, toddlers, nursery children and P1 pupils.

Here are some photographs of what we have been up to.

P4 Build African Homes

As part of their Africa topic, primary 4 have been designing and making African houses. They could make either a traditional house or a modern design. Some chose to work with partners, others on their own. Their designs are all so different, they have been very creative in their ideas. Well done Primary 4, they look great!

African Homes on PhotoPeach

African Homes II on PhotoPeach

Epic Chalk Day!

P7 ran a fundraiser Chalk art day on Friday! Everybody really enjoyed it, P7 and P1 worked together, P6 and P2, P5 and P3 and finally P4 and nursery. After the fundraiser then playground was beautifully and brightly decorated!

Last Friday everyone wore their own clothes and designed lots of lovely art with multi colours of chalk. There was a variety of designed and there was a lot of sponge bobs and outlines of people.

Because it was such a success the school might  do it regularly, every week or so.

Drawing round each other is really fun
Everyone working on a big chalk art
Super Old Man by P7
A dog face
A rocket
Everyone loved it!
Joshua drawing a car
P1’s and their P7 buddies enjoying themselves
Chalk art is cool

What’s been happening in P6?

A quick update on what P6 have been up to over the last few weeks.  Anna organised an animation workshop for us.  We were all busy making different characters and then worked together to make some short animations.  We have also had three song writing workshops.  We came up with the idea of writing a song about Mexico and researched information to help us create the lyrics, we then recorded it.    We have also had some visitors from the Dunbar Sci-Fest, we had workshops on how things fly, computer coding and the light lab.  We have begun work on our new topic we will be learning about Native Americans and the Wild West.  We have started by  focusing on the lifestyle of Native Americans and have been making dream catchers, totem poles, picture stories, learning about the different tribes and the importance of the buffalo.

Click below to hear our song:

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