A very calm start to P1

SAM_0373 SAM_0376 SAM_0377 SAM_0378 SAM_0379 SAM_0380 SAM_0381 SAM_0382It was so lovely to welcome our new P1s this morning.  We had a very calm start to our first day with lots of lovely smiling faces.  The children were fantasic at getting organised in the cloakroom and managed to get outside for a while despite the weather.  They had a busy morning and they tell me they are all coming back tomorrow which is great news!!

Making the playground a much more colourful and FUN place to be!

A small group of Parent Council members and friends has been working hard over the last few weekends starting improve the school playground. We’ve had lots of input and painting help from the children too.

IMG_2099_web IMG_2110_web

So far, we’ve concentrated on the back playground, partly because there is re-surfacing work planned in the Autumn for the front. So far, we have painted a colourful “village”, long hopscotches, bright shapes, alphabet letters and a clock face. We hope that the letters and numbers will provide educational opportunities too.

One person commented “It’s not like a prison-yard any more!”


We’ve also improved the willow corner with screening and new bark chips that were donated by East Lothian Council. It’s disappointing that this area keeps getting vandalised though, with the willow continually being ripped out by evening visitors.

2014-06-27 09.56.52_web 2014-06-27 09.42.50_web

We have lots more planned for after the Summer! In particular we’d like to make some play-structures and sitting areas.

If you’d like to get involved, or can provide items such as timber, tyres, astroturf, cable drums etc, please email Rebecca on rebecca.devon@gmail.com or Sole on solegar@yahoo.com.

We’d like to say a huge thank you to the Parent Council for providing the funds, and to Mrs Gardner for her support and for giving us a free rein!

Lots happening in P1



SAM_0336 SAM_0337 SAM_0333 SAM_0344 SAM_0347 SAM_0350 SAM_0351 SAM_0352 SAM_0353 SAM_0357 SAM_0358 SAM_0359We have had a lot happening in P1 over the last few weeks.  We had a tennis taster to learn some tennis skills just in time for Wimbledon!!  We have harvested our potatoes and did some detailed drawing in the courtyard of plants and flowers.  We also had a drama workshop, we made up exciting stories in far away enchanted lands.  This week we have been focusing on healthy eating.  We read the story Oliver’s Vegetables and then  we tasted lots of yummy veg in class.  We all tasted something we had not had before.  We also made some plates of healthy food to show the veg we liked best.

P5 Talks

Primary 5 have been busy researching, collecting and sorting information for a talk to the class. We have had a huge variety of subjects and they have all been very interesting. Some of the talks have been about pets. The link below shows some of the unusual pets that our pupils have! Well done P5!

P5 Talks on PhotoPeach

Chefs in the making in P3!


P3 displayed some fantastic food preparation skills today – peeling, chopping and slicing to make some delicious fruit kebabs – great job! 


The Giant Walking Bus is Back!

**News Flash **
East Linton Primary School will participate in this year’s National Giant Walking Bus on Wednesday June 11th 2014, intended to make the children and community more aware of road safety and road awareness. Last year’s efforts saw over 120 pupils taking part along with a number of parents, carers and community participants.
Organised by this year’s Junior Road Safety Officers Jack Forsyth and Eloise Gray, they are hoping to have an even larger turnout so PLEASE JOIN IN and be part of the Giant Walking bus which starts at the top of Dunpender Road at 08.20am winding its way down Rennie Place, Longstone Ave, the Park, Bank Road, School Road and ending at the School around 08.50hrs. Each new street will have stopping points for children to join from all areas of the village.
A local News Reporter will be there to photograph the occasion! 
Come on JOIN IN – Be more Road Aware and make our streets safer for walking and cycling!

Growth and change in P1

SAM_0315 SAM_0316 SAM_0317 SAM_0319 SAM_0320 SAM_0322 SAM_0323Our topic this term is growth and change and we are seeing lots of evidence of this in class.  We are growing potatoes, bean plants and mushrooms at the moment.  We have been finding out what plants really need by growing them in different conditions, we have tried growing without soil, light and water.  We have also been taking great care of our caterpillars and tadpoles, we know have some butterflies to release.  We have also been carrying out experiments to find out exactly how plants drink.  The children have been writing up their experiments and keeping detailed observations of all the changes that are happening.

Parent Council meeting – Wed 18 June

Please note the next Parent Council meeting will be held on Wednesday 18th June as planned.  Although this falls during the busy GALA week, the decision has been made to go ahead with the meeting, as Councillor Michael Veitch will be in attendance to give an update on Road Safety.  The meeting will be shorter than usual, running from 19:00 – 19:45, starting with the Road Safety update.

Thank-you,  East Linton Parent Council

National Parent Forum of Scotland

NPFS has now joined partnership with Children in Scotland .  Our fundamental role has not changed in any way and we will continue to be the independent voice for parents, but this partnership will enable us to share resources and expertise with a like-minded organisation and enhance our ability to continue to influence the development of education for all children in Scotland . This is the next step for NPFS in its journey to get the best education to all children across Scotland . 

 Please read the following announcement.


 If you haven’t visited our website recently please do so at: