Another busy week in P1

P1 have been developing their phonics skills further this week by learning more blends.  We made phonics blend wheels and then used them to make lists of words.  Some of us had very long lists!!

On Thursday we linked up with Authors live and watched a live broadcast of Chae Strathie reading some of his fabulous books.  Some of the stories were so funny and we also learnt some new songs.  We will be using some of these books in our literacy work over the next few weeks.

We also took part in the dance-a-thon on Friday for Lepra – we had some great moves on the dance floor!!

Horticulture in P1


P1 have been very busy working on their growth and change topic.  Today we were learning about the life cycle of a seed.  We learnt the sequence for planting a seed and then we went outdoors to plant our own seeds.  We will be taking care of them in class, we know they will need light and water to help them grow.  We also have some guests in class at the moment we have some caterpillars and some ladybird larvae.  We have been observing them and making detailed notes and drawings  of them in our journals.  We shall be observing them over the next few weeks to see what changes occur.  Keir brought in a carrot which he had grown at home for his show and tell this week, we were very impressed.

P3s visit to Smeaton

Despite the weather, P3 had a “best day ever” in the woods lead by Sam the East Lothian ranger and Mrs Gilmour. Sam showed the children how to make maps outdoors. Their challenge was to make a map of their journey to Smeaton from school using natural materials. Some brilliant designs!
Mrs Gilmour played Bat and Moth a listening game, then Claire and Wendy hid colourful woolly caterpillars for the children to find. Some were very hard to find as they were camouflaged just like real caterpillars.
We came back to school early as everyone was SOAKING! weDSCF0103DSCF0108DSCF0117DSCF0119DSCF0126DSCF0130 got our wet clothes off and got warmed up with hot chocolate and marshmallows, Delicious!!
We’re off again next Tues 12th so here’s hoping the sun shines!!

P1/P7 ICT buddies

P7 buddies have been helping the P1s with their ICT skills.  We will be getting together every Thursday afternoon so the P7s can  help to develop the P1s computer skills.  We will be working on logging on and off, working with Microsoft word to create documents and learning how to make changes to our documents.   Our first session was very successful with all the P1s learning some new skills.

Busy Start to the Summer Term in P4

Primary 4 have been busy since they returned to school. They have been looking at angles outside and trying to identify right angles with an angle tester. With a partner, they have been practising giving and receiving directions using anticlockwise/clockwise, north, south, east and west in their instructions.
As a follow up from their Roman topic, they enjoyed a morning/afternoon up Traprain Law finding out lots about the Romans.

P4 Outside on PhotoPeach

P4 Outside on PhotoPeach

Taking the learning outdoors in P1 and P2

P1 and P2  have taken advantage of the wonderful warm weather recently and  have spent some of the afternoon outdoors.  We have been working together, sharing our skills and knowledge.  We have taken part in lots of activities, searching for minibeasts, ball and hoop games,  writing letters, words and numbers using chalk, paintbrushes and water and improving our co-ordination on the trim trail.  We hope the good weather continues as it is great fun getting out of the classroom and working with each other.



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