P6 Wild West Exhibition

Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who came along this morning to view our Wild West exhibition.  We had lots of very creative parents having a go at making wanted posters, writing native American stories and panning for gold.   For anyone who couldn’t make it here are some photographs of our work.

P4 learn how to make a family tree.

Primary 4 have been discussing how their family came to live in East Lothian and where else family members now live. We have started making family trees and these can be completed at home if you know of any other family members. We began by making an enormous family tree with chalk in the playground, and tried to figure out what relation the different people would be to the person in the middle.


Election update P6 – Labour Landslide

Returning officer – click this link to view video of results

P6 continued their election work this morning, reading policies, discussing the most important issues for the country and finally making a decision on who to vote for.  Our election went ahead very smoothly with lots of help especially from:

Quinten – set up the polling booth,

Findlay – was responsible for the ballot box,

Charlotte, Rachel and Phoebe checking everyone was on the register to vote,

Magnus, Amy and Rhuari counting the votes

Calum and Keenan checking the count

Connor was our returning officer with the final results, which were as follows:

Conservative – 1

Labour – 14

SNP – 7

Liberal Democrats – 6

We wonder if this will be reflected in the UK vote tonight.  P6 really enjoyed learning about how an election works and had some very sensible and mature discussions about the importance of having a vote and discussing what are the important issues for everyone in the UK.  Well done, P6 – a truly democratic experience!

P4 go to the polls!


Primary 4 had their own election today. The children were split into parties and had to convince the rest of the class that they should run the country! Provisional polls have revealed a win for SNP but with a surprisingly good result for the Conservatives. The ballots will be counted tonight and final results revealed at the end of the day.

Update – A surprise victory for the Labour Party, although without a majority so they may need to form a coalition with the SNP or Green Party!

General Election in P6

P6 have been learning about why we are having a snap general election and what it means for the country.  We have been finding out about the different parties you can vote for and reading their manifestos to see what promises they are making.    We worked in groups to read the manifestos and discussed what we think are the key areas of importance: NHS, education, housing, energy, fair pay and security.  We have all registered to vote and received our polling cards so we can vote in our own mock general election tomorrow.

Science Week in P5

This week in P5 we have had a science focus.

On Monday we started off learning the vocabulary of electricity to help us with exciting electrical experiments!

On Tuesday we had Tamsin’s mum Rebecca join us to explain DNA and help us extract the DNA from a kiwi fruit! We ABSOLUTELY loved it! Thank you very much. 🙂 We also started discussing how electricity is made and all about the role of the atoms! It was quite tricky but P5 listened well and everyone did fantastic on the quick quiz after.

On Wednesday we started to investigate circuits using batteries, crocodile clips and light bulbs. We predicted if a circuit was complete or incomplete and then tested it out, as well as testing other materials to see if they were conductors or insulators.

On Thursday we were very lucky to have Tamsin’s dad Donald with us. We were looking at ‘how to think like a scientist’ using thinking skills to help us understand bias, reliability and chance. We had a brilliant day and even got to be scientists and carry out our own experiments! Another huge thank you from P5!

And finally, on Friday we will be investigating switches and their role in circuits and reflecting on all the fantastic learning experiences we have had this week. Here are some snaps of P5’s week!

Pitch, Pulse and MAGIC in P5!

As the final part of the Pitch, Pulse, Magic in P5 the class were learning about the magic of music.

We were learning about the emotions, images and atmosphere that music can create and drew pictures of what different music made us  picture, and used adjectives and adverbs to describe a composition.

Also, some of us got the chance to conduct the two visitors while they played. We  controlled whether they start or stop; and if they play loudly or quietly.

We have really enjoyed all three sessions and learned lots about music over the year!

P6 & P7 at Meadowmill & P6 rugby

It’s been a sporty time recently for P6 and P7.  We had our visit to Meadowmill to take part in the annual athletics competition, we were in the big schools league this year.  Everyone worked really hard on the day at their events and were excellent ambassadors for the school.  P6 have been continuing with their rugby sessions and have made brilliant progress.

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