Red Nose Day and Sharing at Assembly

Well done to everyone for supporting Red Nose Day today! We raised £175 today plus all the money from the 8 boxes of red noses we sold – the most we have ever sold! At assembly we learned about where our money goes to help, the history of red noses and all had a sing and a boogie to the Red Nose Day song!

We also heard from some boys and girls about their out of school achievements in riding and playing the bagpipes – what stars!

Great Golfing in P5!

We were very lucky in P5 that we had Kate Green, the golf coordinator for East Lothian, come and set up a game of golf for us!

We played ‘Scramble’ which meant we worked as a team to get the ball into the target – choosing the best shot and working from there.

P5 were really motivated and put their skills that they have been learning over the past few weeks into practise. There wasn’t a hole-in-one but there were definitely some close ones!!

More design challenges in P6

We have been continuing with our design challenges in P6  to develop our STEM skills further.  We have had two challenges this week, first to build the tallest tower possible from 10 sheets of newspaper and secondly to build a bridge from 50 straws.  We had specific criteria for both challenges.  We worked in trios, planning, trying, evaluating, problem solving and then finally making our finished design.

P5’s John Muir Assembly

P5 did a FANTASTIC assembly today sharing the work they have been doing for their John Muir Award. They came up with the ideas and worked really well in groups to share each part of our award. Apart from the odd feedback here and there, P5 created their Assembly entirely on their own!

They shared the John Muir; drew a picture of our ‘wild place’ and talked about the trees; they put on a short play about exploring Smeaton Estate; and demonstrated the tools we used to conserve the area.

A huge WELL DONE from Miss Lockhart!

A busy time in P1

P1 have been having a very busy time over the last couple of weeks.

In maths we have been learning about measuring and have had lots of fun using different things to measure objects and distances in the classroom and outside with our P7 buddies. We have also been talking about what time of day we do different things and practiced reading and making ‘o’clock’ times.  We are still working hard on our number bonds and our addition and subtractions skills.

We had lots of fun during reading week and enjoyed taking part in a library visit, a book scavenger hunt in the playground and our ‘drop everything and read’ event on Thursday. We also listened to lots of stories, some of them read by parents and carers, and enjoyed getting dressed up as a character from a book on Friday morning.

On Shrove Tuesday Alessandra’s mum came in and helped us to make delicious pancakes. We also made butter and enjoyed eating it with some tasty crackers. The following week she came back and brought one of the new lambs from her farm with her! We were all very excited to meet Lily and she was very well behaved.

We have been learning about forces and had lots of fun experimenting with toy cars on ramps and doing some ‘gravity painting’ using trays and marbles. Our painting activity was a great way to learn about colour mixing too!

Here are some photos of what we have been getting up to.


P5 Blackout Poetry

This week, P5 looked at the technique of Blackout Poetry. It is where you make poetry by keeping the words from a page of text that you want, and blacking the rest out.

There are some great examples of imagination and making connections between phrases in the book pages to create brilliant poems! The designs for blacking out were also very creative. And we had great fun doing it too!

The P4 Code Breakers!

Primary 4 have been using their knowledge of direction, distance and compass bearings to make and break codes written on grids. The direction codes make words, can you solve them?


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