Time Capsule in P1

100_4036 100_4037 100_4038 100_4039 100_4040 100_4041 100_4042 100_4043We have made our very own time capsule in P1 to store information about ourselves at the start of the term.  We have drawn a picture of ourselves, written our name, our favourite food, favourite colour and our best friend.  We have also recorded our height.  We wrapped up the information and sealed it with a label.  They have all been stored in our time capsule and will not be opened until August 2015. We will record the same information at the end of P1 and then compare them to see if we have changed.

Jam-packed week in P5

P5 have had a really busy week.

On Monday we had a talk from the SSPCA and learnt all about how important it is to look after our pets properly. Then in the afternoon we made some great space animations on the laptops. Some of us even managed to work out how to add speech bubbles to our stories.

On Tuesday we had a visit from NYCOS and took part in a singing workshop. We had a great time and were very excited to find that we can take part in weekly classes for free if we like!

On Wednesday we all went on an exciting trip out to Dunbar Grammar to learn about seafood. We met a very large salmon called Kevin and got to try all sorts of different seafood. Lots of us have discovered new foods that we didn’t know we liked.

“I learnt that crabs’ lungs are poisonous” Thomas

“I learnt that fresh salmon gills smell like cut grass!” Lewis

“My favourite bit was trying cold smoked salmon because I did not know that I liked it” Rachael

“My favourite bit was Claire talking about crabs because I didn’t know much about crabs at the start” Kayla

P5 wish everyone a great weekend. Here are some photos of our week.



Roman Numerals in P4

Primary 4 took their learning outdoors today working on Roman Numerals. They had to write or make, with sticks and stones, Roman Numerals which their partner had to then convert into numbers. Well done P4! Some of your numbers were quite tricky!

Roman Numerals in P4 on PhotoPeach


100_1602100_1603100_1604Sheila Payne of the National Youth Choir visited P3 to teach them some new songs and singing games. We had already learned “Oliver Twist” in class and were delighted to learn some more. The children have letters outlining local classes they can attend FREE OF CHARGE!! Please ask your child every day and if necessary, check their bags for letters. Often letters have to be returned for the next day. Thank you.

Mucky phonics in P1

100_4024 100_4026 100_4027P1 have started learning their sounds with Jolly Phonics.  We are learning them by singing songs, playing games and making things.  We were learning the “p” sound so we decided to make our pretty pink pigs into mucky muddy pigs, very messy but good fun.

Another busy week in P5

P5 have had another busy week.

We have been finding out more about rockets as part of our project on space. We researched different rockets to make fact files then did some detailed drawings. We decided that we needed to draw the outline lightly at first, go over our final outline more firmly then add details and colour. The finished drawings are looking great!

In our writing lessons we practiced using different sentence openers then continued a story about a UFO landing in a vegetable patch. We are going to use these stories to help us to set our first writing targets for this year.

On Thursday we were treated to a production of Oliver Twist in the hall. Then in the evening some of us brought our parents in for our school curriculum night so they could find out how we will be learning this year.

Here are a few photos of our week.

Welcome Back P3!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAP3s are settling very well into their new classroom and school routines.
Mrs Gilmour can’t believe how grown up they all look and how much they have learned :) since P1. It has been exciting to meet the new members of the class.
Here are a few photographs of what we have been busy with.

A busy start to P5

P5 have had a busy first couple of weeks back at school. Everyone is looking much more grown up so Miss Reeves isn’t finding it too difficult not to say ‘P4′!

This week we have been talking about different numbers in maths and have looked at some very big and very small numbers. Miss Reeves is impressed by how much everyone remembers.

On Monday we played a game of ‘Blankety Blank’ in our reading lesson and came up with some fantastic words. We have also been showing off how much we remember about VCOP and writing some fantastic uplevelled sentences.

Our topic this term is space and we have started to think about what we would like to learn and how we can do it. On Friday we had lots of fun making balloon rockets and talked about how real rockets take off. We are going to be looking at rockets in more detail next week.



Building up to a full day in P1

SAM_0383 SAM_0384 SAM_0385 SAM_0386 SAM_0387 SAM_0389 SAM_0390 SAM_0391 SAM_0392 SAM_0393 SAM_0394 SAM_0419 SAM_0420 SAM_0421We are beginning to get used to coming to school everyday for half a day but next week all will change as we start full days.  We have been very busy in our half days fitting in lots of activities.  We all decorated a wooden spoon for the flower show competition – they look fantastic.   We have also been busy with some literacy work relating to a story we have read called The Kissing Hand.  We shared our feelings about coming to school most of us felt happy, excited and a little nervous, that includes the teacher,  we have also made our own kissing hands.