Working hard in P1

28 08 2015

Primary 1 have continued to work very hard this week and have particularly enjoyed practicing our maths and our handwriting with our P7 buddies! Miss Reeves is very impressed by how well we work with numbers.

We have been practicing writing some letters and doing different activities to help improve our fine motor skills. Everyone has done a fantastic job!

Next week we will start coming to school in the afternoons as well so we will have lots of time for more fun!

Here are some pictures of our week.

First week in Primary 1

21 08 2015

Primary 1 have had a very busy first week at school!

We have been getting settled into our new classroom and everyone is very proud of how well we are doing. We have been exploring the different learning areas and practicing moving around school quietly. We have also been showing Miss Reeves what we know about sounds and numbers and she is very impressed!

We have really enjoyed getting to know our P7 buddies. They helped us to do our very first piece of work on Wednesday and came back on Friday to help us to make fabulous spoon puppets for the East Linton Garden Show. They look fantastic!

Judy Murray at East Linton!

20 08 2015

What great excitement in East Linton today as we welcomed Judy Murray at the wonderful new tennis courts – well done to P5 who worked with Judy and all the adult coaches developing their co-ordination and tennis skills!

Basketball Stars!

26 06 2015

Well done to our Basketball Team who took part in a recent tournament. Also a huge thank you to our fantastic parent volunteers who have taken this after school club for us!


Nursery Sports Day

15 06 2015
what a team.

what a team.

What a lovely day. You all did so well. We will miss you when you go up to p1!

Drumming and Rugby in P5

15 06 2015

P5 have had an action-packed day!

This morning the whole school was treated to an African drumming performance. We learnt about different drums from different parts of Africa and watched three drumming masters drumming, singing and dancing. P5 were particularly lucky and got the chance to get our hands on the drums ourselves and take part in a drumming and dance workshop after break. We had a fantastic time and made a lot of noise!

After lunch we had the last of our tag rugby sessions. Our coach reckons that we have made great progress and now look like rugby players! Miss Reeves forgot the camera today but there are some photos from last week below.

We also welcomed a new pupil to our class today. We hope that he settles in quickly and has a fantastic time at East Linton Primary.

Trashion Show

5 06 2015

As part of our Ecology week, the whole school took part in a trashion show in the hall. They designed and made some wonderful creations from recycled materials. Enjoy looking at the photos. Well done everyone!

Trashion Show on PhotoPeach

Trashion Show 2 on PhotoPeach

Trashion Show 3 on PhotoPeach

P5 Conservation

3 06 2015

P5 have used Eco Week as an opportunity to continue with our John Muir Award activities.

This morning we headed back to the river with Sam the ranger to get started on the conservation part of the award. We worked together to clear all of the Himalayan Balsam from a stretch of the river bank. We were amazed at how much we pulled up – twelve big bags full!

Once we got back to school we started work on the bug hotel we are building in the wildlife garden. It’s amazing how quickly it has taken shape – now all that is left to do is replace the temporary roof. We hope that everyone is going to take good care of it so that it can be a home for lots of different creepy crawlies.

A huge thank you to Sam, Helen and all the parents who have helped us today!

Garden Show in P1

3 06 2015

It has been a busy few days in P1 getting ourselves organised for our garden show.  We have been carefully writing invitations to all the other classes in school and to our parents.  We then spent time getting our classroom ready for our visitors, we made paper chains to decorate the room.  We made butterflies and flowers to create display areas.  Finally we changed the layout of our room and put our miniature gardens in place ready for our show.

It was an incredibly busy day all the classes visited in the morning and then our parents and grandparents arrived in the afternoon.  We had an amazing day with lots of lovely compliments and smiley faces on all our guests.  We had great feedback from P7 and lovely thank you letters from P2.

Some comments from P7 pupils:

“very creative” – Marco

“all individual” – Martha

“all the gardens have a story behind them” – Oliver

We are so proud of our amazing work on our gardens and have really enjoyed organising the event and sharing our learning with the rest of the school and our friends and family.

Science in P3

2 06 2015

DSCF0225DSCF0231DSCF0234DSCF0266DSCF0275ELPS P3 May 2015 key outcomes dataLast Monday, Donald, Tamsin’s dad lead the P3s in a “getting to know your bacteria session”!
We all used clickers to answer questions from the Interactive Whiteboard on bacteria. It was a bit like ask the audience in “Who wants to be..” There was some surprising answers! We could see the results on a block graph which showed us how clever we were.
Next we took samples using a cotton bud from either ourselves, shoes, objects in the room. We could sample 2 things. We rubbed the samples carefully on to special jelly that the bacteria like to eat. We made sure each sample kept to its own half. Donald took them away and put them in a cosy incubator so the bacteria would grow.
After 3 days we looked at the results… we were DARED to open the dishes! Donald took photographs of some of the dishes(plates) and told us lots of interesting facts about bacteria.
We then answered the same questions we were asked on Monday, we did so much better with our answers.
We had brilliant fun. Thank you DonaldDSCF0219