Catch Up with P5

Sorry for not posting sooner, but here are some of the things P5 got up to before the February break!

We have delved into our writing genre this term – POETRY! We looked at lots of different techniques that poets use and we had a go at our own alliterations.  We used these techniques to create poems that describe an emotion (without saying what it is!) to incorporate it into our Health and Wellbeing topic. We then drew pictures of our descriptions and have displayed them outside our classroom.

In numeracy, we finished looking at multiplication strategies and worked really hard at the formal method – and managing to multiply really big numbers!

In P.E. we were doing lots of Yoga and practising skills such as balance, flexibility and concentration. Finally, in groups the class came up with lots of different sequences of poses, using all of the skills they had been working on!

Just before the break, we went on a trip to Smeaton Estate – our wild place for our John Muir Award. We were led round by Sam the Ranger and learned lots of new things:

  • The Redwood tree has soft bark
  • The Redwood was also the tallest
  • There are trees from all around the world
  • Woodpeckers and foxes live there
  • The pine cones have seeds in them
  • Learning all of the science names for the trees

Thank you to all the parents who came along to help. We have completed the ‘Discover’ and ‘Explore’ parts of our award now and are looking forward to doing out ‘Conserve’ in March.

Philosophy Club!

We had a very energetic evening in Philosophy club this evening!

We were discuss different opinions. We began by taking a side then we had to form an argument to persuade me that they were right. There were lots of counter-arguments and some fantastic reasoning! We looked at topics such as:

‘Which are better, cats or dogs?’

‘If you swapped your brain with your teacher, where would YOU be? Where your brain is or where you body is?’

Previously we have discussed ‘Are we free?’ ‘Is it ever okay to steal?’ and ‘Is treating everyone the same fair?’

At the end of the group we wrote on the board some words that we think describe what philosophy is which I have put into a word cloud.

Hot off the press – P6 Journalists

For our writing in P6 we have been learning about newspaper articles and how journalists gather information.  We created our own silly news reports and presented them to the class just like real reporters, have a look at our video clips below.  We have also been writing newspaper articles.  On Tuesday we had a crime scene in school to investigate; a pool of blood, scratches on the walls and tufts of thick black fur were found at the crime scene.  The journalists then had to attend a press conference and ask Dr Brown from Edinburgh Zoo questions to find out what had happened.  They then wrote their news articles based on their investigations.  We have also been working in groups to create newspaper articles based on traditional fairy tales and we added our own unusual twists to the tales.  Great work P6!


P4 bird-watch in the secret garden


Primary 4 split into two groups this afternoon. One group learned about maths in orienteering and set up a camp outside the school while the other visited a secret garden near East Linton to take part in the BBC bird-watch. We also used the time to draw a tree that we believe would change with the seasons. We hope to re-visit the same tree after the half term and again just before the summer to document these changes.


Busy times in P1

Everyone in P1 has been very busy over the last couple of weeks.

We have been making great progress on our phonics and common words and have enjoyed taking part in word treasure hunts around the classroom and working in pairs to sort out some very jumbled up sentences. We have also started on our Big Writing lessons and have had fun learning some Kung Fu Punctuation moves and finishing off sentences using connectives.

We have been working really hard on our writing skills and have written some great instructions. We also read ‘The Yoga Ogre’ as part of our health topic and decided to draw some ogres of our own then write short descriptions.

In maths we have been playing different games to help us to learn about subtraction. In PE we have been talking lots about balance and have been practicing balancing on the floor, balancing as we move along and over apparatus and balancing objects in different ways. We’ve also been enjoying doing some yoga in classroom.

We have been continuing with our health topic and have been talking lots about our feelings, what makes us special and what we value in other people. Today we started to talk about similarities and differences and tried to find ways in which pairs of objects were the same and different. Tomorrow we’re going to try the same thing with people.



Primary 4 mixing maths with PE

Primary 4 have been learning how maths plays a big part in sport. We have been discussing scoring of games and have created a throwing game that helps us remember the 3, 6 and 9 times table. We have also been looking at repeated patterns on 100 squares when we forget our tables.

Please try and practise these tables at home if you don’t yet know them.


P6 Art and Poetry Show

P6 pupils opened their classroom today to family and friends to view their fabulous showcase of art and poetry work.   We had a great turnout and the pupils were so enthusiastic to be able to share their learning.  Visitors were then able to enjoy some sparkling water and nibbles before taking part in some art and poetry workshops to learn some of the skills and techniques from the children.  We have some very talented parents!  Thank you so much for coming and making it a very special and enjoyable afternoon.

Brilliant start to the year in P5

We had a busy week last week in Primary 5!

We really go into our Health and Wellbeing topic: Knowing Me, Knowing You. We thought about our own qualities and also responsibilities – what can we and should we be able to do for ourselves? This lead us on to think about people who have certain barriers so we created or adapted games and sports that would be inclusive of everyone! Primary 5 had some great ideas and it was brilliant to see them really engage with their topic and have such inspirational ideas.

We also had a visit from Matt who works at the Royal Observatory. He came in to talk to us all about light and different light waves! P5 really enjoyed making colour wheels, using UV light to turn beads purple and seeing how an infrared camera works.

Also, we started our BBC Terrific Science course by colouring in each other’s tongues and counting the taste buds. Turns out we have 5 super-tasters in our class! We will be joining in the Live Lesson tomorrow and find out more about what our results mean.

We also had a visit from the gorgeous Rose (Ella’s sister) who came for cuddles on Tuesday! P5 couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day! It was a lovely treat 🙂

Also, with Mrs Banks P5 made their own Rabbie Burns poems, using traditional Scots words! Can’t wait to see what the rest of their poetry will bring this term.


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