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Maths in P6

Over the last few weeks in P6 we have been looking at symmetry during our maths lessons and we created some fantastic symmetrical art.  We have also been working in pairs to solve a variety of different maths problems.  As part of maths week Scotland we looked at different number tricks and tried to understand how they worked – hopefully the children have tried them at home!

Learning about WW2 in P6

P6 have made a great start to their learning about the events and impact of WW2.  We have been reading round the school looking for information to help us gather evidence to answer questions.  We have had a focus

this week on learning about evacuees and have done some short drama pieces and some hot seating to really get an understanding of how it would have been for children then.  We have also created some movement with paint by making finger paintings of paratroopers.

P6 Wild West Exhibition

Thank you to all the parents, family and friends who came along this morning to view our Wild West exhibition.  We had lots of very creative parents having a go at making wanted posters, writing native American stories and panning for gold.   For anyone who couldn’t make it here are some photographs of our work.

Election update P6 – Labour Landslide

Returning officer – click this link to view video of results

P6 continued their election work this morning, reading policies, discussing the most important issues for the country and finally making a decision on who to vote for.  Our election went ahead very smoothly with lots of help especially from:

Quinten – set up the polling booth,

Findlay – was responsible for the ballot box,

Charlotte, Rachel and Phoebe checking everyone was on the register to vote,

Magnus, Amy and Rhuari counting the votes

Calum and Keenan checking the count

Connor was our returning officer with the final results, which were as follows:

Conservative – 1

Labour – 14

SNP – 7

Liberal Democrats – 6

We wonder if this will be reflected in the UK vote tonight.  P6 really enjoyed learning about how an election works and had some very sensible and mature discussions about the importance of having a vote and discussing what are the important issues for everyone in the UK.  Well done, P6 – a truly democratic experience!

General Election in P6

P6 have been learning about why we are having a snap general election and what it means for the country.  We have been finding out about the different parties you can vote for and reading their manifestos to see what promises they are making.    We worked in groups to read the manifestos and discussed what we think are the key areas of importance: NHS, education, housing, energy, fair pay and security.  We have all registered to vote and received our polling cards so we can vote in our own mock general election tomorrow.

P6 & P7 at Meadowmill & P6 rugby

It’s been a sporty time recently for P6 and P7.  We had our visit to Meadowmill to take part in the annual athletics competition, we were in the big schools league this year.  Everyone worked really hard on the day at their events and were excellent ambassadors for the school.  P6 have been continuing with their rugby sessions and have made brilliant progress.

Update from P6

A quick update on what has been happening in P6 recently.  We had a visit from Fork to Field and we learnt how to chop vegetables and make tasty kale soup.  We finished our inventors and inventions project with two final design challenges, we made wind cars and catapults.  Our cars could only be powered by a fan so we had to make a large sail and we tested our catapults  by firing marshmallows to knock over cup towers and we tried to fire marshmallows  into cups.  We have also had two taster sessions of rugby which everyone has really enjoyed.  We have started our new project learning about native Americans.  We have been finding out about their lifestyle and culture.  We have also been looking at their arts and beliefs.  We learnt about the legend behind the dream catcher and then we made our own versions.

More design challenges in P6

We have been continuing with our design challenges in P6  to develop our STEM skills further.  We have had two challenges this week, first to build the tallest tower possible from 10 sheets of newspaper and secondly to build a bridge from 50 straws.  We had specific criteria for both challenges.  We worked in trios, planning, trying, evaluating, problem solving and then finally making our finished design.

P6 tackle another design challenge

Our project on inventors and inventions is well under way in P6.  Today we had the  challenge to invent a basketball holder only using newspaper and masking tape.  We first investigated strong shapes by making cubes and square based pyramids from cocktail sticks and sweets.  We discovered that triangles were a very strong shape, they managed to take the weight of nine books whereas the cubes only manged to hold three books before collapsing.

We then worked in trios to design a basketball holder, the three main criteria for the design were: it must stand alone, be made only of newspaper and it must support a basketball for 20 seconds.  We found it a tricky task but we are learning to persevere, think critically, problem solve, evaluate and review our designs and every group managed to make their own original holder.  More design challenges to come in the next few weeks.

WOW! What a Week in P6

It has been one of our busiest weeks yet in P6.  We have been creating some emotional artworks linked with our health and well being work.  We listening to some different types of music and expressed how they made us feel with pencil and paper, we then looked at some emotive paintings and discussed how colour can create emotions in paintings.  We then created our own emotional artworks using a variety of art materials.

We have made a start on our new topic work on inventors and inventions.  We worked in small groups and had to invent/design or create something from a bag full of bits and bobs – some very interesting and unusual items were made.    Some of our inventions are:  a Falcon case for iphone, a water sprinkler system, a floating fish adaptable device, a catapult and target, an unicorn bunny, a Spy Eye, a signal boat, a Halo den and a splonker. We have also had a visit from Generation Science teaching us all about electricity and a visit from the Museum of Flight teaching us about forces.

For reading week and World Book Day we had a visit from local author, Judy Hayman, she told us all about writing her books and read some extracts to us.  We had a book hunt in the playground with our P2 buddies, we took part in a read around the school all about World Book Day and in groups we took part in a

book quiz.