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Health and Wellbeing by P4

Here is our Health and Wellbeing update in P4!

Growth Mind set is when you set yourself challenges and never give up and have stickability.

You have to eat 5 fruit and veg a day of the fruit and veg plate. And the fruit and veg plate is as big as the protein slice.

The other slices are   dairy, protein, fat and sugar, carbohydrate.

We have also been lucky and had people come and teach us all about rugby and table tennis!

Amazing Numbers Learning by P4

Here is a little bit about what we have been doing in numeracy and maths this term! We have been very busy!

Number and maths

We have learnt more than and less than with Charlie the crocodile.

We have been learning to estimate and measure mass length and capacity.

The names of measure are…..millilitres centimetres metres litres millimetres and kilometres.

Place value

Place value is when 1s + 10s + 100s + 1000s + 10 000 + 100 000 and  when you put numbers in order.

Lovely Literacy by P4

Here is another blog post written by P4 about what knowledge and skills they have been developing in Literacy!

  1. We have been writing stories and letters using VCOP.
  2. We have been doing AR for 7 weeks and doing AR tests.
  3. VCOP is vocabulary connectives openers’ punctuation.
  4. We have been planning out our writing.
  5. Use VCOP in your stories.
  6. nonfiction is something that is true like stuff in a dictionary.
  7. fiction is made up stories.
  8. vocabulary is really good wow words.
  9. we read at least once a day.
  10. We all tried to do at least 20 sentences on Thursday the 10th in our writing.
  11. we all try our best in our writing and work hard.

Rainforest Reflection by P4

Primary 4 have all written their own blog posts for this term. Here is what we have learnt about the Rainforest:

We have been learning about the rainforest for are topic. We made muffins with bananas and chocolate which come from the rainforest. They were Rainforest Alliance so they people who grow them look after the forest. We are learning about the kapok tree, it is home to many animals. We are learning about deforestation; in are class novel a man is cutting down the kapok tree, and the animals whisper in his ear reasons not to cut down the kapok tree. People are coming to the rainforest and cutting down trees; trees give oxegan, rain will fall and the rainforest will turn into a dessert. Deforestation is bad for people in the rainforest and the animals. There is endangered animals deforestation. The rainforest is at used to be 14% but now it’s at 6%. Trees in the rainforest can grow to 5 meters in sercomfrance. Soon there might only be 1 tree in the rainforest. People in the rainforest are endangered in the rainforest because of deforestation. Boys hunt at an early age. One day a man came to show scientists about the people in the rainforest and how they were real. The tribes might die one day because of deforestation. The layers of the rainforest are the emergent, canopy, understory and forest floor. There are four layers. Animals are much endangered of deforestation. We have to stop deforestation. Please help! We went to the botanic gardens on the school trip to the glasshouses. We also saw cocoa pods and we eat papaya, a food in a rainforest. We also tasted chocolate. We learned that a poisons plant can be a medicine! We saw huge fish in a pond! In the glasshouses were humid.

P4 learn how to make a family tree.

Primary 4 have been discussing how their family came to live in East Lothian and where else family members now live. We have started making family trees and these can be completed at home if you know of any other family members. We began by making an enormous family tree with chalk in the playground, and tried to figure out what relation the different people would be to the person in the middle.