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Great Golfing in P5!

We were very lucky in P5 that we had Kate Green, the golf coordinator for East Lothian, come and set up a game of golf for us!

We played ‘Scramble’ which meant we worked as a team to get the ball into the target – choosing the best shot and working from there.

P5 were really motivated and put their skills that they have been learning over the past few weeks into practise. There wasn’t a hole-in-one but there were definitely some close ones!!

P5’s John Muir Assembly

P5 did a FANTASTIC assembly today sharing the work they have been doing for their John Muir Award. They came up with the ideas and worked really well in groups to share each part of our award. Apart from the odd feedback here and there, P5 created their Assembly entirely on their own!

They shared the John Muir; drew a picture of our ‘wild place’ and talked about the trees; they put on a short play about exploring Smeaton Estate; and demonstrated the tools we used to conserve the area.

A huge WELL DONE from Miss Lockhart!

P5 Blackout Poetry

This week, P5 looked at the technique of Blackout Poetry. It is where you make poetry by keeping the words from a page of text that you want, and blacking the rest out.

There are some great examples of imagination and making connections between phrases in the book pages to create brilliant poems! The designs for blacking out were also very creative. And we had great fun doing it too!

P5 Learn about Pitch

P5 were brilliant this morning while looking at ‘pitch’ in music with our visitors from Pitch, Pulse and Magic.

We discovered that sound is made from vibrations and how the size of the vibration determines the pitch.

In groups, P5 played tunes with each person being a different cord and having a different pitch. Here are two groups having a go! They did a great job 🙂


It’s All Maths and McCoos in P5

P5 have been working hard on their algebraic thinking this week looking at function machines and really challenging each other when using them to play games.

We also discussed division and what it really means. We used counters to physically divide amounts before we start looking at larger numbers.

We have also been looking at the colourful artwork of Steven Brown. He is known for his ‘McCoos’ and we created our own wee McCoos using oil pastels and paint. They’ve turned out brilliantly! Well done P5!

P5 Conserve with the John Muir Award

P5 have now completed three out of four parts of their John Muir Award!

On Tuesday, we went to Smeaton Estate to help ‘conserve’ the area. Sam the Ranger showed us how to use rakes, spades, secateurs, loppers and saws to clear the pathways, collect in rubbish and trim the plants back.

We had lots of fun and got a bit messy but P5 did a fantastic job and made a big difference! We worked extremely well in our teams and with our partners.

Thank you to all of the parents who came along to help and who also got stuck in!

P5 Book Bonanza

P5 have been working really hard this week doing lots of book-related activities to celebrate World Book Day!

We decorated our door to make it look like the book cover from Hamish and the Worldstoppers, we wrote poems about our favourite books as well as doing puzzles based on books for our Brainstarters.

As part of our poetry analysis, we looked at ‘Winter’ by William Shakespeare and created freeze-frames with a partner as our ‘creating’ HOTS question.

To top it all off, the costumes for Dress Up day were brilliant! Well done P5

We are looking forward to returning to Smeaton next week for our conserve part of our John Muir Award!

P4 and P5 Scavenger Hunt


On Monday, P4 and P5 joined forces to take part in a whole school Book Scavenger Hunt.

They had to look for words and images in lots of books that were hidden around the playground.  The had lots of fun and managed to set different challenges for each other. It was great to see lots of teamwork and focus 🙂

Catch Up with P5

Sorry for not posting sooner, but here are some of the things P5 got up to before the February break!

We have delved into our writing genre this term – POETRY! We looked at lots of different techniques that poets use and we had a go at our own alliterations.  We used these techniques to create poems that describe an emotion (without saying what it is!) to incorporate it into our Health and Wellbeing topic. We then drew pictures of our descriptions and have displayed them outside our classroom.

In numeracy, we finished looking at multiplication strategies and worked really hard at the formal method – and managing to multiply really big numbers!

In P.E. we were doing lots of Yoga and practising skills such as balance, flexibility and concentration. Finally, in groups the class came up with lots of different sequences of poses, using all of the skills they had been working on!

Just before the break, we went on a trip to Smeaton Estate – our wild place for our John Muir Award. We were led round by Sam the Ranger and learned lots of new things:

  • The Redwood tree has soft bark
  • The Redwood was also the tallest
  • There are trees from all around the world
  • Woodpeckers and foxes live there
  • The pine cones have seeds in them
  • Learning all of the science names for the trees

Thank you to all the parents who came along to help. We have completed the ‘Discover’ and ‘Explore’ parts of our award now and are looking forward to doing out ‘Conserve’ in March.

Brilliant start to the year in P5

We had a busy week last week in Primary 5!

We really go into our Health and Wellbeing topic: Knowing Me, Knowing You. We thought about our own qualities and also responsibilities – what can we and should we be able to do for ourselves? This lead us on to think about people who have certain barriers so we created or adapted games and sports that would be inclusive of everyone! Primary 5 had some great ideas and it was brilliant to see them really engage with their topic and have such inspirational ideas.

We also had a visit from Matt who works at the Royal Observatory. He came in to talk to us all about light and different light waves! P5 really enjoyed making colour wheels, using UV light to turn beads purple and seeing how an infrared camera works.

Also, we started our BBC Terrific Science course by colouring in each other’s tongues and counting the taste buds. Turns out we have 5 super-tasters in our class! We will be joining in the Live Lesson tomorrow and find out more about what our results mean.

We also had a visit from the gorgeous Rose (Ella’s sister) who came for cuddles on Tuesday! P5 couldn’t stop talking about it for the rest of the day! It was a lovely treat 🙂

Also, with Mrs Banks P5 made their own Rabbie Burns poems, using traditional Scots words! Can’t wait to see what the rest of their poetry will bring this term.