Adventure Award Days – first steps toward World Championships

Adventure Award Days are now published for next year. These days give whole classes over the course over a day (or half) to experience some real world learning in a variety of outdoor sports. Who knows – the next Orienteering/ Bouldering/ Canoe Sprint world champion may be lurking in your class. Make sure everyone has the opportunity to unleash their hidden talent. Book by getting in touch with your Outdoor Learning Link teacher –

Martyn, Andy or Liz

The sessions listed below are open to all schools in East Lothian – will not affect any other allocation with Outdoor Learning. First to book a day chooses venue. Watersports (Kayak;Canoe;SUP;Sail), Climbing (Indoor and Outdoor), Orienteering all available.

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Outdoor Learning Opportunities 16/17

Let us know how we can help….

Click on the picture below for an overview of the Outdoor Learning service and the opportunities we provide

who we are


‘Specialist Outdoor Learning Teacher Provision’ – Contact your schools allocated Outdoor Learning Teacher directly.

‘Adventure Award days’ – Complete the booking form and email to . You may wish to discuss this with your schools allocated Outdoor Learning Teacher before booking to tie the award days in with the schools overall outdoor learning programme.

‘Extra curricular/ Extra Requests’ – Complete the booking form and email to . You may wish to discuss this with your schools allocated Outdoor Learning Teacher before booking to tie the award days in with the schools overall outdoor learning programme.

‘Summer Activity Programme’ – Keep an eye out for the Summer Programme brochure (should be out to schools on 19th May 2014).  Let young people know they can book onto many outdoor sessions.

‘Staff Development (CLPL) Programme’ – Have a look at the sessions on offer through the website, complete the booking form and email to .

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Skye Sports – job done!


We had wind, rain, some midges, more rain, and more rain – ok we did have sun on the first and last days.  Over 7 days a group of S5 pupils from Knox and North Berwick High Schools walked 108 kms of the Skye Trail from Broadford in the south to Rubha Hunish in the north.

On leaving Broadford the group first walked 20 kms round the coast to camp at Torrin. Next day we battled over the mighty Blaven in terrible conditions before seeking overnight sanctuary in the great new Camusunary bothy in the company of three Germans, a Norwegian, Hungarian, Lithuanian and a Bulgarian- all conversing of course in English.  Next we walked up the valley to camp at Sligachan, then walked in a ‘monsoon’ day round the coast to the next camp at Portree.  From here we stumbled and fought our way over peat bogs to the top of mighty Storr at the south end of the Trotternish.  Next, we walked the north end of the Trotternish and down through the Quiraing to camp at the excellent Dun Flodigarry Hostel (thankfully with the use of their facilities to avoid the ferocious midges). On the last day we finished with amazing views of Harris, watched dolphins breaching in the Minch before finishing with a refreshing swim at the very north tip at Rubha Hunish.

Very well done Phoebe, Ailsa, Conal, George, Danial, Matt and Ross!  Top job by all for being up for the challenge, and especially for maintaining a great level of enthusiasm and morale through conditions that were definitely ‘character forming’ at times.  And thank you much Caroline for volunteering; giving up your time and helping to make this happen.

Sorry about the lack of pictures (the one of Blaven in the sun above was Googled!),  but I lost my camera. Hopefully we’ll be be able to share group photos and I’ll get more up here.

Have a great Summer …

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Wet week of Work Experience

This week i have been doing work experience at the outdoor learning center. At the start of the week i was really nervous but when i got to the place they welcomed me very well. On my first day i went with Anthony to do sea to summit. We went down to the beach went swimming walking along the rocks and just playing in the water. I think it was a great experience for me and the kids that went. Then we went to the top of north berwick law that was great fun. I have enjoyed my time here and a massive thanks for Martyn, Ang, Keith and Anthony for letting me come for work experience


Kyle Ainslie

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    The whole of Macmerry Primary School recently spent a day doing literacy……..  on the beach !

Working in house groups, the children chose various literacy based challenges which could earn them points culminating in a grand sandcastle build on the beach !

mac merry beach

Orienteering to spell words, beach volleyball to gain sentence parts, relaying seawater to float up words from the bottom of a pipe, creating treasure islands, and story boards on the beach, were a few of the challenges that each group could chose in their quest to be the best .


After all the challenges had been completed , there was a frenzy of hard work on the beach with each group endeavouring to build the biggest and best sandcastle (an appropriate finish to a grand day on the beach!).



mac merry beach final

Finally, the first ever Golden Spade award  was given to the house team with the most points.


If you would like a beach day linked to a curriculum area , contact Ang at Outdoor Learning .

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