Elphy’s World of Work Conference

P3/4/5 are organising a conference in school to discover more about the world of work and positive destinations after high school.  They have persuaded staff from Ross High, Edinburgh University and QMU to attend as speakers!  The conference is for the children only but we do need some help from parents who might like to share some of their (positive!) experiences of training and work.  If you would be happy to speak to the children at the conference about on the job training, apprenticeships or college or university and how this has helped you in your job we would love to hear from you.  The conference is in the morning of Friday 2nd June.

Did you know…..?

Elphinstone Primary School has a long, ongoing partnership with Carberry Care Home. This term we are hosting weekly intergenerational lunch visits for the residents of the care home.

I can explain how the needs of a group in my local community can be supported. SOC 2-16a

Daily Mile

Today everyone who has managed to run 8/9 laps of the playground consistently took park in our first official individually timed 1 mile run. Our fastest finisher today was Huw, with an impressive time of 8mins 38secs. He was closely followed by Oli and Alistair. However, there were a huge number of children who worked really had to pace themselves and complete the course in a super speedy time. Well done everyone! What a fantastic effort.

Playground fun

This term we have been having so much fun in the playground with our open ended resources. We have been building a huge ball track. We experimented to see how changing where we put the pipes changed the speed of the balls.