First Week Finished!

WOW!! What an amazing first week back we have had. The P2’s have got right back into the swing of things and the P1’s have well and truly found their feet! Everyone has had a brill week and Mrs McKinnon enjoyed meeting all the boys and girls today. She will be ready and excited to get going first thing on Monday morning. But until then…..ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!

Our First Day!!

We are having a FABBY day today on our first day of school. We have been exploring our new classroom and playing with lots of new toys and games. The P1’s have all settled in very well and have been listening lots. The P2’s have been the best role models! They are showing the new P1’s the ropes.


Our First Day on PhotoPeach

Getting ready…

Today I am in school getting the classroom all sorted for you coming back next week. I am so excited to be coming back to school and really looking forward to getting to know all the new P1’s and P2’s!!

As it’s my first day back too I think I will be just as nervous as the new P1’s but hopefully we can help each other and have a great day next Wednesday.

See you then….

P1/2 Bake Sale

P1/2 children organised their bake sale on Wednesday. It was a very busy and successful morning with lots of lovely baking to sell. We raised £66.05! Well done everybody for all your hard work. Thank you to parents for supporting this event.

IMG_9535 IMG_9536 IMG_9537 IMG_9538 IMG_9539 IMG_9540 IMG_9541 IMG_9542

Froid et Chaud

P1/2 and P3/4 are continuing to learn French each week with Mrs Scott. Through a variety of games and activities, the children learn many new words and phrases each week.

This is a hide and seek game. One child leaves the room and another child hides a toy. When the child returns and tries to find the toy, the rest of the children call “froid” (cold) or “chaud” (hot) to guide them to finding it. It was a fun and noisy game!

IMG_9058 IMG_9057 IMG_9056 IMG_9055 IMG_9054 IMG_9053