We have been arty!

Today we have been thinking about our Easter Assembly. At the assembly we will be talking about things we are thankful for at Easter time. Can you guess some of the things we are thankful for based on the props we have made….


What a week. We have squeezed so much into yesterday and today! We have read 2 more chapters of our class novel ‘The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark’ and we have been thinking about all the things we have learned so far about space. We also have been working really hard on our adding this week. P2 are getting really good at adding on in 10’s and P1 are becoming wizards with their number bonds to 10. Well done everyone for a lot of hard work. Enjoy your weekend.

World Book Day

This afternoon we were lucky enough to have some visitors. P6/7 came down to P1/2 to share some stories with us to celebrate World Book Day. Little did they know that we are so clever we were able to read a few stories to them too.

Alistair even treated the whole class to a read through of Julia Donaldson’s ‘A squash and a squeeze’. Which we all very much enjoyed.

As a whole group we read ‘Room on the Broom in Scots’. I told the boys and girls how much I love listening to stories even as an adult. We thought about how popular audio books are. At the end of the day…. we’re NEVER too old for a bedtime story!!

What is a shooting star?

When we were thinking about what we wanted to learn about Night and Day someone said they wanted to learn about shooting stars. Only a few of us had seen a shooting star before so we watched some lime lapse videos of the night sky online and saw lots! We loved this one. How many shooting stars can you spot?

We learned that shooting stars are rocks burning up as they enter the Earths atmosphere. WOW!! This also led us into lots of discussion about gravity. We are going to test it out more tomorrow in P.E.

Why not try having a look up over the next few nights and seeing if you can catch a glimpse of a shooting star.

Wednesdays are writing days!

Today we were writing about a HUGE banana!! We had lots of fun ideas to explain how the banana got so big. Here are just a few…


It was an OWL!!

Did you guess correctly? We were making owls….

Wednesday means … Story Writing!

Everyone worked so hard on their writing task today! I was blown away by how great every story was. Well Done P1/2. Here are a few of this weeks star writers Ethan, Aaron, Kiara and Alex (although really this week everyone was a star writer).


What are we working on?

Soooo … we have been learning about nocturnal animals and reading the story about The Owl Who is Afraid of the Dark…. So what could this be? Come back tomorrow when hopefully we’ll be finished to find out!



As part of our Night and Day topic the children said they wanted to learn about he planets that were up in the sky. Today we looked at a picture of our solar system and talked about all the planets.

“They all go round and round.” Ethan A

“Some are hot and some are cold and it’s about how close they are.” Cole

Dark is Exciting

Today we read the first chapter of The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark. A boy told Plop that he thought the dark was exciting. He taught Plop all about fireworks. We thought about times we have seen fireworks. We watched a video of a fireworks display and made some fireworks pictures. We think fireworks are “AMAZING”, “BRIGHT”, “BEAUTIFUL”, “LOUD”, “SCARY”.