We have started getting ready for our Harvest assembly! Can you guess what we might be making?

Number Work

In P1 we have been working on our numbers. We have been counting forwards and backwards. Why not try practising at home. See how many trees you can count on the way to and from school or how many teaspoons you have in the cutlery drawer….

Today we have been practising writing our number 3. We are doing a fab job im sure you’ll agree!

Harvest Time in Elphinstone

Last week while we were outside competing in our mini Olympics we saw Mr Peace out in his combine harvester cutting down the wheat in his field. Today we went out to pick apples in the garden. Harvest time is a busy time for the farmers in and around Elphinstone. We are busy getting prepared for our Harvest Assembly. We hope to see you all there!





First Week Finished!

WOW!! What an amazing first week back we have had. The P2’s have got right back into the swing of things and the P1’s have well and truly found their feet! Everyone has had a brill week and Mrs McKinnon enjoyed meeting all the boys and girls today. She will be ready and excited to get going first thing on Monday morning. But until then…..ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!