Aberlady Local Nature Reserve

The final piece of our John Muir Discovery Award is complete! We had a great day out with John the Ranger. We walked from school along the John Muir Way to Aberlady Bay. We learned all about the special salt-marsh habitat and discovered lots of plants and creatures that live there. There were so many crabs. We then crossed the bridge and had lunch by the loch before pond dipping and hunting in the woods for mini-beasts. We learned lots and walked for miles. John Muir would have been proud of us.



Drama with Shona

Today P5/6 had a workshop about John Muir with a drama teacher called Shona. Firstly we had to act like we were at school in the Victorian times. If she banged her drum at you, you had to step forward and say your name and then say “Sir” at the end.  Here are some comments from the class:

“Good” – Thomas
“It was good” – Josh
“:)” – Christian
“Shona really got into character and that made us get into character too!” – Murron
“It was fun”- Zak
“I liked it” – Jude
“Shona was very entertaining” – Grace
“It was fun and good” – Charlie
“I liked all of it” – Lyla

Cleaning up the Millennium Wood

On Wednesday,  we went to the Millennium Wood next to school to clean it up.  The paths can get very muddy and so we put down lots of bark chips to make it better for everyone who walks there.  Making the paths better also means people will not go wandering onto plants so this will help the environment too.  We also did some litter picking and learned how dangerous litter can be for wildlife and humans.  It looks horrible too!


Summer Fair – Enterprising P5s

Well done to the P5 team from P5/6 who worked so hard on planning, advertising, setting up and running their two stalls at the summer fair. They put into practice all they had learned about Enterprise. The “Jam Jar Hoopla” attracted lots of customers and everyone wanted to win cuddly “Mavis.” There were no jams jar left and Mavis has gone to a new home. We are now just waiting to see how much they raised for the PTA………

What a Load of RUBBISH!

Hi, P 5/6 went into the school playground and looked for litter. We found stuff like crisp wrappers, bar wrappers etc. The litter might have not been from the school children.  It could have been from anyone but it comes into the playground from the wind. We should not leave litter because it is very dangerous for the animals, because they could get stuck in plastic. There was lots of litter hidden in mud. We took pictures of the litter and put it on a slideshow to show how messy some places look like. We should make the world look like a cleaner place to live.


HEY.  Or shall I say hello there?
Yesterday we went out into the playground and we drew a tree. Then we did bark rubbings with our other piece of paper. We also had to work out the type of tree by looking at the leaf and checking on our tree fans or identification sheets.

P.E with Miss Pate

Over the last few weeks we have been doing athletics with our PE student, Miss Pate.  We learned how to do triple jump, relays, long jump, high jump, cricket ball throwing, 60 metre sprint and 600 metres.  We really enjoyed doing the athletics and lots of different games and activities for warm ups.